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Pet lovers like us are so familiar with American Shorthair cats, especially those who are in the United States. You can easily realize that at least one or two kitties of this breed are brought up in the local houses or there are many of them waiting for being adopted in the shelters. Are they too popular to be special?

From WewPet’s point of view, every single cat is a special gift that God gives to this world. And for sure, an American Shorthair will drive you crazy and rush to adopt one kitten for your family.

Are they a perfect match for me?”. Don’t worry! That’s why this article is prepared. Take a cup of tea and be ready to dive into the world of this shorthair cat breed!


How to recognize an American Shorthair?

The following information will definitely make you say “Wowww” because you may wonder why you have not known it before and how great these shorthair companions are in your life.


They are medium to large-sized cats. The first impression is that they own a squat, strong and robust body, which look stocky or muscle-bound.

  • Colorful coat:

It is surprising that an American Shorthair cat can come into any color that you can imagine. There are up to nearly 80 different colors. The most popular ones are orange, brown, cameo, white and silver, along with plenty of patterns, including tabby, tortoiseshell, smoke, shaded, bicolored, etc.

So great, right?

  • Stunning eyes:

What makes you impressed when first looking at a photo of an American Shorthair tabby? Her distinctive round face? Or her notoriously short ears? For many people, the answer is the stunning eyes, which are absolutely the window to her soul.

The sparkling eyes have beautiful irises with various colors. They can be green, blue, hazel, gold, copper or even odd-eyed.


  • Affectionate and enjoy companionship:

This feature is quite similar to most pets. What these shorthair kitties love is to be involved in their owner’s activities and human companionship. You can feel their love when you play with them in the garden, when you come home after working hours or simply when both of you sit on the sofa watching TV.

Affectionate as they may seem, they are quite independent and sometimes require some me-time. In case you are working and can not play with them, they can surely find something else to entertain themselves rather than interrupt you.

  • Amiable and laid-back:

Aggression and destructive behaviors are not the words used to describe this particular breed. They always remain gentle, even during playtime. If there are still some urgent accidents, then a broken vase or scratched shoes are the last things you should expect.

Due to their independent nature and placid tempers, you should feel secure to leave your little shorthair cat home alone for a short period of time while you are going on a business trip. She can take care of herself and won’t ruin your house or apartment.

In case you still can not set your mind at rest, an interactive pet camera is absolutely a good choice. Thanks to it, you can keep an eye on your kitty from far away, say hello to her or even dispense a treat. That’s pretty nice.

  • Playful:

It does not have the same meaning as destructive behaviors. It just simply means that they love playing games with you and your family members. They are so energetic, so active, but meek and placid, that they can make their own toys out of whatever around them. Therefore, they are of great pleasure to receive cat toys when living in your house.

  • Friendly with kids and strangers:

It is American Shorthair kitties that can get along well with small children, even those who don’t know how to properly behave themselves around a cat. Perhaps due to their gentle nature, these felines are suitable for living in a house full of kids.

Not only do they befriend all family members, but they also show the amiability towards complete strangers. As a matter of fact, this over-friendly feature can lead to some dangerous situations, such as kidnapping. Thus, you should always keep them indoor or take them for a walk if you can accompany them over the journey.

  • Able to live with other pets:

Again, these tabbies are one of the most gentle and placid creatures on earth. Therefore, it is not difficult for them to live with other pet friends, such as dogs. However, not all dogs can get on well with cats. It is better to introduce your American Shorthair kitten to amiable and laid-back dogs in a safe and controlled environment to prevent any unexpected situations.

How to take care of an American Shorthair?

Caring for a cat requires more knowledge than only feeding, so you have to make yourself well-prepared before welcoming a new little member to your family. The following information is useful indeed.



Fortunately, this breed has a thick and short fur coat, with moderate shedding and lack of matting. As a result, they require medium-level grooming, which means you just need to brush your kitty regularly, perhaps a few times per week in order to remove dead furs and distribute her skin oil.

However, when it comes to grooming, it requires your calmness because these felines can be finicky. As you may consider, it is likely to make you irritated.

When this happens, instead of end up raising your voice, you should be gentle and reward them positive reinforcement such as a treat. Therefore, in the next session, they can remain quiet and follow your rules.


It is also essential to give your pet frequent bathing, dental hygiene and nail trimming. Like other cats, the American Shorthair cats do not like it when their litter box is dirty.

