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Living through a day without a drop of water is impossible for many people. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that water is one of the most powerful chemical compounds, consisting of only two elements but has never been valued as not so important. Water to all creatures, regardless of breeds and functions, is indispensable. 

Many people raise cats, but not every cat owner understands how serious the situation could become when their cats get dehydrated. Unlike humans, cats do not think they need to drink, unaware of the fact that their body is not offered enough water with only canned or dry food. One or two days lacking water can result in a cat’s health deterioration; in case the cat owner fails to notice this, the cat could lose its own life. 


There is more than one way to keep a cat hydrated. The most common could be to prepare a water bowl and put it near the place your cat usually stays. This way is simple, cheap, and conventional. Another item that can be used to encourage more water drinking is the water fountain. Water fountain, in the human world or animal world, is no novel thing. Cats like running liquid, perhaps because it looks more stunning and appealing, so fountains can be a very good choice. 

In today’s post, we will review 10 best cat water fountains as we wish those cat owners who favor this kind can choose the most suitable one for their feline friends.

10 best cat water fountains

In this article, we are going to give you detailed reviews on 10 cat water fountains that we consider helpful and worth the budget. Usually, a cat water fountain comes at a price between 20 to 80 dollars depending on their capacity, shape, uses, and values. No matter what product you choose to purchase, as long as you and your cat are happy with it, it is our pleasure that we contribute to your using experience and make it worth every penny you spend.

1. Catit Flower Fountain (Best cat water fountain) ($$)

Catit Flower Fountain

The first and also one of the two best cat fountains we want to introduce to you is a product promoted by Catit which is made of BPA free. The manufacturing company seems to have decided to take number 3 as a symbol presenting their product, for many features of it connect with the number 3.

Although a normal adult cat consumes about 250 ml of water a day, which equals to half a water bottle we usually drink from, Catit designed a fountain that can store up to 3 liters of water. That’s plenty of water for your feline friend, so cat owners don’t have to provide their cats with new water every single day. Another real plus point is although the storage is 3 liters, this cat fountain doesn’t look clumsy or large at all. It is very compact with a cute design that looks perfectly good in everyone’s house.

Catit also wants to make sure your cat has the best drinking experience, giving her three choices of flow settings. According to her liking and reaction, you can adjust the water flow that comes out by simply adding or taking out the “flower and its pistil” on top. Different settings allow different flows that favor different cats. Plus, water flows out in six directions; therefore, no matter where your pet stands, she gets the water anyway!

The last “number three” feature is the filter system with 3 substances used to make the water clean and fresh whenever it’s about to come out. Cotton mesh removes dirt, carbon helps get rid of any odour and impurity in water, and ion resin softens the tap water. You can’t always get anything better than that! Before inserting the mesh filter, merge it in water for about 10 minutes.

There is water measuring the scale at which you can look to check how much water your cat consumes. 

2. Cat Mate Pet Fountain (Best cat water fountain) ($$)

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

The second product we’d like to introduce is a pet fountain designed and launched into the market by Ani Mate. We consider it as the other best choice, a very competitive fountain since it offers a wide range of benefits that can satisfy even the most difficult customers. The water storage nearly reaches 2 liters, which means you don’t have to put in new water for a couple of days.

The product looks like a multi-height system with different layers of operating parts. With a design that doesn’t only ensure aesthetic but also ergonomic values, Ani Mate’s pet fountain proves to be worth every penny you spend.

The manufacturing company really made its reputation by providing the product with a very quietly operating pump. Low voltage power is needed to operate the pump, but this electronic flow will not at all harm your pet. There is a button on the surface of the pump which can be modified to adjust the water flow. We suggest you shouldn’t turn it to the max level as the water may come out too strongly. 

 A filter is integral in any cat water fountain. This product from Ani Mate is not the exception. In order for the water to be fresh and free from odour when flowing out, a polymer-carbon filter is provided. This mesh filter doesn’t last forever, so you should change them at least once a month to maintain the quality of water.

Inside the fountain lies a ramp as well, whose role is to prevent water splashing. The product also comes with a 3-year guarantee and a 1-year for the pump. 

Maintaining the cleanliness of the fountain is very important as no filter, even the most premium one, can ensure fresh water for your cat if the fountain itself is dirty. The bowls are dishwasher safe, the pump should be taken out to be cleaned after several weeks, and the carbon cartridge should be replaced monthly.  

