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For the past ten years, training dogs has become a trend of almost all dog owners and dog obedience training near me has been the term searched with multiple frequencies. Lots of dog owners have come to training center to attend training classes or take online courses with the purpose of helping our dogs prevent fierce behavior and develop on a right track.


However, we cannot deny that many of them just keep their pets improve on their own or follow the crowd in training dogs without understanding right essences of their actions so what is a good plan for dogs? Is training dogs important and what to prepare for an easily effective train? Our post today definitely gets straight to this point.

Training facts and dog obedience training near me

Training dogs is an interesting activity for all owners. Why do we call it an activity, not responsibility? Since training meanings teaching, awarding, punishing and entertaining together with your dogs in order to show how intelligent your pets are. Now, let’s see we determine facts about training dogs to be obedient.

Why dog training is necessary?

In terms of pet training in general and for dogs in particular, dogs should be placed in both physical and mental training. Also, their fellowship with other dogs or other animals needs to be improved to satisfy their sharing need. Obviously, dogs are intelligent and have their own thought. The fact claims that

“Dogs are as intelligent as the average two – year – old child. They have the capability of understanding approximately 250 words and gestures and even can remember number from 1 to 5 or perform simple mathematical calculations”.

Nowadays, a variety of dog breeds are selected to duplicated to support human’s benefits but only dogs with training. Some of them are picked with the aim of crossbreeding while their offspring becomes our pets.  However, without training, dogs usually disobey their owners, acts fiercely and always tends to attack people and destroy things around them.

 Dog obedience training near me to enhance protection

Some breeds of dogs like Bull Mastiff, Doberma or Rottweiler have the instinct to hunt and fight with prey. It means that they can be domesticated and trained to become great guards for our houses. By contrast, if they are not trained regularly, they will lose these features.


Have you ever experienced the case that the thieves tried to intrude into your house and get all money and valuable jewelry? We already know that the society is changing every second and social devils like thieves are more popular these days. If you keep a dog with protective ability, you may avoid such piteous cases and can ensure the safety for your house, assets and even your lives.

Train dogs with good disciplines and behaviors

The objective of dog owners is to put them into strict disciplines so that they can equip themselves with the least basic skills and friendliest behaviors in daily life. In addition, the owners wish their dogs show their lovely characteristics as other pets and know to keep the house, know their own potty areas, limit barking or attack.

Everyday, it is great fun and happiness when you see your dogs know to greet you, help you pick up things in the house, play with your kids and mainly know the potty. (The potty training tips easy are leading dogs to the potty pad and keep then their when they want to meet their potty demand). Your dogs will become more polite and docile. It sounds simple but it may take a long time to make dogs acquainted with these skills.


Meet dog’s needs

Dogs can, additionally after training, improve their talents which you couldn’t recognize. For example, an Alaska dog has a long life – expectancy and a great ability to find missing.

With training, dogs have the opportunity to satisfy their running demand. As you know, one of the most featuring instinct of dog is running and moving. They demand for a lot of running to stay healthy and prevent common diseases. If you are just keeping your dogs in the house all day, you are causing dogs’ crazy legs. Particularly, they will become stubborn, naughty and devour everything (such as sofa, pillows or carpet) more often.

The importance of training dogs is not deniable. However, you need to know which kind of training is suitable for your pets. Now, see it in the following part.

Types of dogs training

There are two types of training dogs: training at home and taking a training course, including basic and advanced levels.

Basic training for dogs

Basic training dogs means force them to follow basic commands, including:

  • Remember their names and run back to you when you call him
  • Sit down (sit down or lay down)
  • Stand up, keep standing
  • Come to the owners, the command is “Come here”
  • Ask for permission: tell the dogs to get something for you or to help you in arranging objects
  • Be gentle, be calm and stop barking when you require
  • Go somewhere (you tell the dogs to go to the toilet or to the garden….)

Dog Obedience Training Near Me

These commands, in general, are quite easy to make sense to dogs. Many people use their signals with hands and legs to teach dogs basic commands. They are sometimes successfully but sometimes they fail. You may have tried your best but training has its own rules and secrets to make every dog obedient and follow the commands of the owners.

Advanced training for dogs

After the first stage (basic training), your dogs can jump to advanced commands as bellows:

  • Walk faster or run, slow down or stop (dogs should understand your requirements to speed up or slow down)
  • Walk backwards
  • Dog head – down
  • Watch me/ see me/ look at me
  • Wait for someone
  • Put something away
  • Find something
  • Touch something, smell something
  • Leave something
  • Hold/ drop something
  • Speak
  • Keep quiet/ listen to me
  • Heel
  • Turn left/ turn right/ turn around

At this level, all commands are getting more difficult to teach if the owners do not know how. Some guides in the internet may work but it’s not all.

