10 Best Dog Carrier Backpack of 2020 Walking or Travel

The sun is shining brightly above your head. The wind slowly cools your face, wiping off some sweat that was rolling all over. It is so hot, but it satisfies your desire for a hiking journey. What a lovely day! ‘Wish my pooch were here’. And suddenly, you miss your dog so much, regretting having left him at home. 

Then it’s time you gave your dog a present so that he can follow everywhere you put your foot on. Yes, we’re talking about a dog carrier backpack. This kind of pet equipment is not unfamiliar with dog owners, but with newbies, it may be the first time they think about it. 


A dog carrier bag has so many functions that it should be listed as a must-have pet tool for any dog lovers. 

  • It can act as a mobile home of your dog which takes him around the world with you and you two can have fun together along the way.
  • It keeps your puppy safe without causing him any discomfort or danger since dog carrier backpacks usually provide smooth bedding and ventilation.
  • It can be converted into a car seat, rolling case or tote bag. So, depending on particular circumstances, use it the way you like to provide comfort to both you and your pooch. 
  • The weight of your dog and his facilities are evenly distributed on your shoulders and back, so you don’t have to bear the total weight with your hands.

Understanding your needs, in this post, we are going to review 11 top dog carrier backpacks, and then you can choose whatever suits you and your puppy. If you’re still wondering about how to choose a good dog bag in general, scroll down to the end of this post. If you know about those qualities already, please keep reading our reviews.

10 Best Dog Carrier Backpack

1. Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack (One of our best choices)

If you are looking for a versatile dog carrier backpack that can be converted to other forms, try out this product of Pet Gear. It is not described as a lightweight and compact bag, but most importantly, it fits whatever your need is and whatever trip you and your furry friend are on.

Pet Gear roller backpack can be used as a normal tote, a car seat, a backpack, a rolling case (with a telescoping strap on top), or a plane traveler. That means when you find the bag getting heavy on your back and you can no longer handle it, put it down, pull the telescoping strap out and roll the case around to release the weight.  

This bag comes with 3 sizes for you to choose from according to your dog’s size and liking (we know that some small dogs prefer large space in order to roll around!). As the picture shows, the backpack is quite big for your back and shoulder, so it’s important you measure your pooch’s length and girth and match the statistics with the bag’s. Plus, if a particular size has something to do with your trip purposes, such as hiking, walking or car trip, consider carefully when you’re about to purchase it. 

It also provides your dog with a fleece bedding which makes sitting inside there more comfortable. But that bottom pad is not very thick, so you should consider placing a towel onto the pad, which may, unfortunately, takes up much space that it leaves little for your dog’s head.

The ventilation of this travel carrier is more than adequate. You can also allow your dog to stick his head out by slightly unzipping the mesh; however, be careful not to unzip much as your dog may escape!
Pet Gear I-GO2 Roller Backpack

Pros Cons
☑️ versatile travel carrier

☑️ adequate ventilation with a mesh

☑️ bottom pad available

☑️ sturdy frames

☑️ quite spacious 

❎ few color options

❎ quite heavy and big

❎ the bottom pad can be thin

❎ small side pockets

2. K9 Sport Sack (One of our best choices)

K9 Sport Sack

If you are looking for something that looks similar to your own backpack, K9 Sport Sack is the perfect match for you. It has the shape of a normal backpack; one small difference is, instead of carrying your stuff, it carries your pooch!

This carrier is more suitable for small and medium dogs. In case you want to make sure your pooch fits in well, check the measurement board in the blurb. In the board they have length, girth, respectively suggested bag size, and even dog breed examples

Ventilation is, again, adequate for your furry friend. The bag features 2 side meshes that let enough air in. There are no other meshes though, so some of you may think your pooch will get hot inside. But don’t worry, the side meshes still do and the bag provides dogs with comfortable space inside. Plus, the pockets can carry a dog water container, a collapsible bowl, and some more stuff of your own. 

One outstanding feature of this sack is the safety strap. It has more than one strap, which is very good news; one lumbar and one at the upper part. Your dog, therefore, is kept safely inside the bag without any way to escape cause the D-ring hole on top just has space for one head sticking out. The carrier back strap is strong too. 

There is a thick bottom bedding, up to 20 mm serving as a cushion for your dog. No extra towel or pad is needed.

Pros Cons
☑️ prevent dogs from escaping

☑️ adequate ventilation, breathable material

☑️ multiple safety straps

☑️ thick and soft pad

☑️ a variety of colors

❎ might not be suitable for big dog breeds


3. PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs (One of our best choices)

PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs

Spacious, sturdy, stylish, comfortable. Those are the words we use to describe this PetAmi Deluxe pet carrier backpack. With only $$, you can have one of the premium travel carriers to take your puppy on a trip.