3. Beacon Pet Cat Water Fountain ($$)blank

Beacon Pet Cat Water Fountain

Another flower top fountain! This cat water dispenser is a product of Beacon Pet, with a few similarities with the first item. Having said that, it possesses its own good features that are really worth consideration.

This cat water fountain is made of very friendly and safe materials, BPA free, and it was even given a food grade certificate. The top stainless steel dish makes the product look nice in the home and also very clean. The top flower and the yellow cap aren’t made from steel though, but they are safe enough for your pet. 

The water flow system offers three drinking ways. If you find it unnecessary to insert the flower on top, simply leave the fountain to stay in a “gentle fountain” setting. By contrast, for different water flow, consider placing the flower or the cap on the stainless steel dish to attract more attention from your cat.

The filter cartridge, whose role is to provide fresh and clean water, features charcoal. The mesh filter is responsible for removing unwanted sediments as well, like dirt, hair, debris, etc. Your cat will enjoy the water that is completely clean.

Don’t hesitate to place the fountain near where you sleep or work since the operation machine does not release any sound. It is completely quiet, free your cat, or you from noise distraction.

Disassembling the product for cleaning and maintenance is very simple. It is recommended that the product is cleaned frequently so that the quality of water and the fountain itself remains the same. 

4. PETKIT Cat Water Fountain ($$)

PETKIT Cat Water Fountain

Despite the fact that this item is not classified as the best cat water fountain in our list, it is a very excellent choice. If your cat likes running water, but she doesn’t like it when water flows out in sprays, consider using this product from Petkit. The water still runs out normally, but it stays upon the upper dish, looking like water in a traditional bowl.

The product itself has a very elegant design, making it suitable for cat owners who wish to have a good looking pet item. The design, luckily, doesn’t betray the quality as it has many good features. Unlike the first or third product whose filter systems consist of 3 layers, this water dispenser has a 4-floor filter cartridge.

The carbon and ion exchange resin parts ensure the water is free from odour or foreign debris, while the other two layers refrain hair. All of them help prevent your feline friend from contracting unwanted diseases.

The motor engines are very quiet. Plus, there is a LED indicator light, giving your pet directions when he needs to get to the water dispenser. To check how much water your cat drinks, simply look at the measuring scale. 

Not every cat water fountain has more than one operation mode like this one. When it gets dark in the night and your cat doesn’t drink much, shift the mode to Smart one so that the fountain can automatically adjust the water flow, reducing electricity needed. 

Disassembly is not very simple as the product has many small details that need to be cleaned. However, this shouldn’t be deemed as a weakness since there are many good things the item offers.

5. PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Multi-Pet Dog and Cat Water Fountain ($$)

PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Multi-Pet Dog and Cat Water Fountain

If you are a fan of stainless steel products and would love to have a plastic-free water fountain, try this one out immediately. It is a very compact fountain which is completely made of stainless steel, making it look elegant, sturdy and firm. Plus, the fountain is protected from bacteria and very easy to be disassembled and cleaned.

The dispenser itself may look rather small, causing the concern over the water storage. However, don’t misjudge the fountain only by its appearance. It can hold up to 3.7 liters of water, as much as many other products.

This fountain resembles other products in its multifunction, providing five water streams, covering an angle of 360 degrees, which enables your furry friends to get water from any standing position. The top of the streamer can be adjusted, so depending on your cat’s liking, you can make the stream of water flow out strongly or weakly.

There are two protections against unwanted items. The first one is the carbon filter through which bad odour will be discarded and it gives back the fresh-tasting water your cat deserves. In case your cat’s hair or outside dirt falls into the fountain, the foam filter will hold them back, ensuring the water coming out is inadvertently clean.

The pump which assists water in coming out is safely submerged. With the low voltage, even little harm is impossible, keeping your cat safe while enjoying her water. Since the pump is submerged, there will be no noise around the house, eliminating some cat owners’ fear that the noise from the engines may distract their cats.

6. Pioneer Pet Swan Pet Drinking Fountain ($$)

Pioneer Pet Swan Pet Drinking Fountain

Many of you have watched The black Swan already, getting stunned by the excellent performance of Natalie Portman as the white and black swan. If you are a vivid fan of swans, this is your lucky time as the Pioneer Pet company has developed a cat water fountain based on the shape of swans. There is only one color white coming with the product and no black item available, but we are sure you will fall in love with it.

