Top 10 Best Dog Diapers For 2020

Welcome all dog lovers! You must know diapers, which are often referred to as an item of important clothing for humans, especially for babies, right? Have you ever heard about doggie diapers

? Yes! Pooches do have diapers!  Wanna know more about them? Here are Top 10 Best Dog Diapers For 2020 that WewPet brings to your canine companion.


Why are dog diapers necessary?

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As far as many people are concerned, it looks quite awkward to leave your puppies walking on the park barely with this kind of doggie undergarments. However, in some special cases, they are indeed better off with diapers, rather than walking around with their butts and genitals exposed. Before diving into our high-quality diapers for dogs, let’s understand the reasons why and when your pooch needs them.

Urinary incontinence

It is simply understood as a problem when dogs can not control their bladder, which means even when they do not want to or when their bladder is still not yet full of urine, the urine keeps passing out of the urethra. Why? There are lots of conditions that can lead to this issue:

  • Urinary stones
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Weakened urinary bladder sphincter
  • Disorders of the prostate gland
  • Protrusion of the intervertebral disc
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Diabetes, kidney disease, and other health conditions causing excessive loss of water

In case your little pooch is suffering from the urinary incontinence, not a behavioral one, then a veterinarian visit is really important. He would check thoroughly to find out the main cause, and then give the canine the most suitable treatment. During this process, using doggy diapers is absolutely a good choice so that you do not need to be tired of cleaning up his mess when he pees.

A female dog in heat

If a female pooch is not spayed, she will go through a menstrual cycle, like female humans. As a result, it would be a mess if there is nothing to hold the blood. In this situation, doggie diapers work as the role of sanitary pads for dogs. Therefore, there will be no stains on your carpet or even your bedding. In other cases such as surgical wounds from a spay or neuter, they also can help.

Have you ever notice the process of a female dog in heat? What is the most impressive thing that catches your attention immediately? Is it when she constantly licks on her vulva? You know why? Because it is a way to attract male dogs within striking distance by a specific smell of the female one. In this case, however, doggie diapers are not used as a method of contraception or satisfaction. In fact, to some extent, they can help dampen the scent of a female dog in heat.

Canine cognitive dysfunction

Similar to human beings, elderly dogs, especially those who are more than 11 years old, can suffer from certain cognitive deficits, like Alzheimer’s disease. It is scientifically called canine cognitive dysfunction or CCD in short. When a dog is facing this problem, not only does he fall into forgetfulness, but he also loses the control of his urination. As a result, doggy diapers can really help.

Until now, there are no certain reasons, which are officially approved, to explain why it happens to dogs. It is often assumed that there are some degenerative changes in the brain’s structure, leading to cognitive deficits, like how the Alzheimer’s disease work.


It is not so frequent but there are some owners having this undergarment on as a way of house training, which helps protect their home from canine accidental and intentional peeing. Obviously, it is not good for the dogs, just good for the owners. As a result, this way is not highly recommended by most veterinarians because you can establish a routine and patiently train them how to pee outside your house from time to time.

Behavioral issues

In general, male dogs often want to mark their territory by peeing on everything. I can be your shoes, front doors or the sofa in your living room. This is a problem of behavior, so many owners opt for a male dog diaper, which is often called belly bands.

Top 10 best dog diapers

And now, after much consideration and comparison, WewPet is gonna introduce the top 10 excellent diapers for dogs to you and your lovely canine companions. What most suits thems?

1. AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap, Disposable Diapers

AmazonBasics Male Dog Wrap

As the name says, if you are looking for an undergarment for your male pooch, then AmazonBasics is absolutely a wise choice. It worths your consideration as it is not only affordable, but it is also high-quality.

There are 4 different sizes that you can choose depending on your male dog’s waist: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large, which ranges from 8 to 31.5 inches. As a result, in case his waist requires larger than 31.5 inches, then the AmazonBasics can not work.

