Bombay Cat – A completely black breed

Are you a big fan of black? Your closet is a black world? If your answer is a big YES, then this article is defenitely prepared for you. You know why? Because our friend here, the Bombay cat, also loves black. Why not continue to know more about this mysterious companion?


#6 Fun facts about the Bombay cat breed

Before moving to details about these black kitties, WewPet will tell you 6 funny stories of them. Are you ready?

They are named after a port in India

Actually, the Bombay cats are not a natural breed; in fact, they are man-made. In the 1950s, people want to combine a few different varieties to create a perfect genetic combination. That’s why our Bombay appeared.

Possessing an exotic look and mysterious characteristics, they were named after a place that could vividly describe the stunning beauty. There were no other places rather than Bombay – an exotic port in the country of India. If you never come to this port, have a trip and then evaluate whether it worths becoming the name of a striking cat or not.

They are the result of Burmese cat breed and American Shorthair

In the 1950s, the main goal of breeders was how to not only create a cat that owns excellent characteristics but also look like a black leopard. The combination of a Burmese and an American Shorthair was taken up. Inheriting from their beautiful parents, the resulting Bombay kitties maintain the robust body of the Burmese breed and the shape, size and color of the American Shorthair.

Some Bombay felines are totally black

Unlike other black cat breeds which have at least a tinge of pink on their paws, the Bombay is completely black in all placement, except for their eyes. From the tips of their ears to the pads on their paws, they are all black. As a result, they are truly excellent players in the game called “Hide and Seek”, right?

“Velcro cats”

That is their nickname due to their clingy nature. At first, they seem to be shy and reserved. Once they have built a strong knit with their masters, they will stick close to them. Don’t be surprised when your little shy kitten sticks to you like glue all the time.

They give a free and professional massage

It is really relaxing to stay in your warm bed and let your black cat show her love by giving you a belly massage. They are interested in kneading and rubbing their special person, as a way to get their attention.

However, you should be careful about the claws because there may be some injuries by accident. If it happens and upsets you, just let them know. They are smart enough to know that action makes you hurt and be cautious with the claws in another time.

They are creatures with a great vocal range

These black kitties are well-known for their special voice, which is a loud purring like a huge cat, but they just do that when being with their owners. It is a joke that they can really rev the engines all the time.

It seems like they can also reply as you talk to them because, for these cats, you are really special in their life. Even though both of you are not speaking in the same language, it is still great to have such a close companion who can share with you when you are lonely.

Does the color influence their personalities?

Well, this is actually not a fun fact, right, but it is an interesting question that you may be wondering in your mind. The answer is somewhat yes. Let’s take an example. Black cat breeds often have a more mysterious personality than white counterparts.

Nevertheless, it is not the only reason. Many other things have a strong impact on their characteristics. Thus, whether they are among the black and white cat breeds or any kind of color, it is not that problem.

How to recognize a Bombay cat?

We’ll enclose all details including what they look like, their characteristics and what they love so that you can realize a black Bombay as she crosses your path.



These kitties are muscular medium-sized, and their ideal weight is between 6 and 12 pounds.

They are called little black leopards, with gorgeous looks. Bred from the Burmese, they look like this breed, but a little larger, with longer legs and a longer body.

The most outstanding feature which draws their stunning appearance is the shiny and beautiful short-haired coat. It is jet-black to the roots, glossy and satin.

Besides the beautiful coat, they have killer gleaming eyes, which can catch your attention immediately. They look like new pennies, in the shape of large rounds. If they intentionally wheedle you, those captivating eyes really work; you can hardly resist.


  • Shy but highly affectionate

Initially, these black friends tend to turn on their stealth mode and try to hide from you in the dark corner. But they need time and your patience to build a strong attachment. When they bond with you, the stealth mode is replaced by an affectionate one. They will follow you from here to there like your shadow.

  • Fiercely loyal

Though they can express their emotions with other family members, there is always only one special person in their heart, the one that spends the most time playing with them and give them a lot of caring and affection. It won’t change.

  • Friendly with children and other animals

The Bombay breed is extremely one of the most tolerant creatures on earth. They can get on well with small kids who perhaps do not know how to behave themselves around cats properly. However, nothing is impossible. You should keep an eye on them to avoid any unexpected accidents.

In terms of other family pets, Bombay has a good ability to make friends with them, such as dogs. But not all dogs can co-exist with cats, even those who are very tolerant. Calm and laid-back dogs are ideal friends with your kitties.