The fountain has two main parts. One has the shape of a bowl or basin, the other looks exactly like a swan neck. The water comes out from the neck, making it look somehow like water flowing from taps as well. Then water is kept in the bowl, slowly flows back under it for the next time. It suits pets with different drinking styles, as some love to drink from a bowl, while some others hate to have their whisker get wet. Therefore, it is very convenient to own a fountain like this one.

One special feature of this dispenser is that it offers cat owners two choices of pump connection: a USB and a normal plug, which enables you to take this water fountain anywhere around the house. It can be connected by using the USB or the plug, which also provides extra quietness and reduces noise distraction. Another real plus point is that on the first panel of the pump is an adjustable button, so you can modify the water flow according to your wish.

Water coming out of the swan neck guarantees to be pure, fresh, and clean. A charcoal filter cartridge is assembled in the dispenser, responsible for purifying water and removing dirt or bad odour. However, remember to submerge the filter in cool water for about 10 minutes to get rid of any loose charcoal. It is recommended that you replace the filter once or twice a month

Disassembly and cleaning is rather simple. Make sure you sanitize the fountain often so that it doesn’t get stinky or dirty and therefore very unsafe to your cat’s health.

7. PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Pet Water Fountain ($$)

PetSafe Drinkwell Avalon Pet Water Fountain

PetSafe is a prevailing company in producing pet items that many of us love because of their high quality and the guaranteed help it provides. The fifth fountain we introduced to you is also from PetSafe, but the main difference we can see is the materials these two products are made of. One is made from stainless steel, and the other is made from ceramic. Both materials are sustainable.

One of the most attractive characteristics of this fountain is the multiple water areas it has. Unlike other products where the water flow usually comes from even 5 to 6 streamers, covering an angle of 360 degrees, this water dispenser from PetSafe only consists of 2 streamers but it offers 2 water dishes for pets to choose from.

The lower dish mainly serves as water storage that your cat can drink from as well, whereas the elevated dish acts as a very helpful region that gives special help to dogs and cats with arthritic problems. Picky cats now have no reason to complain!

The purification system consists of two parts. The foam filter makes sure hair or debris does not fall down into the water; and the carbon filter removes any bad odour or taste, ensuring a fresh and clean water flow. The fountain can store nearly up to 2 liters, which can be less compared to some other products; but to pets, it is more than enough for several days even with multiple-pet households.

Ceramic material keeps this water dispenser clean and elegant in our home. It is very easy to be disassembled and sanitized, so make sure you clean it frequently so as to provide hygienic water to your pets. Simply remove the front faceplate, stator, and impeller inside the pump to clean. Other parts like the bowl or neck are dishwasher safe. Keep your cat or dog hydrated with this item!

8. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain ($$)

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain

If you are looking for a product of Pioneer Pet but are not really fond of the swan version we introduced to you as the sixth-best cat water fountain, consider giving this new raindrop version a look. It shares many similar characteristics with the swan-looking dispenser, but the design is certainly different and there are a few things unique too.

This product comes in many colors. which is not usually seen when it comes to pet water fountains. You can choose the black one, white one, gray one, rose gold color, or have the best of both worlds with a combination of white and black. One more interesting part is, Pioneer Pet really knows how to make their customers happy by providing three different materials as well. You can’t get it anywhere better than that. Fans of plastic materials are satisfied, fans of ceramic are pleased, and fans of stainless steel also feel they are not left out.

Talking about the shape, the fountain looks like a big raindrop. There are two main parts, and water comes out from the top part. There is no vertical water flow like the streamers of other products provide, so if your feline friend does not ask for water spray like others, this one will suit her well. The water comes out gently, making very little noise that doesn’t cause distraction at all.

Like the sixth product, this one provides quite a simple purification system with one charcoal filter. Some may say that it is not enough, but it is certain to remove any unwanted odour or dirt, keeping the water pure and clean.

 The pump which is held responsible for sending out water has an adjustable button on it. You can modify the water flow according to your wish and your pet’s liking. The pump comes with a long cord, making the connection work seem much more convenient.

9. PetSafe Drinkwell Cat and Dog Water Fountain ($$)

PetSafe Drinkwell Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Another product from PetSafe! Don’t be surprised by the fact that this manufacturing company offers you a wide range of products to choose from, whether it is a dog car seat, cat litter box, or cat water fountain. PetSafe has gained currency for the quality of its products, so place your trust on them and try this one out.

