Cockapoo – The Oldest Dog Hybrid

It goes without saying that each dog is likely to obtain their unique needs, size, colors, health issues, and necessary treatment. Moreover, the large or small breed, the stage of growth your fur friend is currently in, and the surrounding circumstances are factors that play important roles in having influences on dogs. 

Therefore, to start with the basic information before diving into the higher levels of understanding your dog, you had better get familiar from A to Z with its general knowledge which includes original history, standards, colors, temperament, health, and cost as well.


If dog parents are right now searching for these facts about a Cockapoo – the oldest dog hybrid on earth, then this article is written specifically for you. 

Are you ready? Let us jump right into the body part!

What is the history behind Cockapoo?

Once upon a time, during the 1960s, somewhere in the United States, there was a group of breeders who attempted to mix the two breeds which were Cocker Spaniel and Miniature Poodle together. The aim was to bring to life a healthy, intelligent, and hypoallergenic puppies that inherit good qualities and temperament from their parents. From the viewpoints of  Cockapoo breeders, the standards including health, temperament, and behavior of a dog are much more important than the colors or outlook.

In the end, they completely succeeded (even though until now, the hybrid is still well known for their loving appearance rather than their physical conditions)!

Since this special event, the existence of Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix – Cockapoo puppy has been maintained and developed by trusted breeders for over 60 years, which contributes to the fact that this hybrid is labeled as the oldest designer of dog breeds on the planet. 

Gaining popularity over the years, the breed also received several other names that are frequently called by people around the world: the Cockapoodle, Cockerpoo, or Cock-a-Poo. Thanks to the efforts of recognizable breeders and national groups of puppy lovers, the dog type has been highly protected and bred for many years with the increasing popularity and care from countries.

To be more specific, it was the American Cocker Spaniel that was selected in the progress of giving birth to Cockapoo puppies. Nowadays, there are also some breeders who choose the English Cocker Spaniel for this creation, which as a result brings out the offspring named Spoodle. Since then, lots of attempts have been made over the decades in order to successfully distinguish these two hybrids – Cockapoo and Spoodle – with lots of genetic similarities.

It, however, does not matter if the American or English dogs are used for breeding. The different types always lead to the same result of Cockapoos with high intelligence and nonshedding quality from the Poodle and playfulness from the Cocker.

Last but not least, despite their undeniable reputation, the dogs are still not accepted as a true breed by any major kennel organizations. In spite of this unfortunate, they are still the true pet with perfect characteristics in pet lovers’ minds!

How big is a Cockapoo?

It is somehow difficult for breeders to predict exactly details about the size of Cockapoos since it depends majorly on the type of Poodle dog that is selected in the breeding process. Since the ancestors’ size vary diversely, we all can expect to have different puppies with various sizes, temperaments, weight, and height.

Despite this inability, pet lovers should be acknowledged about their dogs’ average physical ranges. Their height often diversifies between under 10 to over 15 inches for a standard dog. At the same time, it is normal for a healthy dog belonging to this hybrid to weigh under 20 to over 24 pounds.

In a Teacup case, these dogs’ size is excessively smaller than their standard ones with only 10 inches in height and 6 pounds in weight. This is exactly what breeders expect to receive when forming a teacup puppy: to have a small dog embraced perfectly in your hand palm.

Moreover, in a Miniature case, they are usually measured to be around 11 to 14 inches tall and 13 to 18 pounds.

As said before, the original purpose of creating the mix was to bring to life a healthy, long-living breed. Therefore, when mentioning the longevity range of Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix, Wewpet is more than happy to announce that they can live with you for 12 to 16 years, which is widely considered as a prolonged period of time for a hybrid breed.

General physical characteristics of a Cockapoo puppy

Classification Height Weight Life expectancy
Standard Under 10 to over 15 inches Under 20 to over 24 pounds 12 to 16 years
Miniature 11 to 14 inches 13 to 18 pounds
Teacup 10 inches 6 pounds

What to know about the coat and colors of Cockapoo?

Deriving from those pictures of a Cockapoo puppy, you can definitely reach the conclusion that its coat must be SOFTTTTTT!

Yes, the hair is usually long, covering every single skin area of the dog. Even those four legs, pair of ears, short tail, or mouth, each part is hidden with straight or curly hair. According to many people, this hairy outfit contributes enormously to puppies’ teddy bear-like appearance and since then, draw humans attention.


On the pet world right now, there is plenty of color choices available for dog parents to consider. Inheriting gorgeous shades from their ancestors, the offspring – Cocker Spaniel Poodle mix obtains many more coat color combinations than other designer breeds.

There are four types of this hybrid’s shades, which are solid, parti, phantom, and merle.

For solid colored dogs, we can expect to see them in these shades listed below. Normally, puppies belonging to this category might have white or tuxedo-like markings on their chests and body.

  • Black
  • Cream
  • White
  • Apricot
  • Red
  • Chocolate

Next, the particolored (which stands for “particular” or also called “multicolored) dogs’ coat is visually embellished with combinations of two or more shades on their body.

  • Black and white
  • Brown and white
  • Cream and brown
  • Chocolate and white
  • Black, white and brown
  • Black, chocolate and brown

The third category is phantom dogs. Those Cockapoos have phantom markings usually on their face (around the nose area) or body (especially chest), which makes many people mistake them for Berneddoodles.