  • Extremely intelligent

It is admirable that they are geniuses in the cat world. They love to learn, so the puzzle toys or new tricks seem to be a piece of cake. We are sure that these kitties will make you proud due to their great intelligence.

  • Highly sensitive

It is a norm that the sensitivity level is directly proportional to the intelligence one. They will be easily in bad mood and fail to thrive if they are mistreated or ignored. Just a few negative words can upset these medium-sized felines. As a result, in any case, you should do with the positive reinforcement method. They are extremely sensitive to being yelled at, punished or hit.

Their interests

  • Sleeping on your bed

Anyone who has owned a Bombay will definitely understand what we are saying. Although they have had their own bed, they just sleep there in case they want to use them. Most of the time, your comfortable bed is truly their real preference.

They love to cuddle under the covers and then moving to the foot of your bed to sleep. Perhaps they think that only being with you can give them a good night. But if you are not a person who can sleep with pets, it is not much of a problem.

They are intelligent enough to know your uncomfortable feelings as long as you let them know from time to time. After a few days, they will respect your wishes. It is not difficult to change their natural interest, but it requires a little work and patience.

  • Staring

Are you afraid of being stared by a cat?

The Bombay cats often set their gaze on a specific person or thing for a while. Don’t take it as a frightening action. They are just simply studying the strange thing in their view. As an inquisitive nature, they love to learn, learn and learn. We have to learn a lot from this specific characteristic, right?

Also, you can know that they are angry when looking at their long and hard stare, with the swishing tail and pinned back ears. As a sign, they are expressing their foul mood and you should not trifle with them at that time.

  • Lap cats

These buddies are very affectionate and always desire human companionship. Needless to say, they are among the greatest attention seekers in the cat world. Sitting in your lap and then enjoying a good cuddle session is the best thing for them ever.

If you own a Bombay, you can know what we mean. It frequently happens when you are sitting on your favorite sofa and watching television, then you can feel the glossy fur around your legs.

We are sure that you can not resist their cuteness and immediately take them onto your lap. Even if they can not get your attention, these uninvited friends will not hesitate to jump onto your lap.

  • Don’t like to be left alone

In spite of their initial independence and reserved behaviors, they turn to be very dependent on their owners. Leaving them home alone for a long period is not a good choice at all. This continuous situation can cause loneliness and depression.

It is a pity that when they feel lonely, they are able to have some certain destructive behaviors, especially anything that are easy for them to tear up such as newspapers, letters or toilet paper.

As a result, it is much better to give them a variety of cat toys in case you are busy with your own business for a-few-day trips and there is nobody else or any family pet in your house. Also, a scratching post handy is necessary to avoid unexpected destructive behaviors.

  • Greeting their owners at the door

As long as you have a regular schedule of leaving and returning home, there is nothing cuter than seeing your lovely kitty sitting in front of the door and greeting you with their beautiful face. That’s melting, right?

  • Warmth seekers

This breed is heat-addicted. Curling up beside a fireplace or a heater is their favorite thing to feel the warm heat around their body. Thus, it is recommended that you should keep your heat sources guarded so that they can not get burned.

Another way to feel the heat is to get close to their owners and other animals. Just imagine that in cold winter nights, a Bombay curls up with a family dog. How cute!

How to take care of a Bombay cat?


Luckily, their shiny coat does not shed much and not require any specific brushing. To keep their glossy coat healthy, regular grooming is essential; otherwise, once a week is better than nothing.


Like other cat breeds, they need regular nail trimming, dental hygiene and bathing so that they can avoid certain kinds of harmful bacteria or infection.

Health problems

Even though they are a healthy cat breed to some extent, there are several issues relating to health that they can suffer.

  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) – a form of heart disease that most cats can have, which thickens the heart muscle
  • Excessive tearing of the eyes
  • Breathing difficulties as a result of their short muzzle

Another problem that you can completely control is obesity. Always keep a good eye on your Bombay buddy’s weight, adjust her diet properly and give her daily exercise to maintain a healthy body.


The Bombay felines are so smart and have such good memories that they can obey and learn tricks easily. They are all about discoveries, so it is not hard to teach them some cool tricks that you can proudly show to your friends.

Finally …

These black buddies are great, right? If you have many things in common with the mysterious Bombay cats, are you ready to make them a family member of your house?.

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