Egyptian Mau – A symbol of worship

Have you ever heard about a cat breed that used to be elevated to godhood? People worshipped them and considered them as their religion, mythology and work of art. You may be thinking about … That’s right! Today, all of the stages are definitely for our Egyptian Mau. WewPet gives you another secret that this breed is one of the most elegant and rare species around the world. What makes them so special and desired by many cat fanciers? Let’s find out!


Comprehensive recognition of an Egyptian Mau

Now, don’t let you have to wait anymore, we are ready to give you a thorough understanding so that you can realize this special kitty when you come her across.

Back to history

Amazingly, these Egyptian Mau cats are one of the oldest cat breeds on earth. Over 4000 years ago, they were the symbol of Ancient Egypt. You can find these little kitties in any religious activities of the Ancient Egyptians. They were worshipped in the same way as God and even mummified upon death.

This respectable breed is the only domestic cats with a natural spotted pattern. In some researches, they are thought to be descendants of a subspecies of the African wild cat. The word “Mau” also means “cat” in the Egyptian language, as a way to remark the origin of this worshipful creature. Therefore, saying “Egyptian Mau Cat” or “Mau cat” is a little bit redundant in this case.

Due to either their natural beauty or their good characteristics, selective breeding processes began in the 1950s. Russian Princess, Nathalie Troubetskoy, was the person who imported the first Mau into the United States.

At first, it was difficult to maintain the desired qualities of appearance and temperament because the gene pool was so limited. Fortunately, thanks to a variety of recent imports, this situation has been improved. As a result, there come such elegant, attractive and intelligent modern Egyptian cats nowadays.

Because of their natural beauty and good manners, they have been beloved all around the world. In 1977, they were recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association, followed by the International Cat Association after two years.

How do you feel after knowing the unique and antique history of this breed? Amazing, right?


This breed is medium-sized, and the male cats are quite larger than their female counterparts. Their ideal weight is between 6 and 14 pounds and they can be 24 inches tall.

  • Distinctive coats:

What makes the Egyptian felines extraordinary is their coat, with 4 main colors: silver, bronze, black or smoke. The most special thing seems to be the pattern of spots, which is also a unique signature trait of each cat. It varies in shape and placement, can be in the shape of a round or oblong, creating a vivid and distinct picture covering their body.

Interestingly, the spots only appear on the edge of their fur. You can see the strong contrast between the color of the spots and the fur behind them.

  • Expressive eyes:

Many cat fanciers in the world are fond of their large, alert and moon eyes. How about you? The only thing that you can not find in any other breeds is the unusual color of their eyes as they are mature. That color is called gooseberry green, which is a distinct shade of green and differs from the deeper richer green.

  • “M” mark:

These Maus have typical tabby markings in the “M” shape on their forehead, the same as the mark of the scarab beetle. This characteristic is believed to have originated from the ancient Egyptian breed.

  • Two “mascara” lines on each cheek:

There is humor that these kitties put on mascara makeup. One begins at the corner of the eye and the other along the contour of the cheek. Coincidentally, ancient Egyptian women have been well-known for their impressive lines around the rim of their eyes. Thus, they were thought to use their own makeup to mimic the breed’s markings.


  • Shy but gentle and affectionate:

Yes, that’s true. These Egypt-origin cats love their owner who always gives them attention and affection. As long as you build a strong attachment to this companion, you can feel the love that she is expressing.

When she is happy and satisfied, you can notice her wagging tail and kneading paws. How cute! Or she can use a voice which chortles and trills to have a conversation with you.

Friendly as she is, your Mau turns to be shy and reserved when meeting strangers. As a result, it is essential for her to have continuing socialization as soon as possible, especially if you are a travel-addicted and want to bring her along during your trip. Otherwise, she can be easily scared and startled by unexpected noise or events.

  • Intelligent:

Needless to say, Maus are one of the smartest cats on earth. Don’t be surprised that they can learn how to open doors and drawers to take their favorite things, such as a cat toy or a yummy treat. What’s more, puzzle toys can not defeat these geniuses. They are just a piece of cake! In case your pet can manipulate them, she deserves to be rewarded with kibble or her favorite treat.

  • Friendly with kids:

With the naturally gentle and laid-back personality, they can get on well with young children who know how to respect them. However, it is much better to let them play with several older kids that can match their intelligence and behave properly.