Food diet:

What they eat is not similar to humans and dogs. You may be thinking that a raw food diet is much more convenient and time-saving. However, it is not easy for everyone to follow. You have to make sure that these products are of high quality.

As far as the well-balanced diet is concerned, we suggest you should take these notes into account:

  • Named meats
  • Avoid preservatives, artificial colors and flavors
  • Low carbs food

Besides, regular clean water is extremely necessary.


To maintain a robust body, these shorthair cats need an exercise schedule on a daily basis. There are many ways for you to design in the form of exercises. You can use interactive cat trees, ball toys, laser chasing games, etc. so that your feline can burn out the energy and fulfill her development.

Walking is also a good choice. What you need is a proper leash, a cute harness and your endless patience to teach your feline how to walk in a leash. After that, both of you can walk every single day, keeping fit and enjoying the fresh air.

Health problems:

Even though this is one of the healthiest cat breeds, there are still some certain issues that they can suffer.

  • Obesity: Being medium to large-sized appearance, they are more prone to obesity than other breeds. As a result, you should always remember to notice their weight and adjust the food diet if it contains too many carbs.
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: This is a heart condition which can be congenital or not. Causing the heart size to increase, it thickens the wall of the heart muscles.
  • Dental problems: American Shorthair kittens can face teeth and gum diseases. It is recommended to use cat-friendly toothpaste and brush gently every single day.
  • Hip dysplasia: It is a hereditary disease and influences the hip socket. If left untreated, it can lead to complete paralysis; thus, you need to take your pet to a reliable veterinarian as soon as possible so that he can have proper treatment.

The older they get, the more issues they are able to have. Nevertheless, this breed is well-known for its flexible adaptation, and long lifespan ever. They can live happily for up to 20 years with your family in case they are given regular check-ups and lots of affection.

Fun facts of the American Shorthair

They are not American at all:

Why? The name sounds so American?

Actually, they originated from Western Europe. Their ancestors were among the first cats to set foot in the new world – the United States in the 17th century. European sailors decided to bring them along because of either their beauty or their excellent hunting skills.

In the early 1900s, to sift out the best qualities, they were formally bred. The perfect cross was between an independent feline and a needy one. Until 1906, this breed was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association. The name “American Shorthair” was named after the breed’s formal development beginning in North America.


Their ancestor used to live in the White House:

YES. Surprising. That’s true! A black American Shorthair kitty, whose name is India, lived with President George Bush.

They are mouse killers:

Once upon a time, they used to be “working cats”. Their main responsibility was catching rodents to keep the cargo safe. They were such excellent hunters that make their owners completely feel secure.

They are not suitable for people who have an allergy to pet hair:

Even though these shorthair companions do not shed much and have a short fur coat, a lot of Fel d 1 allergen, which causes troubles for those who are sensitive to it.

They are fans of heights:

This is a breed that loves things out of their reach, so that they try their best to take that, and being satisfied if they can reach it at the end. Is it your cat that likes jumping up on your kitchen counter, pouncing onto the top of your bridge, or climbing on top of the curtains? It’s annoying, but it is so American Shorthair.

They can be easily bored:

As a hunter of nature, it is great if you can provide these kitties enough space to indulge in their instinct hunting skills. Besides, when playing the same games repeatedly, they are able to feel bored and not cooperate in the game anymore. As a result, you should try to create new games frequently to make your pet satisfied every day.

FAQs about the American Shorthair

Are they suitable for inexperienced owners?

Because they are good at adapting and well-known for their low maintenance, even pet owners who are beginners can do well. They are also good pets for a family with small children. But you have to make sure that you can balance your own life and have time for them, especially time for interactive games. After that, answer this question: Are you ready to take responsibility for a cute living creature?

How much can you afford an American Shorthair kitten?

Popular as this breed is, you can not buy a kitten as low as $300. They are official, pedigreed breed acknowledged by many cat organizations around the world; therefore, they worth as much as other more elegant cousins.

The starting price at any breeder is $600, and this number can rise up to $1200, depending on the quality of the breed. They are precious!

Remember to use a reputable vet’s services and make sure the kitten is healthy when you first adopt her. After building a strong attachment to each other, you will realize that she is truly a great companion and you need this friend in your life. Again, there comes the question: Are you ready to take responsibility for a cute living creature?.

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