Akita dog and most surprising facts

Might you have searched for Akita dog once in your lifetime for its world spreading fame? The Akita is of top #3 most shockingly pricey dogs in the world and the Japan’s national dog. Despite the cost – a – fortune – price, this breed is being pampered with greatest treasure from dog lovers.

What makes Akita so special? We bet that you will fall in love with this kind right at the first time you have a chance even only to take a glance at the dog. To explain, we’re bringing you the best interesting facts and must – know information about Akita in this post.

What is an akita dog and the history

Out of top dog breeds, Akita gives more attraction and overwhelm dog owners. Now, let’s go for some points to explain it’s a kind of most deserving to bring up.

  • Origin of Akita dog

Akita is originated from Honshu island belonging to Akita area in Japan. In the sunrise country, they are called Akita Inu (a breed of dogs) which possess harmonious beauty, friendliness and politeness. Besides, Akita is designated “the best faithful in the world” and a cultural symbol of Japan.


Being the national dog, this dog breed is respected and preserved carefully. Especially, in 1950s, Phu Tang (an area in Japan) released an act to prevent exporting Akita. Up to present, it has become more popular in dog owner community: a soulmate of human. However, Akita is more imported from America, Thailand, China or Indonesia.

  • Types of akita

Based on the origins, there have 2 Akita breeds, including:

  • Japanese Akita (as known as Akita Inu)
  • America Akita (aka Great Japanese Dog)

They are classified mainly in the color of their hair. The Akita origins were in Japan and in 1937, the first Akita set foot in America although he unfortunately died when he was only 7 moths old. The cause was expected due to unsuitable living environment, food and weather conditions in a new land.

In addition, people has crossbred Akita with other dog breed to duplicate this intelligent kind, akita husky is an example (the mixed type).

  • The world most famous Akita dog

His name is Hachiko and he’s an Akita Inu. All people who love Hachiko must have read his moved to tears story about his endless love and faith to his owner. The story began in the 1925s every morning, the dog saw of his owner (Professor Ueno) to work at a train station in Tokyo. Hachiko still came to the station in the next 2 days after the professor passed away. He had been waiting for some familiarity in the strange crowd for 10 years until he died.


The story was so teary and meaningful that it was adapted into a film and Japanese built a Hachiko statue, putting it where he waited. After that, a series of books about the story were published and warmly welcomed by all residents. The story started the legend of Akita in the world up to now.

Ankita appearance and Characteristics

Each kind of Akita dog has their own features. In this part, we are about to describe those of both kinds of Akita mentioned above. The dog has harmonious and impressive appearance showing loveliness, intelligence and faithfulness.

  • Akita height and weight

America Akita: Female: 61 – 66 cm high and 36 – 65 kg; Male: 66 – 71 cm and 45 – 66 kg

Akita Inu: Female: 58 – 64 cm and 23 – 29 kg; Male: 64 – 70 cm and 32 – 39 kg.

  • Akita hair

America Akita has 2 layers of hair: the inside is soft, thick and short while the outer layer is harder, longer and has low density. The hair on shoulders is about 2 inches long which is the longest hair on the body. The hair on America Akita’s head, ears, forefeet and hind feet is the shortest.

This kind of Akita is diverse in hair color. Some atika puppies do not have black fur in mask shape in their faces.

Japanese Akia has 5 basic hair colors: pure white, red, brown yellow, sesame or stripe colors, out of which 2 outer hair layers are similar in color tones.

  • Akita head

Although Akita has a big head, its appearance looks harmonious in the whole body. The forehead is relatively flat. There is a straight line back the nape which is set apart from ears. American Akita has smaller triangle ears on the head. The eyes are small, too and deep, often dark colored (amber, brown or sometimes black) together with thick lashes above the black eyelids.


  • Akita mouth

This dog breed has a strong rectangular snout. The American has a standard of snout equivalent to two – thirds of the skull. Their tongues and gums are not pale and the tips of noses are black in both Akita Inu and American Akita. Pink noses are seen in some white akita.

  • Docile and obedient to the owner

Akita dog is docile, obedient and dedicated to the owners. Nonetheless, they sometimes look strong, independent and stubborn. Hence, it’s important to train Akita since they are born. They also love to be loved and cared for by their owners.

In addition, this kind is assessed to be very intelligent, brave and careful. An interesting fact is that Japanese moms usually let akita to keep an eye on their kids.

  • Absolutely faithful and aggressive

Even if akita is definitely faithful and volunteer to protect the owners as soulmates, they are aggressive to other kinds of dog or animals. If you bring up an akita, you can often see his conflicts with other pets so it’s advised for him to wear a muzzle and use a collar.

In other case, the akita can be very fierce and even attack strange children when they are teased. The only person that the akita gives the faith to is his owner.

