Borzoi – A dog of the noble lineage

If you are still wondering about getting yourself a Borzoi buddy.  Will they be suitable for your house?  Will they get along with your family members? 

Here are some details we have collected about Borzoi Breeds which helps you know more about them and you will find out your answer whether they are meant to you or not.

History of Borzoi Breeds

The Borzoi had been found by the AKC in 1891, it became the 47th  dog breeds.

Borzoi was first brought to Russia from the Arab region- also known as the Arab nation, in the 1600s. They were favorited breed among Russian nobility during the Tsarist period. The Russian used this breed for the pursuit of wolves due to their hunting ability.

This kind of breed has spread throughout Europe. Even Queen Victoria also raised this dog and set this Borzoi breed as a figure for the Kingdom’s nobles. Over a period, Borzoi gradually became a gift among the nobility.

As far as is known, Brozoi first brought back to England by William Wade of Hulton.


What does the Borzoi look like?

They have an elegant outlook that is greatly represented by their loyalty, due to being bred from long-haired sheepdogs with vary in terms of colors, mainly is white mixed with brown and yellow. But some Borzoi dogs have the full coloring of their fuzzy fur-like whole black or white,…

Borzoi is a dog with an averaged size, they are over 70 cm tall and have long legs which made it looks slender, their bodies are arch-shaped with their shoulders are a little bit down, their tails are bent.

The Borzoi’s muzzle is long, they have cropped ears attaching two sides of their small head, their lovely adorable beautiful eyes are sparkling looking at us which always works for making us melted. This dog chest is deep and the back is straight with the leaning towards the end of the body, the foreleg is slim and straight. A long and strong neck is one of the characteristics of this breed. The slightly curved back is quite lovely.

Males dogs are at least 28 inches (71 cm), in contrast, females are 26 inches (66 cm)

The weight : males: 75-105 pounds (34–48 kg), females: 60-90 pounds (27–41 kg)

Males can mate at 24-26 months of age, females can breed at ages 18-20 months, females give birth to 4-7 dogs each.

The Advantages of Borzoi Species


Although they love running and enjoying high consuming activities, Borzoi could also spend time laying with you on the sofa or having relaxing jogging, as long as you’re still near them, they will do whatever you want. Borzoi Breeds can be trained easily.

Borzoi is a prime example of a quiet and gentle watchdog. The special about these dogs is they bark very small and only bark when it’s necessary.

Borzoi has a thick fur which made them capable of suffering from cold weather but it’s still better if you prepare for them a warm, soft, comfortable place to sleep.

Borzoi also can get along with other dogs, but for small animals like birds, squirrels, rabbits,… they can chase and bite these species due to their hunting natural ability.

How does The Borzoi Breed Cost?

It depends on how good the dog is and the characteristics they have gotten, for instant, age, breeds, origin,….

There are many stores and markets are selling dogs. However, you must search carefully or look for a review of that store.

In the Vietnam market, this breed is very rare and difficult to find. You can consult the address of selling them abroad. The average selling price for Borzoi dogs is around $ 800 – $ 1,000. However, if you want to own a good quality dog, full of paper, clear origin, the price can range from 2000 – 5000 dollars.

Health Diseases that Borzoi may have.

Common Diseases

1. Teeth

Teeth are really important to your Boizor buddy, thanks to the teeth, your dog can chew and smash food into small pieces, in order to support efficiently the digestion. However, her mouth and teeth can cause some dental problems which can lead to dangerous situations.

If we don’t brush or clean her teeth properly, the tartar will attach on her (his) teeth every single day. Day by day, your homie will feel uncomfortable, they have difficulties in eating and swallowing, after that your Boizor is going to be picky, skipping more and more meals.

Without vital nutrients absorptions, your dog organs won’t work effectively, damaging their health status, which reduces your Boizor life span for 1 or 3 years.

2. Infections

Borzoi is an extrovert and curious breed as their hunting ability. They interact with many types of environments which they easily get some bacterial or virus problems such as rabies, parvo, CDV, Carre, hepatitis,…

3. Obesity

In our opinion, a good owner is the one who feeds their dogs fully, every time, anywhere to make sure that our little fella Borzoi will not be hungry. Sometimes, you even can not resist of Boirzoi’s sparkling deep eyes.

But your dogs will have trouble moving because of their obese body. The pressure of the body will be held by their legs. The heavier of the body the more pressure to the legs.

So far, your dogs can have some bone diseases or some bone infections. With the overweight shape, Borzoi is hard to run or play, which also impacts on their metabolism, digestion, and absorptions.

4. Parasites

As you know, dogs always have all kinds of parasites both on their skin and in their blood. Borzoi has no exception to this.

Borzoi fuzzy thick fur and bright skin is a perfect environment for some lice, crumbs creatures to bloodsucking, taking for itself some satisfying nutrients from its host. Moreover, fleas and ticks can nest in Borzoi’s ear or in their claws. Blood strains are possibly pervaded by microbes such as hookworms, roundworms, heartworms, and whipworms, which comes from your Borzoi lick dirty things, mud, drink unclear water.