It will bring a comfortable feeling to your canine companion thanks to the leak-proof protection, with a super-absorbent core, and soft surrounding material. And when should you replace it with a new diaper? With a color-changing wetness indicator when the diaper reaches its saturation point. As a result, you can easily know when your dog needs a fresh replacement.

Key features

  • Affordable price
  • 4 different sizes for choice
  • Breathable outer layer
  • Effective leak-proof protection
  • Fur-resistant and repositionable fasteners
  • Useful color-changing wetness indicator
  • Easy to put on the pet dog

2. Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diaper

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diaper

Are you a big fan of reuse? If your answer is yes, yes, and yes, then Wegreeco washable diapers are the right choice for you and your male canine. Designed with 5 different waist sizes, no matter how small or large your dog is, the Wegreeco is able to serve him.

Rather than throw away a disposable diaper in a landfill after one single use, with Wegreeco, you can wash them with a washing machine, then air dry or put them in the dryer for a short time for the next use. Wearing this kind of undergarment, your dog will feel comfortable thanks to its moisture-wicking properties; therefore, it won’t irritate his skin. Besides, you don’t need to worry about leakage since it is made with a waterproof exterior to protect the surface such as rugs, carpets, etc. in your house.

Key features

  • Machine washability
  • 5 different sizes
  • Waterproof and leakproof exterior
  • Moisture-wicking properties

3. Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diaper

Pet Magasin Reusable Washable Dog Diaper

This is another kind of washable diaper coming from Pet Magasin manufacturer. Their high quality, reusability, style, and ease of cleaning clearly make them become the frontrunner in the doggy diaper world.

It is super easy for you to wash them by hand or by machine, and then easily hang them out to dry or toss them in the dryer on a low setting. So, if reusability is your top concern, then we are sure that after cleaning up, your dog can use them for a long time. They come in a pack of three, which means there is always a backup while your little pooch is wearing one and one is being washed.

There are 3 kinds of fashionable colors to choose, ranging from original (black, gray, brown), solid (green, purple, blue) to trending (cactus, flamingo, ducky), with 4 different waist sizes between 9 to 33 inches. Therefore, if your canine companion is male or female, puppy or adult, Pet Magasin can serve him or her very well.

In case your dog rejects a disposable diaper due to “crinkly” texture, he will be comfy in a Pet Magasin with soft, flexible materials, and velcro straps that you can adjust accordingly. They are super absorbent, made with many inner layers, and a waterproof outer layer, which helps prevent leakage and messes in your house.

Key features

  • Variety of sizes and colors
  • Machine washability
  • Elastic velcro for adjustment
  • Super absorbent padding
  • Waterproof outer layer

4. Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diaper – Washable Male Dog Belly Wrap

Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Diaper - Washable Male Dog Belly Wrap

Another cousin comes from the Wegreeco manufacturer! And this diaper comes in the shape of a belly wrap. It deserves our favorite choice for budget concerns, but along with high quality.

Similar to the above brother of the Wegreeco manufacturer, it can be reused for many times after being washed up with a cleanser. Thanks to the durable, but breathable, material and a mesh-lined fabric, it can be dry quickly, even when you do not hang it out for air dry. Who doesn’t like an easy cleaning up, right?

What’s more, it is produced with super absorbent padding, and a waterproof outer layer to prevent leaking, which helps protect floors or furniture in your house. As a result, you can enjoy your pooch and keep your home clean even if he is not a fully housetrained puppy, or an elderly dog with urinary incontinence, or any causes that lead to leakage.

You can adjust the elastic hems so that your dog would feel comfortable to move around easily, even to sleep with the diapers. They come in 3 different colors in one pack, with various waist sizes ranging from 7.4 inches for small puppies, to 33 inches for large breeds.

Key features

  • Variety of sizes and colors
  • Machine washability
  • Breathable mesh-lined fabric
  • Soft materials
  • Wide Velcro fastener

5. CuteBone Dog Diaper Female Reusable 3 Pack for Doggie in Heat, Washable Dog Pants

CuteBone Dog Diaper Female Reusable 3 Pack for Doggie in Heat

The next one is specially produced for female pooches! It would be messy if there is nothing to catch the blood when your female dog in heat, right? So why should you choose the CuteBone diaper products?