It is a very cute bag, with two side entries. That means the meshes on either left or right side can be unzipped to let your dog in. That also means, together with the front mesh, there is plenty of ventilation even when you fasten all zippers. A small cat or a toy breed loves it there, staying in a bag where they have much room to roll around without having to stick their heads out.

Nevertheless, pay attention to your pet as you allow them to see the world with you with the front mesh unzipped. Some cats and dogs love jumping out so much that they escape without you noticing. It can be dangerous too for a hiking or biking trip.

PetAmi manufacturer also gives a collapsible bowl as a free item. Plus, they have added padding to the shoulder straps for your comfort. and your puppy inside sits on a sherpa-lined bedding, which some people find not really soft, so you may want to put in extra pads.PetAmi Deluxe Pet Carrier Backpack for Small Cats and Dogs

Pros Cons
☑️ a sturdy frame keeps the bag’s shape

☑️ abundant ventilation

☑️ padded shoulder straps and bedding

☑️ extra large front pockets

☑️ 2-sided entries

☑️ a variety of colors

☑️ quite affordable

❎ not really suitable for big dogs

❎ rather thin bedding


4. Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

Kurgo Dog Carrier Backpack

If you are attracted by a versatile dog carrier backpack, read our review for this bag and then decide whether you should purchase this multi-functional carrier.

This sack has multiple compartments and each has its own design purpose. Apart from one used to carry your pooch, Kurgo provides an extra place to store your own stuff like a laptop and some other small pockets inside it. It also features a few compartments at the back; therefore, when you want to convert the backpack into a tote, tuck the shoulder straps inside the compartments. What a brilliant design!

Although the meshes on the bag don’t seem to meet ventilation standards, they do. Materials used to make this travel carrier are breathable and waterproof, and they let in enough air for your dog to enjoy the trip without getting hot or uncomfortable. There is a roll-up mesh in front as well, which makes some people think their dogs might escape through that entry. But guess what, it cannot happen as there is a buckle inside the compartment that can be attached to your dog. So, there is no way he’ll jump out.

It may cost you more for this bag, but if you’re willing to spend more bucks, this bag will not let you down because of its durable material and excellent functions.

Pros Cons
☑️ durable material, waterproof and breathable fabric

☑️ multiple compartments

☑️ adequate ventilation

☑️ dogs cannot escape

❎ quite expensive

❎ only 2 colors to choose from

5. Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

Pawaboo Pet Carrier Backpack

The fifth product we’re discussing is quite different from the above. You can call it a baby carrier if you wish since it looks exactly like that! Instead, it is used to carry your dog, of course, and whoever loves small simple bag should take a look at this one.

The material of this backpack is good since it has plenty of ventilation mesh area to cool your pooch off after a long hot trip. There are legs-out and tails-out holes to keep your dog comfortable, thereby partly helping eliminate your dog’s intention of escaping as there is no need to do so! Powaboo also cares about their dog owner customers as they design an extra pad at the back for comfort. 

The bag is very easy to use. However, one tiny thing that may affect your user experience is that hyperactive dogs may make the velcro fall out by tossing around too much, which decreases your dog’s safety. And for heavy breeds, this is definitely not an ideal backpack it their weight can drag the bag down.

One slight disadvantage of the Powaboo bag is the lack of pockets and compartments. There is no side or front pockets for storage, so consider whether you should use it on a long trip.

Pros Cons
☑️ lightweight, small therefore very easy to carry

☑️ adequate ventilation with plenty of mesh area

☑️ comfortable legs-out and tails-out design

☑️ quite cheap

❎ no extra compartment or pockets

❎ not suited to big dogs

6. Ytonet Dog Carrier Backpack

Ytonet Dog Carrier Backpack

This sixth product somehow looks similar to product no.3. However, it has a competitive edge for its abundant ventilation and considerable space.

It has two entries that allow you to interact with your pet more and also give your pooch more space to stick his little head out. The meshes abound in number: two at the back just behind the shoulder straps, one on top, one at the front, and two on the left and right sides. Imagine how much air your furry sidekick has when staying inside the bag! Ventilation is certainly one of the most attractive features of this Ytonet backpack.

The room inside is ample with the shape of a cube. It can hold a dog up to 18 lbs but the lightweight material used by Ytonet will not make your back hurt and dragged down even with your dog inside. There is even room for 2 side big pockets to store pet toys and treats. The cushion pad at the bottom is not very thick though, so you may need an extra towel.

