Constipation in dogs – How to recognize and treat

Constipation has many negative consequences for health.  Constipation in dogs is not uncommon, but it often happens if you do not have proper and proper care for your dog.  So what are the causes of dog constipation?  And how to cure constipation dogs?  We together with WewPet learn and refer to some information right below.


Signs that a puppy has constipation

Constipated dogs often show signs of difficulty passing bowel movements.  Although it took a long time to go to the toilet, in the end, he was unable to defecate.  Or point out some hard, dry stools.  The stool is usually stuck around the anus.  This makes it more difficult for them to defecate.  Especially difficult for some breeds of long-haired puppies such as Poodle, Colie … In rare cases, feces can also be sticky with mucus.

When a dog is constipated, squeezing will cause pain.  Many puppies may stop eating, vomiting, have a stiff and swollen abdomen, and an anal swelling and bulge  There are dogs that still have anal bleeding.  Need to bring them to the veterinarian to be checked in time.

What effect does constipation have?

With dogs, you can recognize and observe the feces so you can predict their health status.  There are many diseases in dogs, usually manifested very clearly through the feces they excrete.

In healthy dogs, dog feces are usually mahogany to dark yellow.  The stool can be hard or soft depending on the dog’s age, daily diet.  You can be able to identify and guess some of the current characteristics of the dog.  If the dog’s feces are loose or there are some unusual signs he may be sick.

A dog with constipation often makes it difficult to use the toilet.  You can even stop eating.  They may feel a burning, cramping pain in their abdomen and anal area.  When you go to the bathroom, your dog will often appear fidgety and cannot gently remove the stool.

Constipation is also relatively dangerous if you do not treat it promptly.  To avoid constipation in dogs, you should pay attention to your diet as well as daily exercise regimen.

Puppies are constipated due to the outside environment

Puppies with constipation have many different causes.  But there are two most typical causes divided by the impact from the external environment.  And because of the influence from inside the dog’s body.

  • Dogs are locked and chained for too long: they cannot be released in time, so they must be stopped often.  This happens over and over and over again, constipation in the dog.  Simply because long-term accumulation in the body will dry and harden due to water reabsorption.  This is the main reason dogs suffer from constipation
  • Constipation can be caused by ingestion of foreign objects: bones, plants, soil, or stones can cause stools to enlarge, become dry and constipation.
  • Diet also has a big impact on dog feces: If you feed your dog too much or too little fiber, they can get sick.

Dogs suffer from constipation due to internal influences

Sometimes a dog becomes constipated due to an influence from within its body.  These causes and origins are often more difficult to tell than if a dog is constipated by external environmental influences. Here, we can give a few internal causes that cause local constipation in dogs.

Sudden pain

Your dog feels pain in the anus, near the anus, or other orthopedic injuries.  May be due to the strong impact of, anal gland abscess.  In addition, arthritis also makes sitting postures difficult.  From there it makes the dog hesitant to clean and get constipated.

Bowel obstruction

Fecal excretion may also be delayed by the tumor.  They cause pain, burning, entanglement.  The hair is tangled together, forming a large bun, causing intestinal obstruction.  Usually occurs in dogs and cats with long hair.  That is not to mention visceral distortions.

Pelvic hernia

An enlarged prostate also leads to constipation.  When the pelvis breaks, after recovery, the skeleton becomes narrower.  Adversely affects the colon, limiting the flow of stool through it.


It could also be the cause of your dog’s constipation.  Neuromuscular disorders impair the function of the colon.  Spinal defects, abnormal discs in the area near the pelvis interrupt the excretion of stool.

Digestive disorders

Hypothyroidism or kidney failure can cause unstable digestive secretions and electrolyte imbalances.  This imbalance causes dehydration, reducing intestinal muscle contraction.  As a result, dogs become constipated because their feces are stored too long in the gut.

The addictive drug makes dogs constipated

If the antibiotic causes diarrhea in your dog.  Then drugs with narcotics such as pain relievers can also cause constipation in dogs.

Take care when your dog is constipated

Feed your pet pureed meat porridge with spinach or potato vegetables.  If the dog refuses to eat vegetables, pump the vegetable water with potatoes or give it to drink.  Add yogurt for good digestion.  Regularly rub, stroke the abdomen for easier digestion.  Abstain from hot, spicy foods …

Clean the anal area if any feces are on the hair.  It is best to shave around the anal area so that this does not happen.  Regular brushing of your dog will also help reduce constipation.  When the dog licks the fur, it can be swallowed up.  This hair may not be digested, making it difficult to use the toilet.

If you have tried the above methods but failed, you have to go to the veterinary hospital for an enema.  Do not handle it alone.  You may inadvertently cause other harm to your pet.

Constipated in dogs

There are many effective treatments for constipation dogs.  To cure constipation dogs, you can immediately feed your dog a raw egg.  At the same time not to eat anything else.

The effect will be much better if you combine with the use of an enema/enema to help the dog release the volume of stools in the intestine.  Note that it is not advisable to do this yourself at home.  Careful monitoring will help you recognize the ingredients that cause constipation.  Electrolyte balance to prevent dehydration is also important.

Refer to the following notes for the best prevention:

  • Get regular checkups for your dog’s health check.  This is good for the earliest detection of dog diseases.  Examples include debilitated thyroid problems, prostate disorders, and hernias.  The appearance of boil tumors.  Or the neurological problems leading to constipation dogs will be easier to spot.
  • Give your dog a diet rich in fiber.  Pumpkin, wheat, and bran are all good sources of fiber.
  • You need to provide enough water for them to drink every day.
  • Need time to exercise and exercise for the dog to reduce stress, improve health.

Preventing dogs from constipation

Constipation in dogs is often caused by inadequate food and care.  Therefore, you need to pay more attention to their diet.  Increase and add fiber properly.  Not too little, not too much.  Refer to the prescription of veterinarians.

Taking the pet for regular walks, movement helps the system of organs work more flexibly, including the intestinal system.  It is also very important to provide enough drinking water for pets.  Especially when using dog dry seed food.

Dry food and pate can be combined to add more moisture to the food.  At the same time, it helps the dog eat better.  When detecting any manifestation of any injury, it is necessary to be closely watched and promptly monitored.  Avoiding your dog’s constipation for a long time can be uncomfortable and difficult to treat.

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