If she loves bright colors or flower patterns, then the CuteBone is absolutely an ideal choice. It comes in 5 different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL) so that you can choose the most suitable size for your dog. Besides, with the wide velcro, it is a piece of cake to adjust the size that most fits your pet without the worry of it sticking to her fur.

Similar to other washable products, reusable and eco-friendly, but high-quality features are the top priority of the CuteBone. It is made to be highly absorbent and waterproof so that your canine companion can freely enjoy her day in your home and you do not have to worry about the spoiling of the carpets, or furniture.

Key features

  • Bright colors
  • Reuseable and waterproof
  • Economical and eco-friendly
  • Soft materials

6. Pet Parents Washable Dog Diaper (3pack) of Durable Doggie Diapers, Premium Male & Female Dog Diaper

Pet Parents Washable Dog Diaper

Even though with only three colors (black, grey, brown) that seem to be for male dogs, the female counterparts can also use them in a fashionable way. It also comes in 5 different waist sizes, ranging from 4 inches for little puppies to 35 inches for large adult dogs.

It has the same reusable, waterproof, super absorbent, comfortable, and secure-fit properties like other washable diapers. However, its easy washability and quick dryness make it extremely outstanding and worth your consideration.

Key features

  • Integrated ultra-absorbent padding
  • Soft material
  • Waterproof and leakproof outer layer
  • Adjustable and secure straps
  • Machine washability

7. Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diaper for Female Dogs | Super Absorbent Leak-Proof Fit

Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diaper for Female Dogs

If your female dog is currently menstruating or ovulating, then the Simple Solution is a good temporary solution to her elimination issues. It brings your pooch a comfortable feeling thanks to the leak-proof barriers, which help keep moisture, and allow sufficient ventilation to minimize skin irritation.

You can also easily adjust the fasteners so that it would most fit your female canine without the worry of it sticking to her fur, and easily replace it with a fresh one. There are 5 different sizes for her to choose and enjoy her menstrual cycle.

Key features

  • Time-saving
  • Leakproof barriers
  • Super absorbent core
  • Fur-safe and comfortable fit straps

8. Alfie Pet – Frona Diaper Dog Sanitary Pantie with Suspender for Girl Dogs

Frona Diaper Dog Sanitary Pantie with Suspender for Girl Dogs

It is specially designed for our beautiful girl dogs!!! If you want to dress up your pooch, cute diapers, or often referred to as panties, coming from the Alfie Pet is the answer. Not only does it act as a diaper for females in heat, or females with inconsistency, but it also acts as a great outfit for her to walk in the park.

In the interior, there is room for all or half of an adult sanitary napkin or incontinence pad under the tail hole. Besides, it is designed with elastic around the legs, and an individual strength velcro so that you can easily adjust to secure fit.

With soft cotton, your girl pooch will feel comfortable and at ease to move around with this beautiful outfit. You can also wash it up and hang it out for air dry for the next use. It comes in 4 different waist sizes, ranging from 13 inches to 19 inches.

Key features

  • Machine washability
  • Nice soft cotton, suitable for daily wear
  • Beautiful pattern
  • Suspender length is adjustable

9. Dono Disposable Pet Diapers Female Dogs 2018 Super Absorbent Soft Heating Pee Diapers Liners XXS-M, Including 14-20count Puppy Diapers Dogs Cats

Dono Disposable Pet Diapers Female Dogs 2018

Another disposable product that worths your try comes from Dono manufacturer. It best suits your female dog when she is in the menstrual cycle, excitable urination, urinary incontinence, or when she is traveling with you. There are 8 different waist sizes for you to choose what the most suitable one is.

With the super absorbent and leak-proof properties, it is able to hold up urines well, lock in all moisture, and don’t let it leak outside. Caring about your dog’s fur, Dono makes it with fur-safe fasteners to help keep the diaper from slipping off her, but do not stick to her fur.

