20 Unknown facts about Burmese cat breed

Welcome all cat fanciers to this beauty contest! Who is the Angelina Jolie of the cat world? The answer must be a Burmese cat. She is so sexy, elegant and mysterious that she tends to be the envy of other feline friends. If you have a great appetite for this charming cat breed, this article is definitely for you. Let’s find out 20 interesting facts about your strikingly beautiful Burmese cat.


1. Burmese means “beautiful, fortunate, and of splendid appearance” in the Thai language:

The name has described the absolute beauty of the Burmese breed, right? So it is a much more complex history, but it seems to be true when saying that this attractive cat has roots in Thai culture.

2. Combo of the name “Burmese cat”:

There are plenty of theories about this name. It is said that the name “Burmese” is the combination of Burma, which is presently known as Myanmar, and Siamese, the originating ancestor of this breed. An old story says that there was a cat living in a Thai temple. As the Burmese invaded the area and the temple, they took the cat and brought it to Burma in the 1700s. The truth still remains a mystery; however, at least we can assume the interesting combination of the name “Burmese”.

3. The first Burmese cat was developed in the United States:

Don’t worry, you are not misled. It’s true. Based on the 2 previous facts, you are perhaps wondering that they must have originated from Thailand. Nevertheless, they were first developed in the US. In 1930, Dr. Joseph C.Thompson brought his cat, named Wong Mau, from Burma to the US. This cat was deep brown, which made many people think that she might be just a very dark Siamese, a popular breed in Burma.

But Dr.Thompson did not think so. To determine what breed Wong Mau was, he and other like-minded breeders decided to breed her to a Siamese. After a period of time, the resulting kittens were Burmese or Siamese hybrids and pure Siamese.

After that, those Burmese or Siamese hybrids were bred to each other, leading to some deep and dark Burmese kittens. From this breeding process, they came to a conclusion that Wong Mau was a hybrid of the Siamese and a dark-colored unknown cat (many people later called it the copper cat).

4. The recognition of Burmese breed used to be withdrawn by the Cat Fanciers’ Association:

Thanks to Dr.Thompson’s discovery and the unique beauty of the Burmese, they soon became so popular, not only in the US, but also in many countries around the world, that their hybrids appeared in the show hall in 1947 instead of the pure Burmese cats. This violated the show rules of the Cat Fanciers’ Association, resulting in their withdrawn recognition.

This removal had not been recovered until 1953, when the Burmese Cat Society of America assured the Registries that it would not happen again.

How about today? Needless to say, they are truly A-star celebrities in the cat world, right?


5. Don’t be cheated by their medium-sized appearance:

When it comes to weight, Burmese cats pack a punch. These cats look medium-sized. However, when you hold them onto your hands, they seem to be considerably heavier than your expectations. Specifically, their weight ranges from 8 to 13 lbs. Also, their stocky, compact but very muscular appearance creates the feeling of strength and confidence.

6. They tend to be round-all-over creatures in this world:

YES. Their head is round. The tips of their ears are round. So are their chin and even their feet. For many fanciers, this is the most interesting feature that makes them love the Burmese.

7. Burmese felines are “a brick wrapped in silk”:

Solid though they may appear, the Burmese put on their short, glossy and satiny coat. There is nothing more relaxing than stroking your little Burmese, then enjoying the comfortable feeling under your hand.

They come into a variety of colors, but there are 4 main coat colors that are recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association:

  • Sable – rich, dark brown
  • Blue – medium gray with fawn undertones
  • Champagne – warm beige
  • Platinum – pale gray

Interestingly, the more mature Burmese kittens are, the more darkened they become.

8. All Burmese cats have green eyes:

Actually, this is a misconception. They are so well-known for their splendid green eye trait. However, not all Burmese own the green eyes. There are still Burmese felines out there that have yellow eyes, while others have dazzling blue ones.

BUT! The eye color doesn’t matter, right? Every color has its own unique beauty and the Burmese are still as attractive as ever. Many people assume that their Burmese companions communicate with them through their eyes. So remember to notice when yours winks at you, she wants to say she loves you

9. The Burmese breed is a highly energetic creature on earth:

“Puppies in the appearance of a cat”. This is the most suitable phrase to describe the characteristic of a Burmese feline. They can not sit quietly for at least one minute. What they love is playing, playing and playing to make their life joyful. They always want to be engaged in every activity with their human. Therefore, they are a perfect match with your little kids, who can play with them all the time.

