Top 10 Best dog water bottle containers you don’t know

Listed in this post is the top 10 best dog water containers recommended by our website.

How long can a dog go without water? Usually, 3 days of dehydration is the maximum time a dog can endure, but their organs like kidneys and livers can be seriously damaged and malfunction afterwards. In this case, survival is biggest effort a dog can make, but still breathing cannot guarantee a good health.

How much water does a dog need everyday? Actually, it depends on your dog’s weight. 0,6 to 1fl.oz (17,01 to 28,35 ml)  of water is needed per pound of dog’s body weight. For instance, your puppy weighs 12 pounds; thus, he should drink over 340 ml of water daily, a small amount compared to human’s suggested one when we consume up to 2000 ml. 

Dehydration happens more when a dog and its owner go for a walk in the sun. You may have forgotten to bring along your dog’s water, I assume, because you have no idea what should be used to store his water. Definitely you cannot let him bring yours since it involves sanitary issues and you cannot let him drink water from public fountains either. The only and best option is to buy a dog water bottle.

Dogs do have water bottles designed for them! In this post, we are going to give you an overall review for each dog water container, then you can make your own decision about which one to buy.

First, let’s take a look at the qualities of a good dog water bottle.

Qualities of a good dog water bottle

To cut is short, there are 4 elements in a high-quality dog water container. They are C for capacity, M for material, D for design, and P for price. So all you have to remember when choosing a dog water dispenser is CMDP!


We consider this criterion the most important one. Depending on the weight of your dog’s body, you should opt for the dog water bottle that can hold enough water for your pet during a trip outside.

As I said, a small dog only needs to drink around 300 ml of water daily, but an old and big one always asks for much more. Therefore, when you are at a pet store and looking for a suitable dog water container, find one with suitable capacity of water or else you’ll have to fill it many times during the walk.

Small tip: In case you and your pet dog are on the streets for a whole day, we recommend any dog water bottle with a capacity of 18 oz.


This second criterion contributes directly to the quality and the price of a water bottle for dogs. 

There are usually two groups of material. One is metal (usually stainless steel) and the other is plastic. Each has its own benefits and disadvantages. Since in this post we go with plastic-made and stainless steel products, we think it necessary that we introduce you to both groups of material.

The flexibility and durability of a dog water bottle depends almost entirely on the material it’s made of, and to the best of our knowledge, both stainless steel and plastic containers can endure strong force. Stainless steel dispenser is, according to some people. more durable and the most important edge of it is it’s dishwasher-safe. Some kinds of plastic, however, are not proven to maintain safe for dogs when cleaned in the dishwasher.


The temperature also affects the bottle as well. Stainless steel dog water dispensers can easily heat up in hot summers, but plastic ones do not. Moreover, plastic like polyethylene bottles are easier to squeeze, which assists dog owners in getting water for their dogs.

In addition, you should choose the bottle that has the Microban Antimicrobial coating. This coating means the bottle can prevent the multiplication of bacteria.


By talking about the design we do not mean you should choose the dog water container that looks fashionable although we admit that artistic features do make one bottle look really pleasing to the eye. Here we are discussing the way the manufacturer makes a product so that it comes in handy for users.

Dog water bottle usually consists of, if not always, an integrated bowl where dogs drink water. Pay attention to that bowl to see if it is easily folded, whether it leaks water or not, and the its capacity of water before buying the bottle. Besides, look over the bottle all at once to learn how to refill it once it’s empty. You don’t want to use much time and effort just to fill a bottle.

Also, check if the tap works well. You don’t wanna see water leak from a tap that cannot be closed tightly. And take into account whether you need a handle or not. Some dog water dispensers do not fit well in your car bottle holder and your backpack, so you’ll need a firm handle that can do the work.


A bottle costs between $ to $$ is affordable. Quality comes with price, so if you are looking for a bottle that remains good and new after 1 year of purchasing, don’t hesitate to pay a little more. 

Just ask yourself how much money you can spend on a dog water bottle, then read our product reviews to see what suits you best.

Top 10 Best dog water containers you don’t know

1. Lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs (Our best choice)

Lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

If you are looking for a premium dog water bottle that is made entirely from plastic, try this one out immediately. Lesotc has invented a water dispenser that is of very high quality and proved to solve an age-old problem in dog water bottle: Water leakage

This Lesotc product’s most valuable feature is the bowl-shaped cap that can be folded and opened easily to give your dog a drink and a rotational buckle to keep water from leaking outside. The cap is quite spacious from the inside so water won’t overflow when your dog is drinking.

It is very user-friendly; with just one squeeze, water is pushed out into the cap for your dog to drink, and when he finishes hydrating, just let the bottle go and water will flow back inside.

Since the bottle is made of HDPE stock, it is soft enough to squeeze and the buckle also works really smoothly. And this bottle shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher so clean it with your hand is fine.

