💥 The Best Puppy Foods For 2020

Owning a puppy and cherishing it in its daily life are apparently some of the most admiring responsibilities out there that each person can have experienced at least once during their lifetime. 

With its short tail wagging from left to right, its shoulder moving in rhythm, and soft coat massaging your skin, puppies are born to be the humans’ cutest friends. 

Not only fulfilling a good housekeeping job, but it is also puppies’ tasks to relieve your stresses from working conditions, making a house full of laughter, and sharing memories with owners during its path to maturity. 


Hence, dogs play an important role in your life, taking care of them, especially choosing what to feed them can impact directly on your puppy’s growth and health. Wet or dry food, canned or zipped package, with or without grain, chicken or lamb, and small or large kibble size, etc. are options that burden dog owners in food selection. 

Since there are so many brands, assortments, and varieties on the market, Wewpet thoroughly understands your challenges and is willing to present some suggestions we consider as the top choices for you. 

If all dog owners out there are searching for help in your pet’s dietary needs, this article covering reviews about the top 10 best puppy food is designed specifically for you!

Top 3 best puppy food: Best overall

Table of Contents

1. Winner: Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food

Price: $$

Rank: #5 in Dry Dog Food

First and foremost, Wewpet proudly announces that Purina is the champion of this race of finding out what best dog food for puppies is. 

The result is not simply only because of Purina’s reputation in many years for its high quality products but also based on our research about this specific item: Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food.

For each dog type and habit, there are definitely different kinds of requirements in the package sizes, flavors, and ranges for each breed size. This fact helps Purina to receive a big bonus point since their puppy food comprises such a wide variety of choices for consumers. 

From product for the large breed to small one, from the taste of salmon to chicken, and even from the need of buying the trial size to see your dog results first to a huge package of 47 lb, Purina Pro Plan Dry Puppy Food can satisfy the majority of your available needs.

Moreover, its richness in calcium contributes to the enhancement of your dog bones and make its coat look shinier.

However, there is one big minus for this item, which relates to its origins. Until now, Purina has not finally made any confirmation about its food sources. This issue for some people is considered as not enough guaranteed for them to purchase any bag.

Overall, in spite of that minus, Purina is still proving their power in leading the pet world’s market and creating the best food for puppies you can totally rely on.

  • Reliable since Purina is a reputable brand
  • Available varieties for different breeds (such as all breed, sensitive stomach and skin, small breed, large breed, and toy breed)
  • Available flavors for different tastes (such as lamb and oat, salmon and rice, chicken and rice, grain free and chicken, etc.)
  • Available package sizes for different needs (4 to 47 lb. bag)
  • Rich in calcium
  • Easy to buy
  • Not confirmed about sources and origins

2. 1st Runner-up: Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breed, Chicken Meal & Oats Recipe

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy

Price: $$

Rank: #80 in Dry Dog Food

Second, we are also happy to introduce Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food as our first runner-up in this article.

Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, Hill’s Science are widely acknowledged as the majority of professional vet’s top pick. 

If you are striving for the best dry puppy food which contains a suitable amount of protein and calcium for your dog’s growth, then this product is absolutely the right one. During fur babies’ way to reach adulthood, they require a sustainable amount of protein to build muscles, calcium to grow teeth and strengthen bones as well.

The problems of how to feed your puppies properly with the new food and way to divide serving into small parts are always confusing many dog owners out there. 

But do not worry!

On the package of Diet Dry Dog Food there exists careful instructions to help you deal with this issue including the first several days’ meal plan, guides, and tips, which brings Hill’s Science a big plus mark for their thoughtfulness towards consumers.

  • Calcium and protein-rich
  • Highly recommended by vets
  • Detailed in package instructions
  • Positively reviewed
  • Easy to buy
  • Not available in different package sizes

3. 2nd Runner-up: Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Chicken Meal & Barley Recipe

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Chicken Meal

Price: $$

Rank: #100 in Dry Dog Food

Surprisingly, the second runner-up in this list is still a Hill’s Science product. Even though the recipe is different (chicken & barley vs. chicken & oats), this prize strongly proves the position of the brand on pet food markets.