This water dispenser looks exactly like a fountain, with water falling from a high place. The stream is perfectly operated since there is a rake reducing the noise if it does cause any (but we don’t think it’ll upset you with the noise because there is simply no noise!). Your feline friend can either drink from the streamer or the lower bowl without getting her whisker wet. 

For purification, the carbon filter cartridge can remove all the bad taste or odour that your cat may hate. Tap water is not always pleasing to cats, especially picky ones, so this carbon filter is certainly of very great help.

The low voltage pump ensures safety and is perfectly submerged to avoid causing the noise. There is an adjustable button of the pump. You can modify the water flow according to your wish and your pet’s liking.

This cat water fountain is made of plastic with no BPA, so it’s completely safe. Also, when you want to clean it, put the upper parts in a dishwasher, and clean the pump after taking it apart. There are several small details you need to take out and sanitize, but it takes no longer than 20 minutes, so don’t hesitate to clean them as to ensure your pet’s safety.

10. PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat and Dog Water Fountain ($$)

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Cat and Dog Water Fountain

The last and also another product from PetSafe. You never cease to amaze us with your versatility and creativity PetSafe! Although introduced as the final item is out the list, it doesn’t mean this fountain lags behind other products. Here’s why.

The product comes in a very elegant grey color, having a perfectly aesthetic value to anyone who wishes to purchase a product that suits their home besides pleasing their cat. The dispenser also has a 2-floor operation system, one upper and one lower dish. The upper part serves as assistance in comforting your older cat, especially when she has arthritic problems. The water is pumped to the top, then falls down to the lower dish. But before reaching the lower part, it touches the rake which reduces the water noise. The flow is really smooth and can be adjusted by modifying the button on the pump.

The pump is deeply submerged to ensure safety and reduce any unwanted noise. It is not difficult to clean the pump. Simply remove the front faceplate, stator, and impeller inside the pump to clean. Other parts like the upper and lower dish are dishwasher safe. Remember to clean the fountain regularly to keep it pure and fully sanitary.

Usually we put tap water into the fountain. Humans can drink water from the basin tap but some pets refuse to do so. However, don’t worry as this dispenser has a very reliable purification system consisting of a carbon filter that removes any bad taste or odour.

Cat drinking habits

It can be hard to believe that although cats are very picky when it comes to water, they have no idea that their water consumption does not usually reach the required amount. Long ago, cat ancestors hunted mice and other small animals and digested them as daily food. They did not have to go find water or need humans to keep them hydrated since the flesh of their prey contained enough moisture for a day. However, as cats become domestic animals, fewer prey are caught and cats start to consume canned or dry food depending on their liking.

The amounts of water in canned food and dry food often account for nearly half and 10% respectively of the amount cats need every day. On average, the standard water consumption in a day is not hard to calculate. Multiply 3,5-4,5 (oz) by the weight of your cat and then have that number divided by 5.

For instance, if your cat weighs 10 pounds, then an adequate liquid amount is (between 3,5 and 4,5 let’s take 4): 4×10:5=8 (oz). That means even when your feline friends are fed with canned food which presumably gives enough moisture, she is still dehydrated.

It is not easy for cat owners to make sure their cats drink enough water as cats don’t understand why they should and cat owners cannot keep an eye on them all the time. Cats are also very hard to please. Some find water staying still in a bowl unattractive and not at all fun to play with. With those cats, perhaps a water fountain with continuously running water may catch their attention and encourage them to drink more.

Reasons why water fountains are of great help

Cat water fountain made its first appearance many years ago and since then it has gained currency for being useful and practical. There is a wide range of cat water dispensers sold on the market and each offers different value.

Cat fountain outdoes the traditional water bowl regarding the operation of water and its help with purification. That doesn’t mean water bowls should be totally discarded, for it may satisfy some cats. We recommend you should try two types and let your feline friend decide.

Water fountain for cats ensures the water provided runs all the time, the sound of which may evoke your cat’s thirst and can therefore increase her water consumption. Moreover, cats do not want their whisker to get wet because of a bowl so pay attention to your cat’s reaction to seeing if he likes drinking from bowls or water fountains. 

Despite the fact that the water flow from fountains keeps running, it doesn’t cost any waste as the water runs back to the storage and is ready to flow out again. Cat drinking fountains are environmentally-friendly, money-saving, and safe as well with the oxygen purification system that ensures that water coming out is all clean. Not every fountain has that system, but the prices of those ones are more affordable. 

