Can Dogs Eat Goldfish?

Goldfish, especially crackers, are extremely popular now. Being produced by Pepperidge Farm, the crackers are a popular treat among kids. Most children love the snack because it is salty and crispy. As the nature of kids who often share what they like with their beloved ones, including dogs, you might see them feed the animal with the crackers. Considering Goldfish crackers are aimed for human food, you need to be sure that the snack is safe for your pets. So, can dogs eat goldfish crackers? Are they healthy treats for your pet? Here is everything you need to know about the snack before letting your kids share them with your dog.


Are Goldfish Crackers Safe for Your Dogs?

Questioning whether dogs can safely eat Goldfish crackers or not is a bit tricky. Before going further with the answer, again, you need to keep in mind that the crackers are for humans, not pets. If you have a dog at home, or other pets, you might have understood that their digestive systems are different from humans. What is considered safe for humans might provide opposite reactions to dogs. Some nutrients which are considered healthy for you might cause serious health issues for your pets. In this way, before treating your dogs with your snacks, knowing what nutritions contained in a certain food, as well as their values, are important. As for Goldfish, the snack comes in two different forms, they are crackers and original forms.

The question is, can dogs eat Goldfish crackers nevertheless? Why your dogs should or should not eat snacks? Let’s start with a short answer. Goldfish crackers are not for dogs. Based on the label of ingredients you can find at the back of the Goldfish pack, the snack contains 2% onion as well as generated and unlisted spices powder. This is true that 2% is a small amount of ingredients for humans. But for your dogs? Well, it is a different story.

Onion powders contained in Goldfish crackers come with some potential damages for your dogs. They are a toxic ingredient for dogs and can affect their health. They might lead your furry friends to suffer from vomiting, anemia, and bloody urine. Additionally, some flavor options of Goldfish are known to contain garlic powder. The ingredient is relatively safe for a dog if consumed in just a small amount. But, garlic powder can turn toxic if it is consumed in larger doses.

However, you can treat your furry friends with Goldfish crackers as long as you give them in little amounts. Goldfish is not healthy for dogs since the snack contains some ingredients that can be harmful to dogs. Goldfish crackers come with a high amount of carbohydrates. Not only that but the snack also contains sugar, salt, and wheat that are considered unhealthy for dogs. However, some people believe that despite the unhealthy benefits of the crackers for your dogs, the original form of the snack can boost their abilities to tolerate the crackers in the same amount.

Nutritional Value of Goldfish

To help you decide whether it is safe to treat your dogs with Goldfish crackers or not, you need to know the values of nutritions contained in the product.

  • High Carbohydrates

The amount of carbohydrates contained in Goldfish crackers is pretty high both for humans and dogs. That is why feeding your dog with crackers can be damaging to their health. However, some dog owners argue that certain types of carbohydrates are relatively safe. This is because certain carbohydrates are made of fruits and vegetables. These types of carbs are not dangerous for dogs, instead, they are beneficial. As for Goldfish crackers, carbohydrates contained in the product are made of grains, which are categorized as unhealthy ingredients for dogs. Grains are bad for dogs’ digestive systems because they can’t digest the ingredients and turn them into sugar. A large number of carbohydrates consumed by your dogs will lead them to gain extra weight fast and make them prone to suffer from high blood sugar issues. But, the good news is that carbohydrates often linked to Goldfish crackers do not cause immediate health risks on dogs. Always be cautious when treating your dogs with the snack will be very helpful.


  • Wheat

Wheat is another big no if it comes to dog food. Unfortunately, wheat is one of the main ingredients of Goldfish crackers. Aside from being unable to digest wheat and turn it into glucose, the ingredient also contains gluten. This is another reason to say no to Goldfish crackers since many dogs are reported to be allergic to gluten. In this way, make sure that your dogs can tolerate gluten before you give them the crackers. Some common symptoms that show your furry friends are allergic to gluten are diarrhea, vomiting, and irritation. Moreover, wheat is not nutritious since the ingredient only has a small amount of vitamin B. However, your dog can still tolerate a small amount of wheat and carbohydrates. Your furry buddies can synthesize most of the amino acids they need from protein contained in fats.

  • Salt

The high amount of salt that makes Goldfish crackers taste salty is one of the reasons why the snack is the children’s favorite. The snack comes with 250mg of salt per human serving. As you have probably known that salt is made of a certain mineral known as sodium. As mentioned a lot in modern literature, minerals are essential for both humans and animals. As for dogs, minerals can only be beneficial if they are consumed in a small amount. Salt which is made of sodium can be very dangerous if you over-consume it. The ingredient can lead you to suffer from health blood pressure, one of the common reasons that you experience health complications. The same thing can be said about salt intake in dogs. If consumed in a huge amount, salt can cause toxicity.

  • Sugar

Just like a human, dogs can also suffer from excessive weight gain and diabetes because of the high amount of sugar they consume. Pepperidge Farm, the manufacturer of Goldfish has stated in the label that the snack uses sugar to make it taste better. You are suggested to not treat your dogs with foods containing sugar for many good reasons. The ingredient will cause the blood sugar of your dogs to go up and down as fast as roller coasters and this is very bad. You also need to know that dogs can’t taste sugar the same way as humans. Also, sugar is an addictive ingredient for dogs. In this way, they might ask for more foods with sugar if you add the ingredient in their treat.

  • Artificial Flavors

Another thing that might indicate health damage caused by Goldfish crackers if they are consumed by your dogs is artificial flavors contained in the snack. One of the most popular flavors used in Goldfish crackers is cheddar cheese. It is one of the ingredients that is considered unhealthy for dogs.

How to Identify Salt Toxicity on Your Dog?

As mentioned above that due to the high amount of salt contained in Goldfish crackers, treating your dog with the snack might cause him to suffer from salt toxicity. This condition is mainly shown by the following symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Frequent urination
  • Increased thirst
  • Disorientation
  • Seizures
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

Make sure that you meet your vet once you see your dog is experiencing these symptoms. Salt toxicity will lead your dog to produce bad odors from his bowels and it is so unbearable.

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What to Consider Before Treating Your Dog with Goldfish Crackers?

Since a small number of Goldfish crackers can be tolerated by dogs, feeding them with the snack once in a while is fine. However, some things you need to consider well before giving the crackers to your furry buddies. To avoid any unexpected health issues, you need to make sure that you give them plenty of clean and safe waters after that. The waters will help your dogs to get rid of excess sodium from their body. Not only safe and clean waters, but you also need to ensure that you keep the amount of the crackers as low as possible. Aside from causing salt toxicity, high levels of sodium contained in Goldfish crackers will also lead your pets to gain excess weight fast. Last but not least, make sure that you always check the label of nutrients of Goldfish crackers before you give them to your dog. Consulting with your vet before feeding your pet will also be very helpful. This is important in case your dog is allergic to a certain ingredient contained in the snack.

Final Words

Back to your initial question, can dogs eat Goldfish? Well, nothing that should ban you from treating your dogs with Goldfish. As mentioned above, it is only the crackers that might damage the health of your dogs while the original form of the snack is relatively safe. If you want to treat your furry friends with the crackers form of the Goldfish, make sure that you feed them in regulated amounts. Keep in mind that the number of crackers given shouldn’t be the same as the one you take.

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