In this recipe, there is one difference compared to the previous item is the DHA abundance

As we all know, DHA from fish oil is a perfect companion in improving the faculty of sight and developing brain ability. It is, therefore, considered as the best dog food for puppies who have just grown teeth recently or experienced transition away from mother’s milk since it helps their brains to process smoothly.

Yet, the amounts of carbs and fat in this food are huge disadvantages. When compared to other pet food, Hill’s Science’s fat portion is 39% which is above the average rate, and the carb one is 36%, lower than the medium rate.

Overall, this item is still highly qualified according to the official minimum standards and provides great nutrient levels for your puppies.

  • Highly recommended by vets
  • Available package sizes for different needs (4.5 to 30 lb. bag)
  • DHA-rich for healthy eyes 
  • Positively reviewed
  • Detailed in package instructions
  • Below average carb and above average fat when compared to other brands

The other top 7 best puppy food: Best in different aspects

4. No-weakness puppy food: IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Minichunks Dry Dog Food, Chicken


Price: $$

Rank: #9 in Dry Dog Food

After researching for a prolonged time, Wewpet surprisingly cannot find any drawbacks in this product.

According to lots of positive reviews, IAMS does a great job of preventing puppies from experiencing solid poop when dog owners shift into using the new food, which usually happens in most cases.

And the best aspect of this brand is the perfect portion of carb, fat, and protein. Since the percentage of one of these is much different than the average rate, it can lead to serious illnesses in the long term, especially protein. 

Therefore, the balance of 29% protein, 15% fat, and 48% carb plays a key role in making it the no-weakness puppy food.

  • Available package sizes for different needs (7 and 30 lb. bag)
  • Easy to digest
  • Positively reviewed
  • Enough protein, carb, and fat

5. Most affordable puppy food: Pedigree Complete Nutrition Puppy Dry Dog Food

Most affordable puppy food

Price: $$

Rank: #87 in Dry Dog Food

Pedigree is a household brand whose products are distributed worldwide. Consequently, even living in Asian countries such as Vietnam, dog lovers are still available to buy the best dry puppy food.

Since its appearance at most supermarkets, Pedigree’s price can be considered as friendliest in the marketplace, which helps buyers from all ranges of social class afford the quality food at a low price.

  • Most price-friendly on the market
  • Protein-rich
  • Easy to buy (worldwide, even in Asian countries)
  • Available package sizes for different needs (3.5 to 36 lb. bag)
  • Available flavors for different tastes (such as chicken, steak)
  • Detailed in package instructions
  • Below average fat and above average carb when compared to other brands

6. Best puppy food for sensitive stomach: Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Real Lamb Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Real Lamb Recipe Premium Dry Dog Food

Price: $$

Rank: #90 in Dry Dog Food

If you are owning a dog with a sensitive stomach which causes diarrhea and allergy to strange food, then Diamond Naturals items will be the right match for all of your concerns. 

With the reasonable amount of probiotics mixed into kibbles, there are no worries about dogs experiencing solid poops or diarrhea anymore.

However, because of its high quality ingredients and reputation, the product price is slightly higher than similar items on the pet market.

  • Easy to digest ⟹ good for sensitive stomach
  • Available package sizes for different needs (6 to 40 lb. bag)
  • Grain free
  • Enough protein, carb, and fat
  • Not very price-friendly

7. Best puppy food for muscle building: Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken – Large Breed

Eukanuba Puppy Dry Dog Food Chicken

Price: $$

Rank: #204 in Dry Dog Food

For dogs with high energy and active spirit, it is very difficult to stop them from moving and jumping from place to place. Especially when mentioning large breeds, these types of puppies are majorly muscular and powerfully built with thin long legs and firm bodies. 