This dog water bottle can hold up to 18 fl.oz (510 ml) of water. We consider it as a large enough capacity for your dog on a day trip, although you may need to stop at some spot to fill in the bottle. It also consists of a Capacity tick mark which assists you in filling your dog’s own water need. 

Pros Cons
  • user-friendly

  • foldable cap

  • highly sustainable polyethylene

  • no water leakage

  • does not contain a strong strap for carrying

  • not dishwasher-safe (but most plastic dog bottles are too)

With $$ which is a fairly reasonable price, you can purchase a premium dog water bottle with a variety of colors. Choose your favorite one and let your dog try it.

2. Highwave AutoDogMug

Highwave AutoDogMug

Another convenient water bottle for dogs is the Highwave AutoDogMug. It looks somewhat similar to Lesotc Pet Water Bottle and similar capacity (20 fl.oz) but it has different unique features and pros and cons.

Highwave AutoDogMug is made from sustainable polyethylene and BPA free just like some other products of different manufacturers. However, one bright characteristic of this bottle is that it is claimed to be food and dishwasher safe, which is not always stated as clear and confident in other dispensers’ blurb. 

The hook-and-loop strap also gives this dog water bottle a competitive edge over other selling counterparts. The strap enables you to take the bottle everywhere you go just by attaching it to your belt, pack or fitting it in your car holder. 

About the usage, similarly to Lesotc’s product, just squeeze the bottle and then water will flow into the integrated bowl, and then release to have water flow back in. But be careful not to place the bottle near your books, clothes, or any other important things since the cap doesn’t have a buckle and therefore can lead to water leakage.

Pros Cons
  • user-friendly

  • BPA free and dishwasher safe

  • a removable strap

  • possible water leakage

  • unfoldable cap

3. Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser for Pet

Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser for Pet

The third dog water container we’d like to review is the Gulpy Jr. Water Dispenser for Pet which is of fine quality. Because it has fairly small capacity (10 ounces), it is more suitable for small puppies. If your dog is big enough though, you’ll have to refill it when you are on a long trip in the sun. (But we assume that 10 ounces still works fine for a short play)

The bottle looks rather cute and stylish though it has a simple design. It comes in 4 different colors so you have a variety to choose from. The Gulpy also features a belt clip on the back that comes in handy when you need to attach the bottle to your belt.

The blurb says Gulpy original bottle can be replaced by a standard size one. It should work that way since the top neck of the bottle looks rather small so it can be hard to sanitize the inside of the bottle. 

The Gulpy product is also easy to use. All you need to do is to flip out the long cap, squeeze the container to get water flow in. But there is no way to flow the water back in, so it can lead to a waste of water. 

Gulpy comes in cheaper than the Lesotc and Highwave, so it can be a good choice financially.

Pros Cons
  • rather cheap

  • user-friendly

  • accept standard size bottles

  • a convenient belt clip

  • possible water leakage

  • impossible for water to return to the bottle
    rather small capacity

4. Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

If you are not satisfied with your current plastic dog water bottle or simply don’t want to try one, shift your focus to another stainless steel dispenser from Tuff Pupper. 

The product well suits plastic-bottle haters as the bottle is made of sustainable steel with only one plastic cup on top. The cup can be easily flipped out for dogs to drink and flipped back down. The remaining water after one gulp will flow back into the bottle to avoid any waste. 

Tuff Pepper dog water containers come in 2 sizes for customers to choose from according to their dogs’ size, which adds an extra edge to it. One is 27 fl.oz which is already quite a large capacity; the other is 40 fl.oz which is certainly more than enough for 2 big dogs.

The bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe. Also, the manufacturer makes it even more attractive by promising product return for any reason and a lifetime guarantee if the bottle shows defects.

Pros Cons
  • stainless steel products, BPA free cup
  • 2 different sizes
  • money back guarantee
  • foldable and waste-avoiding cup
  • more expensive than other bottles

  • can be fairly heavy

5. PETKIT Dog Water Bottle

PETKIT Dog Water Bottle

This Petkit bottle is highly suited to a stylish dog owner! The design is very simple but elegant and may fit in well to your car holder to due to its small size. The capacity of this dog water dispenser is not really big (7,8 ounces) so it’ll work better for Chihuahua or similar little puppies.

Petkit dog water bottle is easy to use. The button allows the water to flow out and back in as well so you shouldn’t worry about water waste. But it may take time for the remaining water to flow back down since the hole is quite small.

This lightweight dispenser will not take much space of your backpack. It has a strap as well though the strap is just a rope so you have to hold the bottle itself to feed your dog.

Pros Cons
  • stylish design with 4 colors

  • allow water to flow back down

  • lightweight

  • small capacity

  • quite take time for water to flow back down

6. M&MKPET Dog Water Bottle

MKPET Dog Water Bottle

M&MKPET water bottle for dogs is quite similar to Petkit’s in terms of design and usage. However, it has an advantage over Petkit, which is the capacity of 18 fl.oz, suitable for either small or big dog in a trip outdoors. And if you want a smaller size, purchase the one with a 12 fl.oz capacity.