And for any of you who is afraid that your pooch can escape through the roll-up pad on top, the safety clip inside will relieve your worries for it can be attached to your dog’s collar and keep him stable inside. One more thing that makes us love this backpack so much is it has a foldable frame, so fold it up and place it under your bed just fine.

Pros Cons
☑️ cheap with good quality

☑️ abundant ventilation

☑️ large space inside

☑️ safety clip attached to dog collar

❎ doesn’t keep the dog still so they can slosh, making you feel uncomfortable

❎ may not suit longer breeds

7. YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier

YUDODO Pet Dog Sling Carrier

This is the first sling bag we’ve reviewed. The name suggests that it is highly suited to toy breeds like Chihuahua, and carrying this sling bag with a dog inside doesn’t seem like a big deal because you can always assist your shoulder by holding the bag with both hands.

The Yudodo sling carrier is made of durable and breathable leather and mesh. Adequate mesh, we have to say with a sling bag like this. There is only one way to put your puppy in, and the cover has enough width for a dog’s head. The manufacturer adds quadruple safety locks to your pet, including a sturdy zipper, a durable velcro, a reinforced buckle, and a hook. There is no way your pooch can escape actually!

The leather pad inside enables comfort. However, with the design of this sling bag, it may cause your dog discomfort if he stays in there for too long with only his head sticking out. And the sheer weight of the dog may hurt your shoulder, so consider changing carrying ways to keep yourself at ease.

An interesting feature of this bag is the place you keep your belongings like a phone or money. There is no handy pockets, but a small mesh compartment on the shoulder strap can store your things. 

Pros Cons
☑️ rather cheap

☑️ small, easy to use and carry

☑️ very suitable for a short walk with a toy breed

☑️ quadruple safety locks

☑️ enough ventilation

❎ may hurt your shoulder when you carry it for too long or your pooch keeps sloshing

❎ only a mesh compartment to store things but no extra pockets

8. Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Mr. Peanut's Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Read the name! Yes, this tote is particularly designed for airline travel. The shape of it looks just like our normal travel tote, and now they have made one for pets.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the bedding cushion. We find this an outstanding feature of this dog carrier as it is elevated to a level, not every manufacturer can do! The cushion itself consists of 3 layers. Yes, your eyes are not misleading you, 3 layers exactly. Those fleece pads, especially the upper part, will provide your pooch with so much comfort that he may fall asleep after 3 minutes inside the bag. There is also a leash hook (on top of the fleece pad) that can be attached to your puppy’s collar and keep him stable.

Ventilation is up to standard with 4 meshes on each side of the bag. The external bottom is made from leather and 4 metal buttons are attached there to prevent the tote from slipping. Your furry sidekick will definitely stay safely inside for the tote also provides sturdy zippers.

For dog owner’s comfort, extra shoulder straps are made with padding apart from the main hand strap. This tote is suitable for airline travel, but remember to consult each airline’s requirements as they all have different rule sets.

One more tiny thing is that this tote doesn’t have handy pockets, so consider bringing along extra pockets to store treats and pet stuff.

Pros Cons
☑️ plenty of room, but remember to keep your dog lie down before zipping up

☑️ extremely soft bedding 

☑️ sturdy safety zippers  

☑️ shoulder straps and hand strap available

☑️ enough ventilation

❎ fairly large, so unsuitable for hand carrying

❎ no handy pockets

9. Outward Hound PoochPouch

Outward Hound PoochPouch

Although not looking as stylish as a previous dog carrier backpack, this pouch is still regarded as one good travel carrier for small breeds.

It is very simply designed, but it provides enough safety for your small pooch. It has 2 shoulder straps, one at the upper part and one lumbar strap to distribute the weight evenly on your back and prevent any strains. There is a safety clip inside the bag, right at the D-ring cover, and it can be attached to your dog’s collar for safety reasons. The drawstring top though looks tight around your pooch’s neck, it doesn’t hurt him or make him feel any less comfortable. 

Sufficient ventilation mesh area is provided to keep your furry sidekick cool during hot summer days. However, to carry a dog water bottle you’ll have to use an extra holder as there is no side pockets except for one at the front with very tiny space.

Pros Cons
☑️ fairly cheap at the price

☑️ compact and easy to carry

☑️ adequate ventilation

☑️ sufficient safety zippers

❎ no side pockets for storage

10. LEMONDA Portable Pet Travel Carrier

LEMONDA Portable Pet Travel Carrier

If you are looking for something fun like an astronaut’s backpack, try this one out!

Well, it has the shape of a space capsule actually, which makes it so fashionable and cute. Imagine you are going to space with your little pet inside this backpack.

