Top 40 Black Cat Names And Meanings For 2020

Giving official black cat names to your feline babies must be one of the top priority tasks for parents right after adoption. That is the reason why Wewpet created this article to introduce readers about the top 40 names and meanings that you should consider thoroughly before making any final decision. 

After buying a litter box, toys, and recommended food for your new fur friends, it is now necessary to pick the right title to make them more familiar with family members. Therefore, these ideas and meanings carefully described below could not only be a great source of examples but also give you tips for selecting suitable names for a black cat.


Top 20 female black cat names with meanings

  1. Anastasia: the one who rises back from the ashes just like a phoenix and refuses to submit against difficulties in Greek culture.
  2. Aurora: a Roman morning princess with a fresh and innocent appearance.
  3. Daire: someone whose only glance can make people shaking and resisting to look straight back.
  4. Felicia: a more romantic and girly version of “Felix” – “happy”.
  5. Freya: obviously a name that expresses a fierce and feminist vibe.
  6. Goddess: nothing but a beauty that no one could ever resist.
  7. Hermione: a perfect title for Harry Potter lovers.
  8. Isabella: names for black cats that are the most precious gifts God has ever sent to the world.
  9. Juliet: the one who is courageous and determined when sailing against the wind to achieve the things that she loves.
  10. Lilia: one of the most romantic types of flowers.
  11. Lola: a poetic name that is used worldwide to describe a female who takes her life under control and always gets what she demands.
  12. Luna: a goddess of the moon covered with solid black hair and a shining pair of eyes that is easily recognizable even in the dark.
  13. Nix: black cats that are the queens of darkness and nights.
  14. Ophelia: a famous name for charming muses in literature works including Shakespeare and Hamlet’s masterpieces.
  15. Pandora: a name that is, in Greek culture, used to mention the very first mortal female (in case cat masters require a scary title that gives goosebumps).
  16. Rosie: another version of “Rose” but much cuter and sexier.
  17. Salem: a name that is usually connected to Halloween, badass, sassy, and strong characteristics.
  18. Selina: or Selena are female black cat names that bring out the feeling of irresistible sexiness.
  19. Whisper: for felines that make small sounds and have a low tone, 
  20. Zalia: someone who is enthusiastic and zealous on the regular basis.

Top 20 male black cat names with meanings

  1. Ashe: a pet with ghost-like coat colors that usually appears unexpectedly. 
  2. Axe: the one who is on top of others and no one is able to be on his level to compete with him.
  3. Black Panther: a famous superhero from Marvel Comics, provoking a fast and mysterious creature.
  4. Batman: the one who is excessively sexy and enjoys staying in the dark.
  5. Draco: a Harry Potter series’ character who is super handsome with a dark outfit and signature platinum hair.
  6. Edward: an extra handsome male pet that is similar to the famous vampire character in Twilight series.
  7. Felix: a happy cat (in Latin, “Felix” means “happy”).
  8. Hercules: names for a black cat that remind us of the strength and courage of a male hero.
  9. Hunter: an alpha male who loves to hunt and pursue something in life.
  10. Idris: the fiery and enthusiastic leader feline in a group.
  11. Khalid: names for felines that stands for “eternity and immortality”.
  12. Knight: the one who is strong, powerful when facing enemies, and also a master of the battlefield.
  13. Lucifer: the fallen angel or the famous sly cat in Cinderella movie.
  14. Moon: a name suited to a cute pet with small size and dark hair.
  15. Oreo: a cat embellished with black & white colors, small nose, round body, and head.
  16. Raijin: the one who usually moves at a fast speed, just like thunder and lightning.
  17. Shadow: a black cat who is slightly shy in a cute way, has beautiful eyes, and really love to hide when surrounded by strangers.
  18. Tuxedo: a pet that has a black & white-colored pattern and looks like a gentleman.
  19. Thunder: male fur friends with a dark outlook that create goosebumps everywhere they pass by.
  20. Winter: a suitable name for masculine felines with a bad-boy vibe and cool temperaments.

How to choose black cat names?

For many people, selecting names for black cats must be the most difficult task because of several reasons:

  • They just adopt a cat so they do not know exactly what its features and temperament are like in reality.
  • They have no creative ideas in mind and need some inspiration.
  • They want to choose the most beautiful and mysterious name that is able to express fully the beauty of their cat and impress other pet parents.

In spite of any intentions you are obtaining, these helpful tips below will surely support you in picking suitable titles.


1. Based on adopter’s interests

Naming your black cats after Tom Cruise since you are head over heels in love with this handsome actor, why not?

Maybe you are interested in football? So give your feline friend a name such as “Fluffy Ball”.

It is sometimes unimaginable to title a fur baby with the pet owner’s specific interests but in fact, it actually works. From not only books, colors, but writers to music genres and artists, any kinds of aspects that belong to you can also be a source of inspiration.