Key features

  • Very convenience for a temporary use
  • Super absorbent with leak-proof barriers
  • Fur-safe fasteners

10. Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Male Dog Diaper | Absorbent Male Wraps with Leak Proof Fit

Vet’s Best Comfort-Fit Disposable Male Dog Diaper

Last but not least, Vet’s Best disposable doggy diapers stand out with the integration of a wetness indicator. When to replace it with a new one? Look at the color of its waistband! If it changes, it is the right time for you to change a fresh diaper.

If you are worried that your pooch can suffer from diaper rash, which is quite often when using disposable products, then its super-absorbent core really works. Its fur-safe fasteners also help to protect it from slipping off your male dog, without affecting his fur. As a result, attaching and removing the wrap is a piece of cake.

Key features

  • Unique wetness indicator
  • Super absorbent cores and leak-proof barriers
  • Repositionable and fur-safe straps

Types of dog diapers

There are lots of choices in the doggie diaper world, right? Now, we are gonna introduce you to 4 main types of diapers for dogs that you can choose the most suitable one.


As you may know, the disposable diapers can only be used for one time. Since it is soiled, there is nothing to do but to throw it away. As a result, it is the optimal solution for those who need temporary or in a short period. Due to its less breathable than other types of diapers, if using for a long term, your dog is likely to suffer from skin irritation. And of course, it is absolutely not eco-friendly.

Reuseable (or often known as Washable)

The reuseable or washable diapers are the best suit for dogs with incontinence issues, or canine cognitive dysfunction because it is highly economical and environmental-friendly, and you do not have to buy a ton.

Generally, it looks similar to the disposable one, apart from the fact that they are made by cloth and they integrate a certain section where you can insert sanitary pads for extra absorption in case your dog urinates so heavily. In order to prevent leaks, the core is frequently covered with plastic. Besides, the nylon outer layer plays an important role in protecting the effect of weather, such as wind-proofing. You can also easily adjust the diapers until they fit your pooch thanks to an elastic band.


It is specially designed for male dogs who love to mark their territory, especially inside your home. It is only a center section to catch and absorb urine, without coverings on their backside and their tail. As a result, we are not sure that they will provide full protection from accidental peeing, but they are likely to help prevent territorial spraying to some extent.


Yes! In some cases, you do not need to buy a diaper because you can make it yourself. What you need is old clothes or fabric items, with your deft hands and a little bit of imagination. Let’s put all your love and caring into creating a super beautiful diaper for your lovely canine companion.

What to consider when buying dog diapers?

So, how can you choose the best diapers for your dog? Are you confused by thousands of products in the market? Don’t worry! WewPet is here to give you lots of useful information that you can apply to your purchasing process.


Choosing the right doggy diaper

Which is the right diaper for your dog? Let’s do step by step!

Identify your dog’s needs

As a dog owner, you must notice the problems that your dog is facing. He or she needs a diaper due to urinary incontinence, canine cognitive dysfunction, house training, behavioral issues, or a female dog in heat?

Take a veterinarian visit

In case your dog is suffering from a medical condition that leads to incontinence, then you should take him to your vet. The vet will have a thorough check-up, confirm a diagnosis, and figure out the causes. He can give the most suitable treatment to stop the incontinence. However, during the treatment process, both you and your dog can benefit from a diaper.

Weigh the dog

Each dog requires different sizes, depending on his weight and his waist size. As a result, you need the exact weight measurement of your pet to know the correct diaper size.

Measure the dog’s waist

To ensure whether a doggie diaper will slip off and allow urine to leak from the front or not, you must be sure that it fits snuggly at your pooch’s waist. How to conduct the measurement?

  • Do it when the dog is standing. If necessary, ask your friend for help to hold him in the right position.
  • Using a cloth wrapping around your dog’s waist to conduct the measurement. You should measure far enough towards a male dog’s torso to cover the end of his penis. If not, the diaper may not be large enough to cover the urethral opening, which makes it useless.

Cloth or disposable diapers?