The robust-looking feature of this bag may lead you to think it is heavy. On the contrary, it is made of lightweight material that can save you from the weight and help you go through your trip with no burden.

There is a velvet pad inside the bag to make your pooch or cat comfortable, but the pad may be too thin that it can be worn out or it fails to provide enough comfort. The cover at the back is a round mesh to let fresh air in, but a sole mesh may not reach your requirement of ventilation. Opposite with the mesh is a semi-sphere translucent cover, which is the most attractive feature of the bag. This round cover is reinforced with a thread lock ring to ensure your pet’s safety in case he tries to break the cover and get out!

Pros Cons
☑️ stylish looking

☑️ suitable for cats and small dogs

☑️ lightweight

❎ quite small space

❎ no pockets

❎ not enough ventilation on hot days

Qualities Of A Good Dog Carrier Backpack

In case you want to check out the quality of a dog carrier backpack yourself, use the advice we’re about to give you like tips and make the most of your purchasing.

There are 4 main factors attributed to a high-quality dog carrier bag, including S for Size, M for Material, V for Ventilation, and P for Pockets.

  • Size

This, to our surprise, is the most common mistake people make when choosing a dog carrier bag

Here we are discussing your dog’s size and from that pick the best carrier backpack. Some of you may think that rough measurement and ‘matching-by-eyes’ (that is, to use your eyes and guess if a bag fits your pooch) can do. However, it can lead to unexpected problems like your dog’s being too long and his head sticking out too much. So we suggest you get the precise numbers.

To get the size of your dog, including both the length and girth, follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the K9 Sport Sack (product number 2). 

Don’t make your dog suffer claustrophobia and distress just because you purchased too small a carrier bag.  Also, don’t extol the virtues of much extra space in the bag as he may feel uncomfortable too. It sounds strange, but it could be the case!

  • Material

Sounds obvious, isn’t it? Every good purchase comes with excellent materials for it affects your consuming process and decides how long that product remains usable. Dog carrier backpack is not the exception.

Talking about materials, the first thing that springs to our mind is cloth. Whether the bag is made of leather, fabric, or canvas influences the weight on our back in different ways and also guarantees dissimilar using duration. Moreover, for a dog that acts very active at times, he may chew the bag which turns out torn after just a few days used if the material is not strong enough.

The bedding pad entailed should be thick and soft as well to provide your dog with the utmost comfort. Some users claim the thin pad inside some bags irritates their dogs because they’re going on long journeys and kept in a bag, so they need something more useful!

What about zippers, loops or buckles? Well, you are right when considering those factors. Dogs or any pets usually like to go around, so if you keep them in a bag and tell them to sit still, they’ll see this as a challenge. Zippers which are loose allow pets to jump out, and then you have to spare a couple of hours looking for your pet!

  • Ventilation

To put it in a simple way, ventilation is ‘breability’. No one wants to stay in a limited space, so are our little dogs. Thus, it’s important to make sure that your dog has enough air to breathe and enough space spared for him to see the world. 

There is always a so-called hole in each dog carrier backpack that you can either leave open or close with a zipper. Dog owners prefer to let it open so that their dogs can stick out their heads. But there are cases you need to zip the bag up totally, so check out the bag material’s ventilation before purchase.

  • Pockets

Dog carrier backpack doesn’t only act as a buffer against injuries for dogs but also assists us in carrying our pet’s stuff. Dog water bottles, treats, leash, and even our own possessions can be stored in the pockets of a dog hiking backpack. Usually, the pockets are on two sides of the bag, but there can be some in the front or back as well.

How To Carry A Dog (free gift from us)

Some dogs just won’t get in the bag without you helping him to do so. Therefore, in this part, we are going to instruct you on how to carry your dog so that you can place him in the bag.

With big dogs, use your dominant hand (usually right hand for most people) to grab your dog’s forelegs fully, and the other hand to grab his back legs. With small breeds, the job is easier as they weigh less. Place your dominant hand underneath your pooch’s chest, and the other hand holds his bottom to support his full weight. 

The last step, of course, is to put him in the bag, and there you go having the best trips with your dog!

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We truly hope that through our reviews, you’ll have a broader understanding of those 10 dog carrier backpacks that we choose as the best products. There is no standard or criterion of a travel carrier, as long as it suits your needs and it maintains the quality, it deserves every buck of yours. 

Dog carrier backpack is the pet tool every dog owner should have, as it enables you to take your furry friend to all places around the world and watch every scenery with his own eyes. Don’t save up penny but leave your dog behind. The more the merrier, so bring him with you with the assistance of a dog carrier bag!

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