  • Akita is independent in thinking and behaviors

One another feature of akita is his possession and independent thinking. The akita is such a smart dog that he can recognize all unreasonable commands then which will never follow. He’s, besides, very brave. He barks less but has surprisingly good voice.

To describe an Akita, there are many more since nowadays crossbreeding and duplicating technics are being upgraded to generate diverse breeds. All the above descriptions are most common.

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Top #4 fun facts of akita dog

Japan is one of the leading country and they chose akita to be a cultural symbol. You can see akita anywhere you go in Japan. In 1931, this breed is officially recognized to become a national cultural and natural heritage, follow which are laws to protect and preserve akita. It sounds amazing and is a good news for every dog lover. It is not for only the reasons above. In this part, we want to show you the top #4 facts about Akita.

1. Akita is good at swimming

Akita feet are quite special. There is an interconnected thin layer among toes, which makes it easier for them to move under water and even snow. Thanks to the ability to balance and distribute the body weight, akita swim very well.


2. The king to live under harsh weather

Unlike almost all other dogs, the more challenging the living conditions are, the more courageous the akita is. This breed will live better in cold and hard situations. Do you know why? Now, wewpet tends to give some explanations.

  • The hair has 2 layers to warm up the body in the winter.
  • Moving in snow fast and easily thanks to the active layer among toes.

However, remember that akita dog get used to cold weather while they can be sick and catch some diseases under hot or tropical conditions.

3. Akita don’t have good immunity

It seems to be against the previous feature but it is the truth. Some dangerous diseases such as Cushing syndrome, diabetes or autoimmune. The only way as a prevention is to follow all scheduled vaccination for akita.

4. Akita easily gets angry

Akita getting aggressive happens quite often, which is due to no professional training. They sometimes protect your family in an over-aggressive way or attack anyone within their reach. Thus, they become more dangerous to your neighbors and other people around you.

We already know that akita likes to control and possess; food and toys can increase their anger so if you have kids in your house, try to supervise your akita more often. The conflicts take place if akita is teased or someone deprives him of toys or food.  

How to take care an akita dog?

Akita needs healthy exercises and a suitable diet which should balance ingredients in their food. It’s based on ages of akita to choose different food. If you feed them with only one kind of food during their life, it will easily cause digestive disorders. Now, let’s see how we can take care of akita.

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Nutrient diet for Akita

  • Diet for 1 – 2 months old akita

This is the weaning period so there should have 4 – 5 small meals/ day every 3 hours and a little food for each meal. 4 grams of food and 250 ml milk is a great diet for them.

  • Diet for 2 – 6 months old akita

In the stage of most important development, akita needs feeding with 3 meals/ day but do not let them eat so full. Apart from main meals, supplying some more milk (about 300 – 500ml) is recommended. .

  • Diet for akita 6 – 12 months

This is the stage of foster as akita dog is developing comprehensively. Their digestive system has been nearly completed so the amount of food for each meal can be increased a little bit (600 – 800 grams/ meal) but only 2 meals/ day.

  • Diet for akita from 1 year old

When the inner systems are completed and they have absorbed a large amount of nutrients, akita only needs to eat 2 meals every day and there is no need to provide more calcium. Instead, you had better buy your dogs some products to care for the hair.

At this time, some dairy products like yogurt, cheese or sour cream are recommended. At what age can these dogs eat this food and how much is a suitable amount? Please explore our previous articles which contain full instructions of feeding dogs with dairy food.

Take care of Akita hygiene

Caring for an akita is similar to caring for the other pet. There have requirements, first things to discover and notes so before reading about how to look after akita, let’s figure out their regular problems of this dog breed.


  • Hair loss happens quite often and akita molting takes place twice a year.
  • Akita should not bath too much; twice / week is enough.
  • Akita likes walking every day.
  • Akita likes to be fondled.

The significant thing is to spend time to be with your akita in order for mutual understanding and sharing. Fondling and talking to your dogs to help them release stress and get some excitement for their activities.

Training akita dog

Akita is clever but it still needs to be trained since akita puppies to eliminate their wildlife instincts and build up good manners in daily life, especially to reduce their aggressiveness. So what do you train your akita?

There are some simple commands like: sit, stand, come, fetch, up, down, stay, run … They are able to understand and follow your orders quickly. As said above, akita is aggressive so training is essential to keep them calm and friendlier to people and animals around.

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In conclusion

“Faithfulness, intelligence and stout” are words about akita dog that are well known throughout the world. After reading stories about akita, many dog loves burst into tears for the most beautiful soul, the best emotive and courageous buddy of all time. What about you? Do you dream of bringing an akita and to be with him along this life?

That would be the greatest thing a dog owner can dream and reach. We hope that all details at Wewpet will provide you with a panoramic view about akita. Feel free to let us know what you want in our next posts.

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