Before purchasing a doggy diaper, you have to determine whether your dog needs a cloth one that can be reused many times, or he basically needs a disposable one temporarily. As mentioned before in the “Types of dog diapers” part, you should choose the right type that best suits your dog in order not to waste your time and money.

Choose your dog’s diaper type

Currently, there are 3 main types: a male wrap band, a full diaper, and a diaper which uses a harness to stay in place. Which one is the most suitable for your dog?

  • A male wrap band: It is designed as a band going around your dog’s middle. This kind is the perfect one for dogs who often mark or spray in your house.
  • A full diaper: It looks similar to diapers for humans, but it has a hole cut for a tail and fits your dog.
  • A harness diaper: In order to hold the diaper in place, it uses harnesses going around your dog’s shoulders.

Purchasing doggie diapers

And now, we will move to the purchasing process!


Determine how many diapers you need to purchase

Each dog requires a different number of diapers in each condition. When it comes to disposable products, they often come in a pack of 12 or 24 diapers. In terms of reuseable diapers, they are typically sold in single packages or packages of 3-4 products. As a result, you should take the quantity of them into consideration to have an effective process.

Look for diapers for dogs online or in-store

Nowadays, you can easily get access to diaper products from most large retailers, at pet stores, or on the Internet. It is a piece of cake for you to search for a variety of products.

Check each brand’s dog diaper size chart

Read the description carefully to determine whether it fits your dog’s measurements. The size of diapers is extremely different from brand to brand. If you have a male dog, you should consider buying the next size up because the size that corresponds to his waist may not adequately cover his genital area. Therefore, the next size up is a wise choice to prevent leakage.

Look for diapers with soft linings

Using diapers for a long time can lead to broken or irritated skin. Thus, soft, absorbent linings play an important role in protecting the dog from diaper rash.

If you notice red, chafed, and sore skin from extended diaper use. Changing his diaper after he urinates is a good way to reduce the chances that his skin experiences extended contact with the urine, which helps avoid diaper rash.

You can also use unscented baby wipes to clean your dog, and hypoallergenic baby powder to dry the irritated skin.

4 tricks to make dog diapers more functional

Many pet owners are now facing lots of problems with diapers of their dog, which leads to an unhappy dog and a smelly, messy home. In this part, WewPet will give you 4 tricks that you can apply to improve the situation.

Ensure a proper fit

Certainly, a diaper acts the most effectively when it fits your dog. If it is too big, it is highly likely to fall off or leak. But if it is too small, it will make your pooch uncomfortable to move and cause some health problems. As a result, remember to check the size chart carefully when buying a doggy diaper online if you do not want to waste your money.

Measurement around your dog’s waist, with a proper measuring tape, not by hands, is very important. In case your dog has lots of fur, you should add between 1 to 2 inches to the measurement. Once again, the right measurement is the top priority when choosing any kind of diapers.

Express the bladder before diapering

It is highly recommended by many veterinarians that you should help your dog express his bladder before wearing a diaper. To explain in a simple way, it is the process when you gently press his bladder until it is empty. If you are worried about the proper way to conduct this process, then you should ask your vet for advice. You can consult a vet or professional on how to do it in the right way and whether it suits your dog or not.

Expressing the bladder until it is empty is a good way to minimize the amount of the urine in the diaper, which helps keep it dry and prevent skin irritation and infection. If possible, you can empty your pooch’s bladder every 8 hours to reduce the small quantity of urine left in the bladder to avoid a bladder infection.

Try boy’s briefs or infant onesies

Dogs are not born to feel comfortable with diapers. Even though they fit your pet, in some days, he will try to do anyway to pull them. In these cases, it is a great solution to try a boy’s brief or infant onesies.

After measuring your dog’s waist, you can buy one size smaller boy’s underwear. It is often produced with a cut hole for the tail and a pad can be used to secure it. Besides, an infant onesie over the diaper to secure it in place is a wise solution.

Use liners or pads with the diaper or belly band

Even though reusable diapers and belly bands are easily washable, it is better to use liners or pads to take the less soiled diaper, which helps it become easy to wash the diapers. Are you tired of washing up diapers for your heavy wetter pet? As far as we are concerned, liners, especially the reusable ones, are the most economical solution in the long run.

