American hairless terrier – a reliable companion for farmers

You’ve probably heard of American hairless terriers, right? Their ancestors were extremely intelligent dogs raised by British farmers to protect their fields from rats and foxes. Later, they were brought to the United States by the British during their migration and became today’s American hairless terrier. Join us to learn about these extremely clever companion dogs!

Overview of the American Hairless Terrier

The Hairless Terrier is considered a descendant of the rat terrier called Rat Terrier. This is a rare dog breed that originated primarily in the United States. The American Terrier is known to be a very strong hound. 


American Hairless Terrier is a quite intelligent and easily obedient dog. Specifically, this dog line is often used in work that does not require too much labor. With their intelligence, they can easily obey the owner’s instructions. Besides, the American strip dog always seems to integrate into the surrounding world. To put it simply, they love life and always live at the maximum energy level. This makes people really interested in this breed.

Where does the origin come from?

The story of the appearance of the American naked terrier originated in the British islands, where their direct ancestors were used by farmers to protect harvests from rats and foxes. . Representatives of this breed came to the United States with British families emigrating to the United States.

Here, they perform the same tasks as in their homeland: they protect the harvest from uninvited guests. The population grew at a natural rate, then increased in number, then brought it to the brink of extinction, as happened, for example, during the Industrial Revolution of 1930.

This breed is not so popular and nothing stands out, if not the birth of a completely naked puppy. This event happened in 1972, when the first representative of this wonderful breed was born during a random gene mutation. The owner of the unusual puppy introduced his family to their friends, which, it turned out, was a very fateful decision.

The family, in which the puppy was delivered, was quick to appreciate the benefits of raising a dog and seriously attended to adopt the dog from its pet. Because of this, the head of the family, Edwin Scott, turned to the geneticist, who advised him to tie Josephine (as the puppy was called) to his father. Experts have suggested that the birth of bald dogs in the case of such a hybrid is huge and not to be confused.


As a result of mating, 4 babies appeared, one of which turned out to be bald. The next two generations did not produce the desired results – all the puppies turned out to be quite normal and only on December 30, 1981, Josephine gave birth to four children, two of whom turned out to be bald. That day is declared the date of the arrival of the American naked terrier.

Edwin was so inspired by the results that he actively researched the newly minted dog and spent a lot of time identifying the genetic patterns that led to the appearance of naked individuals. Later, he opened the Trout Creek Kennel nursery and began promoting and disseminating this unique breed in every way possible.

The first happy owners of bald dogs were pleased to find that the pet was hypoallergenic and required minimal care. News of this wonderful breed quickly spread around the world, and Americans began to be in high demand among the public.

In 1998, the American Association of Rare Breeds, as well as the American Rat Terrier Club, the Americans were recognized as a separate breed. A year later, the American Knights Club also brought them into its registry, but so far is a bald Terrier rat. And only in 2004, “Americans” were officially recognized and registered at the UKC as an independent breed.

Why do you need to have such a dog?

American hairless terriers are very friendly and sociable, they can be assigned to the best companion dog. Animals master unexpectedly with high mental ability and intelligence. In addition, they are energetic, curious and very energetic. This makes them an ideal dog for families where young children will always be a company for a stray dog ​​and ready to take part in any children’s games and pranks.

However, those who are always going out should not keep this breed. The reason is that if left at home, the dog will bark loudly and incessantly. This can cause verbal abuse from neighbors.

You should not keep this dog if you are keeping other birds and rodents. Although they are very loyal to their owners, they still retain their natural instincts to hunt rodents and birds. You need to consider this before keeping them.

How long is the life cycle of this breed?

The American Hairless Terrier is a fairly young breed, so there is no long-term research on its genetic diseases. It is only known that the mutation, as a result of this breed, did not entail any serious physical and developmental abnormalities.


However, like any other breed, terrier still has weaknesses. And first of all, that is, of course, the skin is constantly subjected to sun and frost, because what needs additional protection. Therefore, in the summer, before going out, a pet should be applied with sunscreen, which should be wiped with a damp cloth when returning home.

In winter, animals need to wear warm clothes and shoes. In addition, dogs sometimes suffer from gastritis, enteritis, and adenovirus. Hepatitis and staph infections are less common. To avoid many viral diseases, pets should be vaccinated promptly.

Generally, the hairless terrier is distinguished by good health, high immunity and lives calm to 15 and sometimes to 17 years of age.

What you need to do to buy the best puppy ?

Buying puppies of American terrier dogs should either be in a pedigree nursery, or from proven breeders with a good reputation. Also, before you buy, you need to know what a purebred puppy looks like.