In order to create food which is perfectly fit with these special puppies, Eukanuba introduces its dry dog food designed for large breed only. 

Generally, it is supported to use products that are marketed for a specific breed type so as to match completely to their separate physical and eating criteria. 

Although its price is a little high than other same sized items, this Eukanuba choice is suitable for large breed puppies with the need in gaining calcium and building strong muscles over time.

  • Calcium and protein-rich ⟹ good for muscle building
  • Available package sizes for different needs (5 to 33 lb. bag)
  • Detailed in package instructions
  • Enough protein, carb, and fat
  • Not very price-friendly
  • Below average carb when compared to other brands

8. Best grain free puppy food: Taste of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Puppy – Roasted Venison & Bison

Taste of The Wild Grain Free Premium High Protein Dry Dog Food High Prairie Puppy

Price: $$

Rank: #108 in Dry Dog Food

Grains including corn, wheat, barley, etc are often viewed as a negative nutrient that should not be mixed into dog food (for more information about grain and its influence, please continue reading at the next part)

Despite grain general helpful effects, grain free product is often widely searched for in order to avoid dog constipation and keep it healthy. The percentage in fruit, meat, and other diet eating routine outweighs the value of grain in lots of dog cases.

Therefore, if you are having the same mindset in wanting to maintain a healthy serving for your puppies, then Taste of The Wild grain free food will be the best option out there.

According to some reviews, consumers share that not only this item helps improve their pet’s health stability but also make them more energetic and receive a shinier coat.

However, the venison and bison flavors are not favored by some puppies reported by owners.

  • Grain free ⟹ no corn, wheat, barley, etc.
  • Beautiful package
  • Available package sizes for different needs (5 to 28 lb. bag)
  • Easy to digest
  • Below average carb, above average protein and fat when compared to other brands
  • Not widely admired taste (venison and bison)

9. Most positively reviewed puppy food: Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Puppy Chicken & Salmon

Wellness Complete Health Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Puppy Chicken

Price: $$

Rank: #331 in Dry Dog Food

According to most recent reviews and feedback on Amazon and several other sources, Wellness grain free dry dog food with chicken and salmon recipe is loved and accepted by people from all over the world.

With a tasty flavor, highly digestible kibbles, and various package sizes for different needs, Wellness has been frequently rated at least 4 stars for their quality. 

Yet, the heavy smell when filling food into a bowl is a big minus, which possibly contributes enormously to the gradual loss of your puppies’ appetite.

  • Widely positively reviewed ⟹ top reviews all rate approximately 5 stars
  • Easy to buy
  • Available package sizes for different needs (4 to 24 lb. bag)
  • Easy to digest
  • Well-known for being the bestseller of Wellness
  • Not very price-friendly
  • Not widely admired smell
  • Below average carbs, above average protein when compared to other brands

10. Most reliable puppy food: Amazon Brand – Wag Dry Dog Food, 35% Protein, No Added Grains (Beef, Salmon, Turkey, Lamb)

Wag Dry Dog Food, 35% Protein

Price: $$

Rank: #22 in Dry Dog Food

Last but not least, our most reliable item is from Amazon Brand: Wag Dry Dog Food.

Gaining popularity by being an Amazon Brand, Wag consumers are guaranteed with the money-back program if they are not satisfied with the service and food. 

This is the reason why Wewpet adds a plus for the manufacturer’s effort in building a trusted and recognized product lines. 

Mentioning about the benefits of this item, they are also similar to other reviewed products above with grain free quality, richness in protein, and reasonable price.

Particularly, the ultimate difference that distinguishes it from others is the turkey flavor you cannot find anywhere else, which is beautifully designed for turkey lovers.

  • Money-back guaranteed by the manufacturer
  • Available package sizes for different needs (5 to 30 lb. bag)
  • Available flavors for different tastes (such as beef, chicken, lamb, salmon, and turkey)
  • Grain free
  • Protein-rich
  • Price-friendly
  • Not very positively reviewed

Why do we have to choose the best puppy food for our dogs?