10. They are such intelligent and affectionate pets ever:

If you are finding a cat that feels comfortable to be pet and stroked, then a Burmese is absolutely a good choice. As you are sitting on the sofa, watching TV, your lovely Burmese will likely come and sit in your lap or right next to you so that you can freely pet her. Petting is a kind of showing your love to this little friend, so she is interested in being petted or stroked.

They spend most of their life seeking out human companionship. They do not isolate themselves like most cats, they want to get involved all the time. You are reading books, or cooking in the kitchen, or playing in the background, or even sleeping. It is a little bit irritating when your Burmese cat always tries to notice your action. However, when you get used to it, you can feel the love she is expressing. She wants your attention!

As a matter of fact, letting her alone will certainly make her stressed and in a bad mood. In case she chews on things frequently or hells at night, they are signs of her sadness. So before adopting a Burmese, answer this question “Can you assure that you can spend lots of time with your little kitten?”.

Also, they are one of the most intelligent cat breeds in the world. They are eager to learn and quite alert. You can challenge your feline by teaching tricks or using puzzle toys to play with her. Don’t forget to give her a reward, praising words or a treat in case she learns how to control them.


11. Their favorite place seems to be a large window:

That sounds romantic, right? Active as they are, the Burmese love to have a moment for meditating, when they can sit in the house, looking at the outside world through a window, enjoying the warm sunlight and listening to birds singing.

12. Curiosity does not kill the cat:

Like other cats, the Burmese have endless curiosity, or even a little bit more, but this characteristic will not kill them. They love to investigate all nooks and crannies in your house and discover any mysteries around them. They will jump onto the table to look at what you are doing in the kitchen, figuring out what strange things you are using. It is far funnier for you to watch their discovery process. Let’s have a go!

13. They are a highly vocal breed:

The Burmese cats do not meow, they make a noise like a rumble. Similar to their Siamese ancestors, they enjoy conversation, but their voice is much softer and sweeter. They can rumble for hours just to get your attention.

14. Burmese cats are friendly to strangers:

You must be surprised when receiving their interaction in the first meeting like you have known for a long time. As mentioned before, they love to seek out human companionship. Thus, it is also a fact that you need to be cautious because kidnapping your Burmese is easy. They will respond immediately to any stranger, no matter who they are if they return their call for attention.

Therefore, we suggest you should keep your cat indoor or take her outside when you can have a look.

15. They are fans of freedom:

Don’t try to restrain your little Burmese. Due to their natural energetic instinct, they love doing what they like. But do not take it wrong if you are thinking that the Burmese cats are hard to be trained. Actually, they are excellent trainees. They just don’t like to be kept in a box or their kennels for a long time.

16. A Burmese cat needs to be cared for as a kid:

This is lucky news for you. Their shedding is minimal. Thus, weekly brushing or combing is necessary in order to remove dead hair and distribute their skin oil.

It is the best care if you can give them dental hygiene every day; if not, weekly brushing is better than nothing. Besides, the corners of their eyes must be wiped with soft cloth frequently. To not spread any infection, you can use a separate area of the towel for each eye.

Take care of their ears, too. It is great to have a soft cloth moistened with a 50-50 mixture of cider vinegar and warm water to wipe them out.

Like all cats, the Burmese are especially hygiene-addicted. So you should not let their litter box dirty, try to keep it spotless clean day by day. This is also a good way to help your kitten familiar with defecating properly in the litter box.

17. They are heavy eaters:

That’s true. They love to eat. To help them maintain a solid body, you need to give them a healthy diet with adequate proteins, nutrients, vitamins, and water. Don’t forget to design a proper exercise schedule so that they can have a healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of obesity.

18. The Burmese breed can suffer certain health problems:

They have a long lifespan, ranging from 10 to 17 years. However, regardless of compact appearance, they are at higher risks of these following issues compared to other breeds:

  • Diabetes: A healthy diet and insulin injections can help.
  • Head or facial defect: Unfortunately, it often leads to fatal cases.
  • Elbow osteoarthritis: It results in the mobility limitation.

In case your Burmese is suffering these health problems, take her to a veterinarian immediately so that she would be cured properly.

19. This breed comes into 2 kinds:

There are 2 types of Burmese cats: the European Burmese and the American Burmese. This is the result of selective cross-breeding. Though split into 2 kinds, they are quite similar in most parts, except for a little bit different in their appearance. Head of the European Burmese is wedged shaped, while that of the American counterpart is much more rounded and short-muzzled.

20. Where can you find a Burmese cat for sale?

You can choose a Burmese kitten at the Burmese Cat Club or from a breeder. A little kitten can cost between 500 to 1500 dollars. It differs considerably due to the breeder you choose. Are you ready to adopt a charming, elegant, intelligent and affectionate Burmese companion?

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