In home dog training

We know a lot of dog owners apply self – training (here, we only mention the successful owners). Home training is like the owners build a plan with a list of commands which they think are both basic and advanced.


However, the result is often only 20% success with basic commands like sit down or lay down. Hardly can they train the dogs even with hundreds of tips searched online. What we mean is home training for dogs has itself a lot of difficulties and inadequacies. Many of them, after home training, look for training course to save time and gain effective results.

Taking dog training course

As mentioned above, training dogs includes physical and mental training. A training course for dog contains various lessons and mainly focuses on mental teaching, usually called brain training. In fact, this plan has both pros and cons but the former prevails over the latter. Here are more details:

Pros of dog training course are

  • Perfect training schedule for every part of the programs, including basic and advanced
  • Provide full of training accessories
  • Professional and experienced trainers give right ways of training
  • Dogs become more intelligent
  • Comprehensive dog development: health, socialization, awareness and skills
  • Shorten the time of training dogs (about 4 – 5 months/ course
  • Others

The owners need to pay for such a course and it’s a deserving amount and no stress, no anger arising, compared with self – training. With dog obedience training near me the all the content and skills overcome home – train.

Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Dog tricks

Dog tricks are a form of super advanced dog training, which requires difficult signals and takes time. Some dogs are trained with tricks without passing basic commands but usually, it is a continuous path from basic – advanced to tricks.

List of dog tricks

Out of 101 dog tricks, here is the list of the most common ones that every pet owner can consult:

  • High five
  • Wave goodbye
  • Shake hands
  • Sit nicely/ Sit pretty
  • Bow
  • Play dead
  • Roll – over
  • Spin/ Turn around
  • Weave through legs
  • Crawl
  • Kiss
  • Shake the body (“Shake yourself)
  • Jump over
  • Say prayers
  • Handstand/ Stand on hands
  • Peekaboo
  • Tuck in bed
  • Yawn
  • Limping
  • Moon walk


To cover all the tricks in the list, you may need 2 years or more with self – training and even for such a long time, dogs can only do some tricks. Training dog tricks is much difficult than common commands. However, it will be simpler if you have got a training course which helps you release inside power of your pets and discover a wide variety of games and activities to oblige the dogs to obey your words. The secret is now revealed with a free – charged book plus that is Brain Training for Dogs.


Why training dogs with dog tricks is important?

Teaching dog tricks is a method to fulfill dogs’ needs for their affection. Instead of shouting at your dogs or just leaving them for tedious days, you can teach your dogs with some simple tricks like kiss, hug, shake hands… to help you both relax.

Dog tricks are actually built on the basis of basic commands but it’s mainly towards metal stimulation for dogs. It’s much relaxing and fun for your dogs if they can do tricks. Besides the time playing with you, your dogs can itself do tricks with their fellows, maybe their neighbors as they also need to socialize.

To prepare for professional training, equip at least the following items as recommended from dog obedience training near me.

Petsmart dog training

One of the most important requirements in training dogs is dog accessory, as known as petsmart. Teaching dogs with no tool or equipping them with no accessories will make your pets so boring. Accessories help dog improve their appearance (adding some make up is interesting). For a dog lover, the followings are the least equipment they should have for their own dog training classes:


1. Dog kennel

During the first period since you started to bring a dog, as you do haven’t trained anything, it is vital to buy him a kennel, which ensures that they have sanitary potty. When it is a puppy, you had better put a small pad under the kennel for the dog’ potty.

A kennel is also the dog’s house. It protects dogs from bad weather and the attack of bigger dogs or the tease of kids.

2. Dog bowls

There should have at least two bowls for dogs, including eating and drinking bowl. Some people use their bowl to make dog’s bowl after they finish their meals. It is counter science. Buying separate bowls for them to train them keep safety and sanitary while eating.

Even after eating, dogs can put their bowls away if being trained. One useful tip is putting a drinking bowl next to the eating bowl so that you pet can distinguish them from each other. For instance, when your dog wants water, they will come to you with the drinking bowl.

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3. Dog leash/ collar

Dog leash is one accessory that you cannot omit in your dog’s life. It has a lot of benefits:

  • Avoid missing dogs
  • Control bad behavior of your dog when he is about to attack other people
  • Save the wild life by preventing your dogs from potting or biting leaves and grass
  • Set a model for other people who do not leash their dogs

Dogs with leashes are usually aware that they are controlling so they need to eliminate fierce behaviors and give the good ones. One note you should remember is that do not always leash your dogs. Sometimes, you have to put the leash out to make your pets comfortable.

Dog leashes are used a lot in training to help trainers control the dogs, orientate them and protect themselves when dogs are not obedient.

4. Dog grooming comb, nippers, shampoo

Grooming combs, nippers and shampoo are of necessity to keep your dogs in good appearance and comfort all day long. Let’s see the uses of each accessory.