  • Nutrient from food’s influence on body

“We are what we eat”

Since each food human digest daily conveys different messages that can be observed through our body changes, this theory has been very popular for centuries thanks to its absolute accuracy. 

Besides, it is also true when applied to puppy cases. The number of nutrients contained in regular meals has an intense effect on your dog’s height, weight, and overall health condition. 

There are several circumstances in which owners do not take much care of their puppy, which contributes to those fur babies suffering from diarrhea, lethargy, solid poops, skin allergies, and other serious physical illnesses. 

In some countries, dogs are not even considered as important as they truly deserve and treated without paying enough attention to what they constantly digest. 

  • The importance of the right amount of nutrients instead of swallowing all

Additionally, it is essential not only to absorb plenty of different vitamins and minerals but also to understand your puppy’s conditions in order to select the right nutrients for its body.

Some dogs are easy to experience diarrhea, some have sensitive stomachs, some are suffering from underweight, others’ bodies are lack of calcium so as to build strong bones, etc. As you can see, within only your own fur baby exist various health problems that require special treatment and suitable meal plans.

  • Chances to study

Last but not least, on your way to finally decide which is the best dog food for puppies, dog owners unexpectedly receive a rare chance to fully understand and discover their little buddy’s situations and limitations. 

What it likes, what it does not, what is good for its digestion, what needs to be avoided, etc. Everything requires progress and time to be completely comprehended, so does learning about fur babies.

In order to obtain a powerfully built dog that can stay by your family’s side for a prolonged period, this list of top 10 best dry puppy food is well deserved to be starred on your device’s bookmark bar.

What essential features to look for in the best puppy food?

You are just starting to study about dog food, without any previous knowledge, how can you “survive” in this area where there exists thousands of information and features that are publicly marketed as “perfect for your puppy”? 

Hence, since fully comprehensive about your situation, Wewpet has listed several most essential factors required consideration and comparison between dog food items before the final purchase.

  • Wet or dry food, which to buy?

Are there any differences between wet and dry food for dogs? Which is more deserved to buy? Which has more nutrients such as proteins, calcium, and vitamins, etc.? How should I know which is more suitable for my fur friend?

These familiar questions are some of the most frequently asked ones that the major of dog owners out there are striving to find the answers from various sources.

It is somewhat a matter of fact that several dogs eat food from wet or dry meals then receive negative symptoms, lose weight, or even undergo extremely bad conditions of obesity. 

Therefore, determining between wet and dry food plays a key role in enhancing your puppy’s health stability. 

In reality, both choices are good for dogs because each one has its own advantages and disadvantages separately.

According to some publications, the wet product is well designed for small fur babies that have just been adopted and finished dog breastfeeding stage. During this specific period, they usually obtain no teeth, which is absolutely necessary to ingest soft and water-like food

Wet amounts of food every meal are essential. If possible, dividing into separate small meals a day, cutting food into small pieces, or grinding them are also highly supported. 

Because of being a liquid-like food, it contains a huge amount of water, which is certainly magnificent for hydration and smells fresher. This is a plus for this type of product since it brings out an eating enthusiasm in your fur babies.

Similarly, dry food contributes to nutritious meals, too. However, since it is dry and requires teeth to swallow, three-month-old dogs are suggested to start changing their dietary from wet to dry food since they are in need of more nutrients and hard things to chew.

In most cases, it is the dry product that is much lower in price, easier to buy and preserve at home. Using dry food also helps dog owners in the cleaning stage after puppy daily meals.

  • Grain free or not?

The grain here includes corn, wheat, oat, barley, seeds, and rice.

Generally, grain-included food is NOT considered a bad ingredient since it produces huge amounts of energies and other nutritional benefits. Some of them do help maintain the fiber, vitamin, and mineral levels in the body.