Unfortunately, some of them potentially infect you and your family members with slightly or even serious diseases.

Genetic Predispositions for Borzoi

  • Bloat

Bloat relative to stomach illness which is known as GVD or Gastric Dilatation. The symptom starts with dogs are having a twisted stomach, leading to the interruption in blood transferring and the gas can’t get out of the body you will easily recognize some strange expressions such as Borzoi may retch or heave, act anxiety ( walk around restlessly), they don’t want to cuddle or pay attention to you or any outdoor activities. They just lay down in a prayer position and have a clearly enlarged abdomen. If your dog has all of these symptoms, please take your pet to the vet immediately.

Borzoi is one of the breeds easily at risk because of its deep, narrow chests. So you must notice carefully to make sure your dearest friend won’t have it.

  • Bone and Joint Problems

Just like other dogs, Borzoi puppy grows rapidly, but bones have not been strong enough yet because the structure is not completely finished. OCD ( Osteochondritis dissecans) is the name for those situations.

Your puppies cannot run, for now, doesn’t mean they have an illness or problems about bone developments, so please don’t feed your dog some food containing huge the amount of calcium, or calcium pills.

Some other unpredictable situations can happen to Borzoi dogs. When Borzoi is about six or ten months olds, they just have a weak immune system so probably your little Borzoi suffers from an inflammation of the long bones in the legs (eosinophilic panosteitis).

Borzoi breed love running, enjoying heavy activities which sometimes they work too much cause their bones are dislocated.

When jogging or let them play around the park, you might notice some strange attitude, they not walk like unusual, skips, or hop for a few strides. You must have your dogs checked at the vet.

Depends on whether the illness severe or not, the vet will let your Borzoi have surgery.

  • Neurological Disease

Neurological diseases have 2 ways to impact your Borzoi. First, it may genetically transport by their first generations. Otherwise, it occurs physically by accident or have heavy falls from running.

Thus, both ways will make your Borozi walk wobbly like a drunk guy because there is a narrowing of the vertebrae in the neck, which pinches the spinal cord and associated nerves, that is the reason why all signals can’t transfer normally to the brain.

Your buddy won’t feel anything at the tip of the toes or fingers ( the concentrations of sensitive strong neurons). When Borzoi runs, your boy(girl) feels uncomfortable, they will try to run fast unconsciously until they feel something under their feet, which made them are in danger.

  • Pancreatitis

The pancreas is the organ that produces important enzymes, basic immune system and insulin. Borzoi can have the inflammation of this due to their habits like running, hunting which requires a lot of energies and the metabolism works strongly. Symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, belly pain, fever, lethargy, and dehydration.

  • Enzyme Disorder

The functioning of red blood cells works normally thanks to the methemoglobin reductase. Without or disordering this enzyme the body will be lacked oxygen. In that case, your beloved Borzoi doesn’t have enough oxygen to breathe and they occasionally have a blue or brown tint to the gums.

You obviously know that when you are hard to breathe, you almost can’t do anything, physiologic functions are slowly reducing which similar to your Borzoi suffers.

How to take care of Borzoi in the right way?


The Fur

Need daily brushing with a dedicated brush,(2-3 times/week) even. You should have your Borzoi taken a bath frequently. They need to cut the hair between the toes so they can move comfortably and get rid of the parasite nests under their feet.

They belong to a type of dog that has a lot of seasonal shedding, so you have to prepare yourself the vacuum cleaner or a dog rolls for your clothes and your house.

Daily meals and Nutrition

Borzoi is a very active, energy-consuming dog breed, and therefore should have enough food for them, but it doesn’t mean you made them fat. The Borzoi has to have a medium slender body to run and play. T

Therefore, in the daily diet, large dogs you should feed about 500-600 grams of meat, and 350-400 grams of small dogs need meat. In adulthood, it is their developed stage, Borzoi needs more nutrition than others.

A few more detail about nutrition, Borzoi is a dynamic dog. Therefore, the owner should supply the food with all the nutrients for them. Borzoi is quite picky about eating, you should give them many small meals throughout the day or change their daily meals, in some cases, your Borzoi is too bored to eat repeated meals, you can replace it by snacks for dogs or wet food mix with starch food.


Borzoi is the outdoor breeds so you just take him(her) for a walk, exercise, play catch,…

At the weekend you can spend time with your family and your dog hiking or sprinting.

If you are a busy person and you are only free in the evening, you are still capable of playing with them by buying toys such as tennis balls, rubbers, strings, Kong toys, .., which Borzoi companion excitingly plays fetch indoors.

Spay or Neuter

There are some denial opinions about not having your dog neutered. But this process is needed for your Borzoi companion. Because it can reduce both mentally and physically health. To further a movement, it also plays an important roles in reducing the amount of abandoned puppies which can help the governments spend less the cost of raising animals.

Testicles is removed from the male’s organ, in contrast, ovaries are commonly removed. Your Borzoi always have an anesthetic injection before they have surgery.

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