This dog water bottle comes in two colors which are pink and blue in order to satisfy male and female preferences. The price is set quite affordably for a bottle with 18 fl.oz. With a dispenser with unfoldable cup like this one, we consider it as ideal-sized and that it doesn’t take up much space.

Pros Cons
  • reasonable size and stylish design

  • user-friendly

  • 2 colors only

  • unfoldable cup

  • not food-safe

7. Portable Pet Water Bottle by LumoLeaf

Portable Pet Water Bottle by LumoLeaf

While the Tuff Pupper’s dispenser is made of stainless steel, this LumoLeaf pet water bottle is plastic-made with somewhat similar external design. So, for plastic-bottle lovers, here is the product for you!

The LumoLeaf dispenser comes in handy for people who wants to replace the integrated bottle with any standard size one as long as you do it in a proper way (it quite be hard to use sometimes). The cap comes out in a leaf-shape bowl and with big enough space for any dog; thus, you don’t need to bring along any disintegrated bowl. When your dog finishes drinking, turn the leaf-shape bowl over.

LumoLeaf also guarantees little water leakage for the bottleneck is equipped with double leaf-proof rubber rings. They have enhanced their premium quality with double guarantees! 

The food-safe silicone material makes the bottle bacteria-free and you can even feed your dog with the leaf-like bowl. One thing you have to remember is that don’t let your dog chew the bowl; it’ll be broken!

Pros Cons
  • food-safe silicone, bacteria-free

  • fairly large capacity of 20 fl.oz

  • foldable cap

  • allow standard size bottles

  • 2 colors available

  • can be fairly hard when replacing the bottle

8. Anpetbest Dog Water Bottle

Anpetbest Dog Water Bottle

This Anpetbest dog water container is designed for pet owners who love cute things for it has lovely bones and dog claw patterns on it. The bottle is made in 2 sizes, 11 fl.oz and 22 fl.oz, so you can choose whichever size suits your dog depending on his drinking needs.

There is a long integrated bowl so if you are raising more than one pooch and need to feed them water at the same time, Anpetbest’s will suit your needs well without having to squeeze the bottle many times to get water. However, since the positions of the bottle and the bowl when unfolded is not in the straight line, it can lead to little water waste for the remaining water may not return in the dispenser.

The bottle is very user-friendly and I bet your dog will love it. No water leakage is claimed by the manufacturer, but be careful enough not to squeeze the bottle so hard even when the bowl isn’t removed to avoid things getting soaked.

Pros Cons
  • plainly designed with cute patterns

  • good capacity and lightweight

  • user-friendly

  • possible water waste and water leakage

9. UPSKY Dog Water Bottle

UPSKY Dog Water Bottle

The Upsky’s product has proved to be either compact or useful. With a button in the bowl used to let water flow out or drain it back in, this bottle shows how quick the process can be with just a press!

It comes in with very elegant design and it fits well in your backpack or car cup holder. Although the bowl is quite small compared to its counterparts, it hold enough water for one drink and the capacity of 14 oz works fine with small puppies or even bigger dogs.

It is guaranteed to be waterproof enabled by a silica gel seal ring together with a lock key. The material it is made of is BPA free and food grade which makes it ecological friendly.

Pros Cons
  • elegant looking and pretty compact

  • easy to use

  • good and safe material

  • fairly small capacity

  • possible water leakage at times

10. Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

Vivaglory Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle

Another premium stainless steel water bottle for dogs! Again, for any of you who dislikes plastic dispenser, try this one out.

Selling in a pretty reasonable price, this water container has many unique and excellent features that well suit your dog while walking or hiking. The material of the bottle helps keep the temperature of water, so don’t pour in so hot water or your dog can get burned. 

Quite different from other bottles, the cap comes disintegrated. Unscrew it to pour water out, and screw it tight to pour remaining water back in and to avoid leakage. The product doesn’t guarantee 100% no water waste since a very small amount of water can spill out at times.

Like other stainless steel dispenser, this Vivaglory bottle can hold up to 25 oz which is more than enough for your dog during a day outdoors.

Pros Cons
  • sustainable steel and plastic, BPA free

  • large capacity

  • a variety of colors to choose from

  • very easy to use

  • possible leakage and waste at times


If you are looking for a premium dog water bottle with absolutely good quality, try out our best choice Lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs or the Highwave AutoDogMug. 

If you are looking for stainless steel dispenser for your pooch, try out Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle or Vivaglory Stainless Steel one. 

Depending on your preference and budget, consider carefully when you’re about to purchase a dog water container. We are here to help you do that and we hope through this detailed review, you’ll have your best one and keep your dog hydrated during any long walking or hiking trips.

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