  • Grooming combs helps to shape the dog hair, makes it smooth and limits hair scratching around the house.
  • Nippers take care of dogs’ claws when they are long and thick
  • Shampoo helps dog hygiene every day, remove lice out of their hair

You ought to choose the right brand of shampoo only for dogs otherwise it cannot help for dog hair if you buy the wrong one. In the beginning time, bathing for dog can be hard but with dog trainers near me you may learn lots of useful tips to make dogs bath docilely.

5. Toothbrush for dogs

After eating, food residue is always stick to the teeth, which causes discomfort, bad breath and some tooth decays for dogs. Therefore, a toothbrush will help wipe away these problems and keep the dog teeth clean all the time. Helping dogs brush their teeth everyday is a good habit.

6. Dog toys

With or even without training, dogs should have some toys to play with let alone some dogs do not have any fellows. Do not bring up a dog and give him loneliness the whole day. You had better buy them some toys in bone or ball shape and toys making sound.

Playing with a bone inside the house or out in the garden can bring fun and relaxation for dogs the whole day and even the whole week. This is also a way to help them make moves as their instincts.

There are many more accessories that you can equip for your dogs if you spend more budget on them. However, remember to prepare at least 6 items above to support your training dogs.

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Problems and solutions in training dogs

On contrary to learning, successful training dogs require a lot of skills and technics, not mention to knowledge and facts about dogs. In this part, wewpet is going to share with you practical difficulties that almost all new dog trainers have to deal with and solutions to them.


Dog Obedience Training Near Me

Problems in dog training

1. Do not understand dogs’ instincts

About 60 – 70% dog owners do not understand natural instincts of their dogs so they only treat them with their old habits without caring whether the dogs are satisfied or not. There are top 10 facts about dogs you must know before dog training:

  • Digging

Dogs are much interested in digging. You can regard digging as a dirty activity but dogs consider digging as an entertaining sport. They can dig everywhere and anytime they have a chance and sometimes you cannot stop them.

  • Chewing

Chewing is fort of dogs. They chew everything, which means they can destroy your soft stuff such as pillow, sofa, clothes and carpets.

  • Begging

Dogs always beg people with food while you are eating. This is a bad instinct that you have to change for your pets. If you have dogs, you know that they often sit or stand next to the dining table and wait for you to give them some food or even food residue.

  • Disobeying when being called

Do not obey when you call him (not coming). It is not dog’s ear problem but it’s their instinct.

  • Pulling on the collar/ leash

Dogs often pull on the leash as they want to escape from the leash, especially when you walk them in the directions they do not like.

  • Whining

Dogs like whining to get attention from human. That’s when they want to be petted. This sometimes distracts you if you are focusing on your work.

  • Barking

Dogs like barking at the door even when there is nobody back to the door. You can recognize that if the dogs are bored with playing in the house, they’ll bark at the door to attract people to free them.

  • Jumping

It is a natural action when they jump to their beloved owners to greet them. It is such a happiness but it will become anger if you have dressed yourself to a party and welcomed a jump from your stubborn dog that has just dug in the garden.

  • Biting

Biting is also a bad instinct of a dog. He can bite your ankle when he comes after you or bite strange people – your friends. That’s ashaming.

2. Skills in training dogs

Dog training is a long journey with lots of hinderances which require you many skills to overcome all the difficulties to achieve success. Here, we are listing top 4 most essential skills you should have for training dogs.

  • Being patient

As said before, training is not finished within some days but months and years. Hence, you need to keep patient all the time to hide your anger to your dogs and to keep your motivation until the end of training.

  • Supervising

One of the most important skills in training dogs is supervising. You must keep an eye on your dogs at all times to check whether they obey your commands or do right actions. Once loosing concentration, you will not know how your dogs make progress.

  • Rewarding

Rewarding is a very significant skill that not many dog trainers possess. Rewarding includes words and gifts: what you say to your dogs to reward them and what you should prepare for them as a gift.

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There are many more difficulties in this field but we everything will be nice if you have a good knowledge of training skills. For self- training, it would be much harder to discover on your own tips and tricks. It’s still possible for your training success but takes a long time and requires you to be the most patients.

However, it can be a better choice for you to take a course by seeking dog obedience training near me which contains a pack of training instructions and practical cases for you to follow or your dogs will be trained directly by hands – on experienced trainers. It is meaningless if you try to prepare as many as accessories for dogs and training while you do not understand what the real training is.

A course is built with logical system, including details in every step and how to assess the progress and the effectiveness of your work. You will no longer get stressed or stuck during training, especially when you have no idea to stop your dogs digging, jumping and disobeying. Have you ever dreamed to become the owner training the best dog ever? Why not? Let’s try. It won’t cost you anything if you succeed, not mention to happiness and full of fun for the rest of your life with your buddies. Now, click the “Instant Access” button below to get started your dreamy journey ahead.

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