However, in the dog world, there are different brands out there on the market that take advantage of grain as a filler to their products by mixing with other ingredients since grain is not expensive and easy to produce. 

Corn and wheat, sometimes, even aggravate puppies’ allergic situations and raise their blood sugar in a short period of time.

In conclusion, the grain is not completely bad as an ingredient thanks to its several beneficial sources of nourishment. Still, be careful in finding information about products in order to avoid purchasing from a bad intention brand. 

There is a huge community built on Amazon for reviewing and updating news about dogs after using the food. Let us go through these basic real tips and experiences from cases before making any final decision.

The choice is up to you!

  • Serving and kibble size, big or small?

For some dogs that are highly athletic and unstoppably moving from place to place, it is much more likely for them to get hungry and dehydrated faster than slow-paced ones.

Consequently, to make sure that you feed them food and water in time, you should observe their facial or body signs expressing their needs. 

Their serving size also depends on different dog physical conditions. The more energetic puppies are, the more calories they require for their body, and the bigger size they need for each serving. 

However, be cautious not to overfeeding him since it can cause him to suffer from obesity or lack of appetite.

The same techniques are applied to kibble size. Only through watching your fur babies eating expressions and body language helps dog owners to decide big, medium, or small kibbles to buy.

  • Sources of food, where should be reliable?

According to lots of dog lovers’ experiences, the best food for puppies is usually made in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and sometimes Europe. These countries have a long history of producing dog food and gain credibility in creating and maintaining quality over a prolonged time.

For some people, they often avoid buying Asian pet food since these countries fail to prove their ability to create good dog food. 

However, in this article, we only try to give advice due to lots of reviews, not to judge or devalue any areas. 

It is, therefore, up to your choice.

  • Highly rated brands or moderate ones?

This must be one of the most concerning problems for dog owners since there lots of advice on the websites: “High-quality brand is just all about their names. Finding something that fits your puppies does not mean always looking for the famous brands” or “There must be some different aspects of those high-end brands which make them famous and trusted widely. Buy those instead!”.

Since it depends differently on each dog type and eating habit, choosing a moderate brand is not always a bad idea. 

Therefore, in this list of top 10 best dog food for puppies, we have considered and collected trusted brands from average to high price for various owners’ needs. However, it is absolutely true that you cannot receive excellent ingredients with reliable sources worldwide and a 100% refund guarantee from anything else but reputable manufacturers.

“You get what you pay for.”


Moreover, the reviewer community exists to provide trusted and realistic experiences in trialing the food. Therefore, “what breeds of dog are suitable for this product”, “are there any allergies or negative symptoms coming after eating the food”, and “is there any changes in recipe lately” are most common questions for dog owners to search for before purchasing even highly recommended or moderate brands. 

Even if you do not trust the product itself by its appearance, features, or origins listed on the introduction, the reviewing section will always be the best part of e-commerce society. 

Why do not you take advantage of this free and available source?

  • Including preservatives or artificial colors or not?

For sure, there is no veterinarian suggesting buying dog products which include preservatives or artificial colors. 

Not only these factors can affect negatively your dog overall conditions but also losing their appetite, skin allergies, diarrhea, or even vomiting. 

Therefore, read carefully the introduction on the packaging or manufacturer websites, search for any national or worldwide standards that the products have passed in order to avoid buying the preservative included food. 

What to do when my dog does not eat its new best puppy food?


Recently, you have just changed your puppy’s diet by replacing the old food with a new one. However, puppies start to give you some urgent messages conveying that they do not want to eat food by doing things such as:

  • Leaving the nutritional meals unfinished with lots of leftovers.
  • Showing bored and exhausted facial expressions when it is meal time.
  • Playing or looking at the food in a prolonged time instead of directly eating them.
  • Front and back leg signs expressing that they hesitate to eat.
  • Chewing back and forth without swallowing energetically.