The fact is that Babies are not born completely bald, but are covered by very soft and short hair. After 7-8 weeks, the dog loses the hair and the animal becomes hairless. Dots are formed where the hair used to be, which is completely normal and does not require any intervention.

However, at this stage, we have to pay attention not to confuse them with allergic rashes. We have to prevent skin diseases on the pet.

You should check their ears. if they are turned inside, it is better to refuse to buy such a puppy. Their teeth also need to be examined carefully. The teeth must be white and strong. In addition, you need to familiarize yourself with the dog parents’ medical history and check if your baby has age-related vaccinations.

The cost of a hairless American terrier puppy depends on the pedigree, the purebred of the parent and the visual look of the pet. Therefore, a second-class dog can be bought for $ 400, while an elite representative of this breed will cost about $ 1,100.

How to take care of an American hairless terrier

  • American hairless dogs are exclusive indoor dogs and need thermal comfort. They are also comfortable with living in an apartment, and a rural house. It is very important to give your pet a soft and comfortable kitchen bench, located away from drafts and heating devices. Natural terriers are very active and live creatures, and therefore they need long walks in the fresh air with the ability to run without leashes.
  • Taking care of a dog, it includes a number of mandatory procedures.
  • The nose is the dog’s most vulnerable point and needs to be cleaned regularly from sweat and dirt. To do this, use a wet washcloth or a soft cloth dipped in warm water. You can bathe your animals once a week by using a special dog-friendly shampoo.
  • We should keep their teeth clean. We could brush their teeth once a week. You can use dog toothpaste and the brush tip on your fingers.
  • Owners should wipe eye boogers from their eyes once a week with a wet swab dipped in strong tea or chamomile juice.
  • The dog’s ears are regularly inspected and, if necessary, wipe with a cotton pad moistened with oil.
  • We could trim the Pet claws every 3 months with a pair of scissors or special scissors.

What food will your boy need?

The American terriers  are very picky eaters and can eat both adaptive and natural foods. If you have decided to give the puppy normal food, then you should know that 50% of the total should be lean meat or offal. The remaining 50% should fall into cereals (buckwheat, rice or barley) and vegetables, given both raw and cooked.

You can feed boiled eggs and sea fish to the dog twice a week. If you want to give your cute puppy some fermented dairy products, these canines can be fed with cheese and low-fat sour cream.

If you are too busy, you could give the dog some ready-to-eat meals. But keep in mind that you need to choose a good product for your pet. Ideal choices would be foods designed for pets with delicate skin. These foods could provide vitamins and proteins, fibers, etc. for your lovely pet. We could recommend  the Royal Canin Dermacomfort line of product as it is full of nutrients and suitable for hairless dogs from the United States.


However, if the dog is completely healthy and not allergic, then you can feed it more budget preparations, for example, Professional Plans, Eagle Pack, Hill’s or Acana. The main thing is to choose food that is appropriate for the pet’s age and build.

There is no need for a mineral and vitamin supplement in this case, while dogs that eat natural products also provide fish oil, bone meal and preparations containing adequate amounts of vitamins and trace elements. Beaphar, CanVit, Excel 8 in 1 and Unitas Daily Complex for good results. However, this vitamin-mineral complex cannot be prescribed to pets.

Before buying, you should consult with your veterinarian, after performing general blood or biochemical test will tell you exactly what the dog lacks and will recommend the right medication. To keep an adult pet twice a day, and the size of the diet should be calculated based on the activity level and the dog’s appetite.

Is it easy to teach an American hairless terrier?

The American hairless dog is easily trained and is well suited to the role of the first pet. A distinctive feature of dogs of this breed is the desire to please their owners in every way. It helps newcomers to believe in themselves and being a good dog and communicate with the family.

However, it is better if the whole family participates in raising a stray dog. This is due to the fact that the dogs usually only choose one of their family members to own, involving him as their leader.

The dog will also be very well aware of the rest of the family, however, attachment as a primary owner of the theft will not be experienced. The training of hairless dogs is done according to the traditional scheme of using incentive/punishment methods, using the same screaming or strict stare as the last, but in no case was beaten. Particular attention should be paid to the issue of large, meaningless barking. These bark could mean that this breed commits something wrong, and from puppy age to resolutely prevent it.

In conclusion

Therefore, the American Hairless Terrier is a universal breed. It is perfect for a lonely person, and for a big family. Pets do not require the creation of special confinement conditions, require no special care, and can become a true friend for each family member.

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