A girl’s love for her pets

There is a small city called Lobos; an endowed city where economy, education and agricultural investments thrive. The most admiring thing about this city is the excellence in every of their activities, despite the low population of people, animal and natural resources. The management was outstanding and this makes the dwellers benefit greatly of the little they have. Most times, during summer, families usually vacate Lobos temporarily to tour other parts of the countryside where they can enjoy the company of nature, look out for rivers, even some go as far as hiking and searching the forests. To most of the families in Lobos, this is refreshing and calming; so enough, most of them made this trip a yearly routine which must not be missed for any reason.


There is a girl in Lobos called Tricia, a teenager. She was birthed by a wonderful family of The Herbert. The family raises Tricia well; she has always been given everything she asks, not because she is the only child but because the family had a delayed child-bearing. Tricia is an outstanding student in her school, Hargreaves High School. She is almost active in every of her extra curriculum activities in school. Ever since she has been a little girl, she has been an wholehearted lover of pets; Tricia is adept in her care for pets, she doesn’t hold back when it comes to taking care of pets; and proficient skills she has intrigues her to further her college academics in Zoology; her touch of interest in nature integrates her hospitable attitude towards nature and pets.

In Hargreaves High, Biology practical is always held high among other kinds of practical. This cuts across every grade and doesn’t exclude Tricia’s. The kind of Biology practical assigned to Tricia class is animal-related. Each student is given the choice to get themselves a pet of their choice. The purpose of the practical is to enhance students’ knowledge and acquaintance with animals generally. This really excites Tricia, it has always been her will to get a pet for herself, the only time she has to care for pet is to visit the pet store in her area; and she has always been doing that voluntarily, at her leisure time. Now she has the free will to get herself a pet. To her, this is one of the greatest achievements she plans to hit during her high school years.

After the school hour, she goes to the pet store she usually offers her curative care for pets, she gets herself a brownish puppy, her favorite. To her, the dog looks so adorable; she is so elated to eventually get herself a pet dog. She takes it home in order to show her parent and explain to them why she got herself a dog. To her dismay, her mother turns the intrusion. Mrs Herbert is clearly allergic to dog as it affects her so dearly. Tricia becomes sad over this rejection. Seeing the sad reaction Tricia displays, her parent eventually accepts the company of the dog, since it is for school project practical. Tricia instantly becomes glad on hearing this, but she is told to always keep the dog away from her mother because of her allergies. She gladly accepts the condition. Tricia names the dog “Addy”; and as a sign of ownership, she ties a water bottle around the neck of the dog.  This seems unusual but that’s how Tricia wants it.


After the academic session is complete, many students have built mutual intimacy with their choice of pets, and there is Tricia and Addy, having the best moment of their lives. At the end of the academic session, each student is told to give a short account on the relationship and care between their pets and them.  Tricia gives a lovely account on how the dog has been an awesome pet; she now has a way of communicating with the dog through gestures and all; she further explains how the dog has been helpful to her and the family, in fact she has taken pictures of the pet alongside the family. When she is asked why she ties a water bottle around the neck of the dog, she addresses the issue by saying that the dog needs much water to be active and since it is just maturing, it needs more water in order to help its growth and activeness.

The session ends awesomely around summer. The family chooses to go to the countryside to tour and enjoy their quite moment with nature. To Tricia, it was really exciting as she will continue to share awesome memories with the dog even while on vacation. At first, her parent doesn’t want to consent to the dog’s company but they later agree when Tricia tells them the dog may help in hunting games and she claims she doesn’t want the dog to leave her sight. After few days of preparation, the family gets everything they need for the tour, they gradually pack everything in their blue 4×4 jeep truck and they set to leave. The plan is to spend about 4 days for the vacation and Tricia couldn’t have been happier.

The Herbert leaves early at sunrise, and while in the car, they jointly sing their happy family songs, crack jokes, and laugh a lot. Addy is placed at the back sit with Tricia, distant away from the mother who sits at the front sit with her husband, Mr. Herbert. As they progress in their journey, Tricia opens to her parent about her future ambition of being a Zoologist and a naturalist. Her parents are excited on hearing this and they feel this is a great chance to even explore nature more. Tricia becomes more motivated as she hears the encouraging words from her parent. On getting to their destination, they get down and build two camps, one for Tricia and Addy, the dog and one for the parent. The camp is in the mist of woods, they purposely choose the location because of breeze and further advantage of engaging in a hunt game. Tricia goes out with the dog to gather some pieces of wood to make fire and Addy also picked a light piece of wood in its mouth. The family starts a fire, make a roast meat and enjoy it.

The first night at the camp is peaceful, Tricia leaves the camp to feel the fresh oxygen release in the atmosphere and she delights in such feelings. She looks at the stars spread widely across the surface of the sky. The breeze becomes more comforting and the dog comes out to reach out for Tricia, it lies warmly beside Tricia and lays its head on her lap; Tricia feeds Addy from the water bottle she hangs on its neck and they both enjoyed the moment together. The following day, the family sets to tour the woods to further feel the atmospheric pleasure in the forests. They vacate the camp and walk on foot while holding the map. They thread to different suburbs of the forest and they end up near a river. Tricia becomes really happy to take pictures at the river bank with Addy and the family eventually dives into the river to swim; Addy joins Tricia in swimming and they all enjoy their moment.

After about 5 hours, the family sets to return to their camp after a pleasurable moment in the forest and the river. As they approach the camp, they see that something isn’t right about the camp. Mr. Herbert quickly runs to the camp to see what is going on. Their luggage at the trunk of the car is no longer there. They realize that they have been robbed. They look into the camps and find nothing there. They become stranded; Mr. Herbert doesn’t know what to do as Tricia started to weep; her mother tries to console her and the dog tightly clings to Tricia in order to warm her heart. The family decides to return to Lobos, they all enter the car and as Mr. Herbert starts the car, he realizes that the carburetor is already dried. There is no water at their reach and they are further confused.  As they all alighted from the car, Mr. Herbert searches around the camp but doesn’t find container to fetch water to fill the carburetor. It is at this point Mr. Herbert notices that a water bottle is tied to the neck of the dog. The family was so happy to discover this, Mr. Herbert loosen the water bottle from Addy’s neck and goes to the river where they earlier visited, he tells the his wife and child, with the dog to stay and guard the car. He successfully fetches the water with the dog’s water bottle and returns to his family guarding the car; he fills the carburetor and they family becomes happy as the car starts and they journey back to Lobos.

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