If spending enough time to fully notice these differences in their lack of appetite, you must be wondering why dogs are acting like this? 

Is there anything wrong with me, with the food, or from puppies themselves? 


To answer these questions, there are plenty of reasons and cases that you should know for example:

  • Your veterinarian suggests you to start using the new food product. With the absolute understanding of puppies’ needs and current nutritional requirements, she highly recommends this brand since it provides what you are looking for.
  • You do some online research and find out about this new manufacturer providing features in food that your fur babies might be interested in. Moreover, it also receives thousands of positive reviews, feedbacks, and recommendations, which encourages you even more in switching into it.
  • Your dog starts to lose interest in eating lately. This situation is maintained for a period of time, which leads you to think: “My fur buddy must be fed up with the familiar food and trying to give me some signs of its needs. It expects something more than the current dietary”. 
  • Your puppy has been accustomed to eating wet food since it is still a baby. Now, in order to fit with its current grown-up condition, you try to switch into using dry dog food instead. 
  • Sadly to say, your dog might be experiencing some sorts of illnesses that need immediate treatments. Depression, aging stages, being attacked, internal illnesses, and physical injuries, etc. These are common serious medical causes for the case in which puppies are not interested in the new food.
  • There is nothing wrong with your dog. In fact, it is just picky at eating anything new.

So those listed above are possible causes which lead to your puppy avoiding eating new food you have just bought. In this article, Wewpet is only going to answer those reasons which are related to the new food itself.


  • In the case that your dog has not ready for the new food yet

It is not because of the food’s bad taste or smell which leads your dog into disliking it. Actually, every change in dietary requires time and effort for each puppy to get used to its new food. 

It is suggested that dog owners give the transition at least 1 week for healthy dogs and 2 weeks for sensitive ones to process gradually. During this period of time, try not to push your fur babies too hard. If they do not feel like continuing eating, then stop. 

Another helpful guide to ease the food transition is to add new food to the current meals. Instead of suddenly feeding a bowl full of totally different food, please follow the guide printed on the packaging. 

Usually, manufacturers are sending you complete instructions in feeding the right portion of the previous and new food in about 5 days. 

After that, you are fully in control of your dog transition process. Keep on adding more of the new food and less of the old one constantly until puppies stop resisting it.

  • In the case that you switch from wet to dry food

It goes without saying that there is a variety of differences between wet and dry food. Dogs being used to eating one of these two food types also have distinctive tastes, flavors, and digestion processes.

Therefore, switching from soft, water-like, and fresh food to solid and hard to swallow one by all of sudden is really hard to get familiar with. Imagine it is just the same as unexpectedly change from American food that you have eaten your whole life into the Japanese one.

When discussing this specific situation solution, try to apply similar techniques from the previous case including being patient and giving the transition process time to occur properly.

Moreover, to cover the huge gap between two different product types, please remember to add warm water to the dry food bowl or supply a separate bowl of water. This method helps enormously in softening kibbles, making it easier for puppies to swallow, and also preventing them from dehydration.

  • In the case that your dog is a picky eater

This is also considered as a new-food-related situation. 

It might be because you have puppies get familiar with receiving lots of different treats in daily meals and snacks, which contributes enormously to their picky eating.

With this kind of behavior, even though you provide them the best dry puppy food available on the market, it still feels like nothing can be eligible to satisfy their demanding eating standards.

The best way to improve the situation is to retrain your fur babies in order to fit in with the new food. 

    • First, feed them the new food at the same time as the usual schedule. 
    • Second, instead of allowing them to eat or not unrestrictedly, just limit your time to within 30-45 minutes
    • Third, after the given period, even if puppies have finished the dry food or not, take the bowl away.

Do this constantly to send out to dogs a message which is: “Stay hungry or not, it is up to you”. After about a couple of days, you might see some changes in their behavior including more obedient and willing to eat.

Importantly, until receiving the final result, keep on applying the approach, and do not be afraid of anything (dear, you are not starving them in any way!).