Last but not least, the merle look of this hybrid consists of rare combinations of colors, desired by many pet lovers. However, remember not to mix a merle to a merle in order to avoid deaf or blind puppies since it is considered as a recessive trait.

  • Blue merle
  • Red merle
  • Brown merle

There are also some other adorable coat shades that do not belong to any of these four types you might want to know:

  • Blonde
  • Tan
  • Brown
  • Sable
  • Beige

As mentioned before, the breed’s coat is single, long, and thick. The masters are highly suggested to buy a small dog brush to take care of their dog’s hair daily.

And with the quality derived from Poodle, its offspring is also a low shedding breed. If there is any kid or adult in your house allergic to puppy hair, you can 100% set your mind at rest when adopting Cockapoo puppies since they produce a low amount of dander.

Table of coat colors

Category Color
 Solid  Black, cream, white, apricot, red, chocolate
 Parti/Particular/Multi  Black and white, brown and white, cream and brown, chocolate and white, black, white and brown, black, chocolate and brown
 Phantom  White or other colored markings
 Merle  Blue merle, red merle, brown merle
 Other  Blonde, tan, brown, sable, beige

What are the temperaments and behaviors of a Cockapoo?

Deriving intelligence from Poodle and sturdiness from Cocker Spaniel, the mix is absolutely gorgeous with different qualities that no one could resist its charm. These 7 Cockapoo puppy’s typical behaviors described below will make you feel in love with this hybrid breed even more.

1. Smart, easy to train

Thanks to Cockapoo breeders, the dog’s smart quality is obtained successfully from one of their forefathers. And since they can easily understand the changes in your commands or analyze different circumstances, it is not a difficult task to train a dog in order to get familiar with your family’s living habits and members.

The only rule you need to remember is that: train them right after adoption.

2. Friendly with kids, adults, and other pets

The breed is well known for easily getting along with humans and other pets. Therefore, if your family has kids under 6 years of age, other dog types, or even a cat, this hybrid breed can create a bond with them just after a short period of time living under the same roof.


3. Not a loud barker

This must be the most adorable characteristic of the dog type since they do not love to bark loudly. For some people living in apartments or having hot-tempered neighbors, it is extremely necessary for them to search for puppies that can stay quiet for a long time. 

Therefore, with this special feature, the breed has proved to be the right choice for every pet parent.

4. Apartment dog

The dog is absolutely a classic pet suitable for masters living in apartments for buildings. Since Cockapoos are trainable, pet parents can start to develop good behaviors in them such as being quiet if needed, cautious to strange noises, avoiding loudly barking, and greeting your neighbors in a friendly and welcoming way.

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5. Playful

This hybrid requires daily exercise such as walking, running, and fetching. On a daily basis, spend at least 30 minutes with them doing activities, which not only keeps your dog happy but also your health conditions positive.

6. Attention seeking

Even though Cockapoo puppies are considered quite independent, they are in some way just like any other dogs who are striving for owners’ love and attention.

If being left alone or isolated for a long time, they will start to feel lonely and sad.

7. Sensitive to hot and cold weather

In spite of having an impressively thick and long coat, the dogs are somehow vulnerable to hot and cold weather. 

Therefore, during summer, dog masters had better keep them inside rather than being too exposed to the sunlight. In winter, staying indoors and warm with blankets is also the best choice.

How much to expect to pay for a Cockapoo?

If you are searching for “Cockapoo puppies for sale”, you should be prepared to spend at least $900 to $2,500 for one healthy dog. 

This price level might vary from breeder to breeder. However, try adopting dogs from recognized and trusted breeders or organizations in order to prevent ill, depressed, deaf, or blind puppies.

Moreover, before making any final decisions, you can suggest the breeders show you the dog’s parents’ health clearances so as to be sure about puppies’ health conditions.

Does Cockapoo have any health problems?

Overall, the physical level of this hybrid puppies is high, approximately 4 out of 5 stars. Because of the original Cockapoo breeders strived for a healthy and lively dog mix, they succeeded in combining those good qualities from the Miniature Poodle and American Cocker Spaniel.

However, everything has its weaknesses. Since the pair of ears are hairy, long, and always flop down, it is easy for things such as grass seeds, small rocks, or dust to be stuck inside them. This issue, therefore, demands pet parents’ time and effort to wash their ears and brush their hair daily.

Unexpectedly, even though not highly possible to suffer from illnesses, there are several diseases and allergies that the dog might happen to catch on their growth process. Here is the list of potential 8 problems that masters need to be cautious about:

  1. Liver Disease
  2. Cataracts
  3. Ear Infections
  4. Gastroenteritis
  5. Patellar Luxation
  6. Hip Dysplasia
  7. Allergies

Are there any rescue organizations of Cockapoo out there?

The answer is definitely YES!

With the popularity and amount of love received over the years, there are for sure various rescue groups that could sincerely help dog adopters at any time.

Before we end, Wewpet is honored to send you some Cockapoo rescue clubs and organizations you might need.

  1. Poo-Mix Rescue
  2. American Cockapoo Club
  3. Cockapoo Owners Club
  4. The Cockapoo Club of GB

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