With a cat water fountain, your cat should be fully hydrated with fresh, clean, running water every day.

Signs of dehydration

Cats have their own language that humans cannot understand; we automatically interpret the cats’ words into a very simple but also unique sound “meow”. Some of you may think that with the help of a cat translator device your cat should be able to tell you when she wants a drink.

However, those devices can be inaccurate and unclear and cats won’t tell you when she’s dehydrated. Unlike humans whose health is not severely deteriorated after one day without water, cats may risk their lives in the same amount of time, especially when the weather is torrid and hot. 


It is not very hard to check your cat’s hydration level since the symptoms are usually transparent and clear. Pay attention to some of her physical features like gums, skin, and eyes.

  • Sticky or dry gum: Use your hand to open the cat’s mouth. Put one finger on the surface of her gum. A healthy cat with enough water should have normally pink and moist gum, whereas sticky or dry gum happens to dehydrated cats. 
  • Cold paw: Hold your cat’s paw in your palm and feel it. When the weather is mild but her paw is cold, it may suggest a problem.
  • Sunken eyes: Do your cat’s eyes look hollow? Does it seem like she has less skin around the eyes? Is she often tired? Those can be the signs of a cat lacking in water. Sullen eyes with a tiring look in the eye are worth your attention. 
  • Skin loss: Every animal sheds skin. But too much skin shedding can suggest a serious problem. When your cat does not digest enough water, she can lose a lot more skin than normal, making her look not really healthy or energetic.
  • Reduced skin elasticity: It is cats’ nature to have very elastic skin, so a reduction in elasticity may result from a lack of water. You can check your cat’s skin condition at home without having to visit veterinarians. Pinch a piece of her skin, but remember to choose the skin on her back since it is neither thick nor thin, making it suitable for this kind of checking. After pinching it, if it turns back to the original place quickly, then your cat is perfectly normal. In case it stays up at the position it was picked without bouncing back quickly, she is not drinking enough water. One small notice is this method may not work for all cats, especially old ones and kittens under 6 months of age. 

Dehydration in cats does not only show via body appearance but via internal disorders which are not very noticeable as well. One of the symptoms could be diminishing urination frequency. A healthy cat usually urinates between 2 or four times a day, so in case your cat goes into the litter box fewer times than she normally does, consider the possibility that she is dehydrated. 

Moreover, pay attention to your cat’s state and reaction to games. Inertia or less energy put in playing can count as a symptom of dehydration. 

Finally, although it cannot be classified into the symptom list, diarrhea or vomiting causes your feline friend to lose water; therefore, make sure you give your cat enough water when she’s ill.

How to treat a cat with dehydration

There are actually very few things we can do to help our dehydrated cat. The best solution is to bring her to veterinarians who know more about her health condition then we do. In their office, they’ll know how to treat your cat. For those who wish to treat him at home first if her symptoms are not very severe, try encouraging her to drink more, changing her water bowl or fountain, or giving her canned food instead of a dry one.

If none of them works, visit a vet! Some vets may show you how to conduct the treatment procedure with a Pedialyte at home. Be careful as the treatment needs vet supervision and prescription.  A very small abundance in a dozen may lead to tragic unexpectedness, and a shortage in a dozen may slow down the effect of the medicine, so do not attempt to give your cat Pedialyte without the instruction from the vet.

Extra tips on providing your cat with water

  1. Notice the level of water in the bowl or fountain you gave your cat, for it could be hard to make sure he goes to the toilet enough times during the day.
  2. For households with more than one cat, it is advisable to give each a bowl of their own (one fountain can do since it is expensive!). Cats like to claim privacy and territory, so the place where they get water should also be discrete and personal.
  3. Put the water bowl or cat water fountain far from their litter box and at a quite discrete place in the house.


After reviewing all the 10 best cat water fountains and providing you with some good pieces of information about cat drinking habits and dehydration problems, we are so pleased thinking that those kinds of information may appear to be helpful to some of you. 

Cats are beautiful creatures, but just like humans we are sometimes, they may get picky about something which, in this case, is the water they drink every day! You may follow the tips we gave you like trying different water bowls or fountains, putting it in different places, or giving her treats so that she is encouraged to drink. Otherwise, she may get dehydrated and her health may get worse.

Good luck to all of you. Don’t forget to visit Wewpet for more reviews and useful posts.   

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