Introducing Wewpet’s Blog

Welcome to Wewpet’s blog. We would love to send you thanks for visiting our blog! Pet owners love our four-legged friends (or even more legs if you are interested in exotic creatures).  One thing is certain, we love to seek adventures with our dearest pet. Wewpet uses this blog to give pet lovers a helpful hand. We want to give you some advice and really cute pet photos. We are glad that you are interested in our company. We are looking forward to meeting you in our facilities in the nearest day. Meanwhile, please allow us to tell you some interesting facts about Wewpet

Why we created Wewpet’s Blog

We are pets owners who are really in love with dogs and cats. We also have a passion for learning anything about pet’s breeds around the world. At first, just a few searches, we had accumulated quite a lot of information about dogs and cats. But at the time, we had no way to store information and share it with others. So we created a blog with the name “Wewpet”. Now, when we have had the experience of caring and nurturing dog and cat breeds, the “Wewpet” blog became the place where we provide my experiences to readers.

We had years of expertise in raising many various breeds of pets. The pieces of information in our blog are a combination of my friend’s and mine’s experiences. You can refer to them but should not be used as a basis for solving problems with your pet. You should go to the veterinary facility for the best advice. 

In addition, we would like to convey to you the passion for loving pets. You can share your pet love through images, articles, and messages! A diary concerning cats and dogs is solely the center of somebody who in secret loves with your dogs and cats.


Wewpet’s operation principles

Wewpet Blog works with immutable principles like:

  • Our information on the blog is free for you to use!
  • We only introduce to you the selected knowledge of the best quality.
  • We usually update content and support the fastest readers.
  • We would love to create a healthy environment for knowledge exchange.

We want to talk about privacy issues

The privacy of our readers is very important to the Wewpet Blog. In accordance with global internet usage, we are committed not to store visitors’ sensitive personal information, and we will never ask for your personal information except when necessary ( Contacts, sign up for newsletters, do surveys).

We will use cookies as a method of marking information about visitors such as browser type, gender, visit time, frequency of page viewing, etc. in order for us to understand the needs of readers to broadcast better content.

What is the goal of Wewpet’s blog?

We would love to help you open your mind through an open forum. We welcome any questions from readers and are ready to assist you

What information can we give you?

We share useful knowledge about more than 30 popular dog and cat breeds on the market today. We have a desire to provide pet owners, as well as those who want to own pets on how to take care of their pets in the best way.

What content to expect from Wewpet’s blog?

The owner needs a lot of knowledge to be able to raise and care for and train a good pet. We will show you not only breeds of pets but also how to raise them. This knowledge includes what pets can eat, what to play and pet’s fashion if you want your babies to be more beautiful. We also have pet-related tools and services. You can look to us for health care such as nutrition, veterinary, grooming & spa. Wewpet will regularly update the information you need.

We will educate the global sphere as we are dedicated to raising pet care awareness for owners. We will provide articles, books, videos, etc. In addition, we also own recipes and online databases. Hopefully thanks to that, the needs of pets and owners are satisfied.

How does wewpet.com help pets and owners?

There are dozens of things we need when we are taking care of our pets. From cages, fast food, leashes, toys to materials to raise Pet hygiene. In any store, there are thousands of items to cater to this need. You can go directly to our store to choose or buy all kinds of stuff online. Please check it out on Wewpet.com. It is very convenient, you just have to click.

Learn more about the breed of pet

If you are wondering but do not know which pet to choose, Wewpet is the place to help you make the most decision easily. We have detailed information of more than 30 dog breed cats and dogs that are provided fully, easy to understand will surely make you extremely satisfied.

Visit our pet store

We have foods containing nutritional content suitable for each pet. In addition, Wewpet also offers many pet toys, utensils, care tools as well as fashion accessories from brands. Pet owners can be assured of the quality.

Contact our pet care services

We also provide information about pet service providers, such as dog and cat hotel, Grooming & spa, training, nutrition advice, and treatment for your cute pet.

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The Wewpet’s blog allows readers to comment freely under Facebook posts as a small forum. In the comment area, readers can ask or comment on the content of the article. But, to avoid annoying and affecting others, we reserve the right to delete comments in case of force majeure.

How to find us on social media?

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Thank you for visiting!

The whole team of admins of the Blog would love to send to readers the most sincere thanks during the past time for supporting Wewpet. In the upcoming time, we will focus on updating more experiences and useful information to help you gain new knowledge about pets. Your comments are meaningful to the development of the blog.