Frequently asked questions about dog diapers

The followings are some frequent problems that many dog owners are worried about.

How to put a diaper on your dog?

Replacing a diaper is not so hard, but there are some notes that you should remember.

Before changing a diaper, cleaning your dog’s behind carefully with an approved wipe is very important. Remember to always notice his/her reactions. Is he/she calm enough and ready to change a new diaper? Make sure you are responding to his/her cues.

Like any kinds of dog training, treats on hand can really work in this activity.

What are the differences between diapers for male and female dogs?

When it comes to male dogs, belly bands are best suited for those who are often marking or suffering from urinary incontinence. They wrap around the waist, giving male pooches more freedom. How about their female counterparts? The female and elderly dogs who are facing with either urinary or fecal incontinence require a full diaper.

How to avoid dog diaper rash and discomfort?

It is very normal for your dog to have problems with diaper rash and discomfort when using diapers. The main reason is due to the prolonged contact of the dog’s skin on urine-soaked diapers.

There are several ways to help reduce these two inconveniences:

  • Pay much attention to super absorbent and soft, gentle materials.
  • Make sure to give your dog the right size, not too loose and not too tight.
  • Use unscented baby wipes to clean your dog and the irritated skin area.
  • Change the diaper every time your dog pees. In many cases of washable diapers, the owners wait until it gets soiled, or overly soaked in urine. It creates for chances for bacteria to irritate his skin.
  • If your dog is suffering from fecal incontinent, you should take him to your vet and ask for the proper way to clean the mess and care for his anus.
  • Ask your vet for other topical applications that can help minimize rashes.

Do diapers for dogs help potty train?

According to the American Kennel Club, it is not good to use this kind of undergarment for potty training. Nevertheless, it can be used as a way of temporary protection so that your dog can feel secure to relieve himself outside. If you want him to confidently use the outdoors as his bathroom, you have to put the diaper off several times per day. Day by day, this way can help your pooch get familiar with your training.

How to keep a diaper from falling off?

As mentioned before, dogs do not naturally like the diapers, so they will often pull or scratch them off. Nonetheless, there are several ways for pet owners to help keep diapers on their dogs for a long period.

  • Use a belly band for male dogs: A belly band is a great solution that secures a diaper or pad against your dog’s body. It is a thick fabric strap going around his waist and is secured with Velcro at the ends.
  • Attach canine suspenders to the diaper or band: It acts as a harness and attaches your pet’s torso with a combination of Velcro and buckles. There are also some suspenders slipping directly onto the diaper and putting it tight.
  • Secure a diaper or pad with modified underwear: A pair of small boy’s underwear lightly smaller than your dog’s waist measurement is a good idea to hold a diaper or a pad securely against your dog’s skin.
  • Make your own attachment devices: Yes, you can do it yourself by using an ace bandage Velcro attached at the ends. To make it harder, you can either sew or glue Velcro onto the bandage. There is also another way. You can buy elastic straps from a sewing store and hold it close to your dog by using them on top of a diaper.
  • Secure the diaper tabs with tape: If your dog always tries to loosen the diaper taps, you can try a small piece of masking tape over the tabs to make the connection more secure.

In conclusion…

Unpleasant odor of urine or smelly places where your dog love to leave his mark now has the answer – dog diapers. Not only do they act as a kind of undergarment, but they also turn to be a great outfit. You do not need to shut your furry friend outside for all the time anymore.

However, they are just a solution to get rid of the messes of urine. What you need to do is take your dog to a veterinarian or a professional because many causes of urine incontinence in dogs are curable. Treated as soon as possible, your dog won’t have to face this inconvenience and will reduce the chances to suffer from other potential health problems.

During the course of treatment, your pooch still needs a diaper and you should take into much consideration before purchasing any kind of diaper products. We hope that all of the following information will help you and your furry companion when choosing a doggy diaper.

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