Huskies: Are huskies good with kids

Dogs are considered as one of the animals that can be friends with humans. Their cuteness and loyalty successfully manage animal lovers willing to pet them. It can be said that dogs are one of the most popular animals to raise. As you already know, there are a lot of kinds of dogs available to raise. Such as golden retriever, dalmatian, pitbull, corgi, rottweiler, husky, and many more. Among so many kinds of dogs, huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds to pet.


Huskies are a dog breed that is known for their gorgeous looks. As you know, huskies slightly look like a wolf. Moreover, this kind of dog becomes a favorite dog to pet because they are smart and friendly. For those of you who consider bringing a husky as a part of your family, it will be better if you figure out more first about this dog breed. Are huskies good with kids? How to pet them correctly?

What we need to prove:: Are huskies good with kids

Huskies are a medium-sized dog with thick fur. This dog breed is included as a tame dog. It can be even said that huskies are too nice, not only to their owners but also to strangers. This is why huskies are not suitable to be raised as a watchdog. But this characteristic of huskies makes them safe and good with kids. So, if you are wondering about are huskies good with kids, yes, they are. You can put huskies on your list if you are looking for a dog to pet with your kids.

As it is mentioned before, huskies slightly look like a wolf. Many people say that the formation of huskies due to the result of crossing nature. And for those of you who prefer to pet an active dog, huskies are the one for you. Huskies are so active and they cannot stay still. Their nice and friendly personalities are related to their background. Back then, Chukchi people were very caring and compassionate in petting and raising this dog.

Characteristics of Huskies

Though huskies are so friendly, they are also so cautious and alert at the same time. They can also easily adapt to the surrounding environment as well. Huskies are smart, their intelligence has been proven. However, their freedom, soul and activeness can be very challenging. Their all-around abilities make huskies ideal as a good friend for humans at any age. So, no more questions about are huskies good with kids. This dog breed is friendly to both adults and kids.

However, if they are being attacked, huskies are always ready to defend themselves. Huskies have a strong predator instinct. While they are extremely friendly to humans and other dogs, owners of this dog should be wary and careful of small animals around the house. Such as mice, hamsters, squirrels, birds, bunnies, cats, and other small animals. These small animals can be a very potential victim of huskies’ powerful predatory instincts. Huskies are smart, fast, and patient when it comes to hunting.

If you want to pet a husky, there is one character that you need to be concerned about, which is their desire to run. Due to their origins as sled dogs for the Chukchi peoples of northeast Asia, huskies are bred for speed and defense. They love running. Sometimes, they will run for miles before eventually stopping. When you bring a husky for a walk, do not forget to bring and use a leash. Huskies are extremely strong, impulsive, and love to chase small animals. This means that people who hold the leash should be powerful enough to hold them, if necessary.

How to Raise Huskies

Huskies are a dog breed that is easy to raise and pet. They are naturally clean and free from bad smells and parasites. They shed their fur at least once a year. Some people find this huskies shedding period is easier to handle compared to the continuous shedding and regrowth happening to other dog breeds. Once again, huskies love to run and jump. So, you should monitor them all time in order to avoid unwanted accidents. So, if you think that you do not have enough time to watch this dog all the time, huskies are probably not suitable for you to raise.

There is another attractive characteristic owned by huskies. Huskies used to live in a group. So, they need accompanies, such as their owners or other dogs. So, if you work all day long or just have one room for one dog, it is not suggested to adopt or raise a husky. If you leave a husky alone for a long time, you should face the consequences. They will keep howling, try to escape, or break one or some of your dear items. Because dogs are very social and pack-oriented.


Facts About Huskies

Below are the fun facts about huskies.

  • Houdini of the Dog World

A rescue organization named the Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue that is based in Pennsylvania said that huskies are the Houdini of the dog world. They warn husky owners that huskies will try to get into small holes, climb up fences, dig the ground, or try to escape when the door is open. They are even brave enough to break through an electric fence. So, keep your eyes on your husky to keep it safe.

  • A Smart and Fun Dog

The American Kennel Club called huskies as a fun, multi-talented dog with outgoing and friendly temperament. This dog breed is soft, nice with kids, able to adapt well to a new environment, and typically able to be friends with other pets at a house. So, do not waste your time thinking about are huskies good with kids or not. Though they are loving, huskies are not bothersome or spoiled.

  • Genetic Health Problems

Just like any other dog breeds, huskies also have some genetic health issues. According to the Siberian Husky Club of America, this dog breed is at a higher risk to be suffered from canine hip dysplasia. Huskies are also vulnerable to 3 eye diseases, which are juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy and corneal dystrophy. So, you are suggested to regularly check your husky up to keep their health.

  • Keep Their Personal Items

Most huskies do not like to share their food, toys, and treats. So, if you are raising more than one husky, you are suggested to feed them separately. Take their empty bowl once they have finished their food in order to avoid aggressiveness towards food.

  • Love to Dig

Huskies have the natural instinct to dig. So, husky owners are suggested to have a strong and high fence that is buried deep enough in the ground. So that their husky, the enthusiast digger, will not be able to create a tunnel for escaping.

  • Love Everyone

Huskies are not suitable to be raised as a watchdog, as it is said before. Chihuahua is even a better option to be raised as a watchdog than a husky. It is because huskies are nice to every single one. Huskies will even welcome intruders who forcefully try to enter the house.

  • Huskies Can Have Eyes with Different Colors

Brown and ice blue are the typical colors of huskies’ eyes. But, there are some huskies that have different eye colors. What makes it more interesting is huskies are born with blue eyes but their eye colors can change after several weeks.

  • Huskies Live in Cold and Warm Climates

Coming from Siberia, huskies are able to survive in very cold weather and climate down to minus 56 degrees Celsius. They can also live in warmer, subtropics, and tropical areas where their fur isolates them from the heat. But, you have to take note that huskies need more water. Moreover, they are probably not suitable to be trained with long and intense exercise sessions.

That is all about huskies that can be your consideration before you decide to raise one. Huskies are an athletic and energetic dog. So, if you can follow their energy, this dog breed can be a great pet. If you cannot yet insist on raising a husky, you are suggested to put them in training to handle their energetic personalities. So, you will be able to handle their jumping and running. If your husky is not well-trained yet, it is not recommended to free them out of their dog house or cage.

It is said that huskies are the 13th popular dog breed to raise in the United States of America. Though huskies look like a wolf, they are not wolves and do not have any characteristics of ones. Huskies are from Siberia hundreds of years ago. They belong to the Spitz genetic family which, for at least the last 5000 years, have not been influenced by wolves. They probably like a wolf but huskies have different behaviors from wolves. So, are you interested to raise a husky as a part of your family?


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