Should I buy best puppy food with a protein level as high as possible?

According to scientists, protein plays an essential role in building and maintaining a variety of body work. 

For puppies and adult dogs in different breeds, their skin and coat require replacements seasonally for the purpose of growing in a proper way. Moreover, during their path to maturity, enzymes and many hormones are working hard to enhance the process. 

In some athletic dog cases, since your puppies are so energetic in jumping, moving, running, and wandering around, it is definite that they require something to help firmly build their muscles and maintain the energy levels.

So what factor do these developments need to operate systematically and effectively? 

Yes, the answer is the one and only “protein”.

When analyzing mostly the best food for puppies on the market, their products consist of plenty of different ingredients that guarantee to provide enough and even high protein levels for your fur babies.

It is also vastly recommended to purchase products from manufacturers that consider proteins as the number one nutrient. 

“However, this does not mean that the more protein contained in your food serving, the healthier your dog might become. Please do not assume that way.”

In reality, there are many protein-rich foods out there that exceed the average protein rate, which is used for marketing and advertising in order to impress consumers with their diversified nutritional ingredients. 

But the more here does not mean the merrier like usual. When ingesting too many proteins gradually over time, it is possible for dogs to suffer from killer gas, water-like, and completely formless stools. 

Moreover, if dog owners are overfeeding them with a high rate of protein in food, your puppies might experience obesity. This specific case is likely to happen since an estimated 56% of dogs in the United States are found overweight in accordance with new research figures.

In conclusion, it is necessary to look for food with a rich protein level (you can find this information about nutritional balance and percentage on foods’ packages or manufacturers’ websites). However, follow this guideline table of helping you to determine whether or not this product is safe and effective.

Recommended nutritional information

Growth Stage Sufficient protein (%) Sufficient fat (%)
Puppies 28% 17%
Adult dogs 18% 10-15%

When is the perfect time to shift from best puppy food to best dog one?

Each dog’s growth process is different from one another. Some of them take a longer time to fully reach maturity, some depend on living conditions and food, some focus on activities and breeds.

Despite the fact that it varies in many dog cases, there is a general rule which makes it easier for owners to decide to switch from puppy to adult food. 

“Small breed puppies usually grow faster when compared to those large breeds. Therefore, it takes approximately 18 to 20 months for a small breed to fully reach adulthood and at least 2 years for large ones”.

When that transition time finally comes, dog owners can do some online research or ask your personal veterinarian for help with the techniques of changing food. In daily meals, avoid suddenly switch the full meals of puppy food to adult ones, which could affect harmfully to your fur babies’ behaviors and eating habits.

Instead, follow the mixing instructions written on the product’s package. If there is no help at all, here is a full 10-day guide that you might find helpful at the moment:

Switching from puppy to adult dog food reference

Number of days Sufficient amount of puppy food (%) Sufficient amount of adult dog food (%)
Day 1 90 to 95% 10 to 15%
Day 2 80% 20%
Day 3 75% 25%
Day 4 65% 35%
Day 5 50% 50%
Day 6 35% 65%
Day 7 15% 85%
Day 8 5% 95%
Day 9  Completely stop serving old puppy food, add 100% adult one to the bowl on this ninth day for observation.Day 10
Day 10  If there is nothing wrong happening after day 9, observe on day 10 again and then finish the food transition process.


  1. Actively stop at any day listed above if you discover some weird signs in your dogs such as diarrhea, lethargy, vomiting, etc. Bring them to the veterinarian immediately.
  2. If available, follow the instructions on the product’s package instead since it is designed by professionals in dog nutrition.
  3. This is just a model reference for lots of dog breeds out there so the accuracy level might not be high enough for your dog. Instead, try to listen to note no.1 and no.2 mentioned above.


We have come to the end of the article. Wewpet really hopes that you have found your answers or received great advice after reading this best puppy food for the 2020 list. 

Have a nice day!

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