If the moment that you are reading this article is not so long after the adoption, there is not much deep connection between pet parents and cats. Hence, Wewpet honestly advises readers to depend on your own’s hobbies that might help you come up with an official name.

2. Based on black cats’ physical features

Depending on appearance to pick names for a black cat is definitely the easiest and most popular way that many cat parents out there apply to give their pet a name. In reality, there are many physical factors belonging to a cat, which includes:

  • General outlook
  • Coat colors or pattern
  • Eyes
  • Nose
  • Ears
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Pairs of legs 

For example, since a Boston Terrier dog is usually embellished with black color covering some portion of its coat, lots of owners call them “Tuxedo”. If their color pattern is mixed between white and black, “Polka dot” might a great choice as well. In some thin and small-sized feline cases, female black cat names such as “Minie” could not only describe their outlook but also remind people of a famous cartoon movie character.

3. Based on black cats’ behavior

During daily life as living with them, it is possible for adopters to recognize some signature behaviors in cats’ temperaments. One of Wewpet’s neighbors even calls their fur friend “Batman” which is really suited to its dark color and the cute habit of hiding in corners or dark places.

Some black cats with sarcastic and bold characteristics, “Sassy Queen” would be an excellent option on the table for pet lovers. Others that are able to maintain a high speed while running and jumping can also be called “Hurricane”, “Lightning”, or “Thunder” as well.

4. Based on special memory between black cats and owners

Apart from all the methods mentioned above, stories such as first impressions, special memories, and occasions that owners and cats have been through are potential to many extents to help you recall and decide a name. 

Since there are so many available options for a black cat out there, do not worry about choosing the wrong or not beautiful enough names. All you need to do is observe, be creative, consider the meanings based on this Wewpet’s article, and make the final decision.

Why should you choose black cat names?

For many people, selecting any kind of words to call your cat is still okay since the importance of a right name does not really matter. However, names in fact are important in some cases that you have never thought about before. Let us tell you exactly what these cases are about.

1. You two have a long life together

For sure, everybody decides to adopt pets not only for their specific features but also for a lasting life together under the same roof. Since you two can live with each other for at least 10 years, depending on the different life expectancy of cats, it is necessary to pick a name for your fur friends. 

Just like your family members, every person requires a title as an identity for others to recognize them. So you, a human being, can have a beautiful name, why do not you give a black cat one?

2. Names are familiar sounds for black cats

A single word like “Selina, Tom, or Rosie” is not selected arbitrarily without any particular purposes. In fact, when you name someone and use it to call that person in a long period of time, it is considered as a familiar sound that helps the brain to recognize when being mentioned.

3. You could take pride in your black cat names

How can a name itself with only one to two words make you proud in front of friends? The answer lies completely in the meaning of that name. 

Names for a black cat that could be selected based on interests, features, meanings, etc. do need to sound easy to remember and contain the true meaning behind each word. 

Black cats in different cultures

With their black colored fur and a shining pair of eyes, black cats are considered variously in many countries around the world. For some cultures, people recognize them as a good luck and symbol of fortunate. For others, in stark contrast, this type of feline is supposed a bad sign.

Since there are distinctions between areas, it is important to read and know about each one’s concept before or during the pet adoption process.

1. In Egypt

A black cat here is really appreciated since people believe that this pet can draw the attention of the goddess Bastet – a beautiful woman who has a dark-colored cat-like head. Therefore, a long time ago, lots of Egyptian homeowners used to raise felines with black coat at home.

2. In the United Kingdom

For England people, when joining a wedding day, it is allegedly guaranteed a happy marriage with a black cat as a gift to the couple.

Moreover, this feline breed is believed to be able to bring safety to the sailors and ensure everyone’s spirit during the sea journey. United Kingdom people hope to be followed or encountered by black cats since felines bring them happiness, joy, prosperity, and fortunate.

3. In Europe and the United States

However, in European countries’s cultures, the cat type is regarded in a totally different aspect. According to the long history of Western, a sign of bad luck, death, evil, and cruelty are all characteristics that a black cat carries. They also appear in movies with darkness, witches, and Halloween, staying around those bad people.

Even some folklores believe that in the command of witches or demons, these felines have a magical ability to transform into humans in order to lure, trap, poison, or kill others.

During journeys to the United States, many ancient travelers brought these alleged stories and then spread them to the local people, which contributed to making lots of Americans believe the same idea about the special cat breed.

Summary of black cat names

Even though being considered differently in each country, this feline with a mysterious outlook, seductive long black coat, and eyes shining like stars is gaining more and more popularity in recent years.

With the list of different male and female black cat names provided above, Wewpet truly hopes that it helps pet lovers to find a suitable title for your own fur babies. If you still cannot choose one, try the tips and ways at other parts, including selecting based on interests, memories, features, and characteristics.

Have a nice day!

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