What do they love?

  • Playful and savvy hunters:

Inheriting the hunting nature from their ancestors, these Mau cats are interested in fetching and hunting activities. If allowed outside, it is a great time for them to show off their natural skills. Rodents or birds are highly within their reach and easily caught.

Besides, they are born to become excellent athletes. Jumping and climbing are absolutely their cups of tea. Thus, you should design or buy perches and cat trees so that they can freely satisfy their interests. If not, with their own creativity, the top of your refrigerator, or bookcases, or even your shoulders will be their perches.

When they do not play fetch, they often opt for sitting in your lap, enjoying the feeling of being worshipped as their ancestors.

  • Water sprites:

The Egyptian kitties are big fans of water, unlike most cats. It is funny to watch your lovely pet happily dip her paws into a bathtub or an aquarium. To satisfy her great love for the water, she can also turn on faucets to play with flowing water.

It is a little bit annoying to towel up the area around your Mau water dish frequently since she is fond of splashing the water out of her bowl. But if you get used to it, you can consider it as a cute thing ever to watch that scene.

How to care for the Egyptian Mau breed?

You have to take a lot of things into consideration before adopting a cat because it is much more complicated than you can expect. Being responsible for a pet is not easy and it requires certain knowledge. We are here to provide you some useful information that can help you and your small Mau companion.



Luckily, when it comes to grooming, they are easy cats. They have a medium-length coat and love to be brushed. They vary in the texture of the fur, which depends on their coat’s color.

Kitties with smoke fur are quite silky and fine, while the silver or bronze counterparts have more dense and resilient texture. The thicker the coat is, the more regular it needs to be brushed. Once per week is acceptable to help keep the fur shiny and healthy.

Here is a tip for you: Take the foot of an old pair of tights, put it over your hand and pet your cat with that. It is useful to pull a lot of dead furs off and save your time.


Your Mau requires weekly nail trimming. In terms of ears, it is essential to clean them by using a suitable cleanser recommended by your vet. Dental hygiene is important, too. Vet-approved pet toothpaste is a good choice to maintain good health and fresh breath. In order to make these cleaning steps easier, you should help her soon get familiar with them when she is just a little kitten.

Food diet

These Egyptian cats do not require any breed-specific nutritional needs. Nevertheless, it is necessary to know their eating habits. Don’t misunderstand that they are anorexic when eating just some bites at a meal over the day. It is kind of their interest.

The Maus can become the nutritionist of their own. Therefore, you can leave some dry food in their bowl and let them be a free feeder. You can also prepare a small quantity of wet food at certain times so that your Mau can absorb adequate protein and nutrients.

Remember to feed them high-quality food regardless of whether that is dry or wet products. Besides, regular clean water is extremely good for their health.

Health problems

Even though this breed is generally healthy, all cats still have high chances to suffer from some genetic health issues, like human beings. Don’t trust any breeders who claim that your pet has no health or genetic problem at all; they are cheating you or perhaps they are not knowledgeable about that breed.

A genetic issue that your Mau can face is called leukodystrophy – a neurological condition that can attack a 7-week-old kitten. It is essential to take her to a veterinarian or a professional in time so that she would be received proper treatment. When buying a cat from breeders, it is also wise to choose those who provide a written health guarantee.

Another problem that you can totally control is obesity. You should frequently keep an eye on your kitty’s weight to have a necessary adjustment to her diet. Also, in order to maintain a healthy body, regular exercise is indispensable.

This breed can live happily between 12 and 15 years as long as you give them regular checkups and care for them with your heart.

Top #3 fun facts of the Egyptian Maus


They are Greyhounds of the cat world

Maus are true racers. They run extremely fast, clocking at over 30 miles per hour. That’s amazing with their medium-sized appearance. The speed of cheetahs, the fastest creatures in the world, is about 60 miles per hour. It is true to say that our Maus are built like those fastest friends. They own longer back legs and a skin flap extending from their abdomen to their back knee. This two charateristis help them move quicker with a wider range of motion and a longer stride.

They have longer pregnancies

Compared to other cat breeds, female Maus have a longer gestation period; the average time is around 65 to 67 days. After giving birth, Mau mothers often stay with their children for an average period of 73 days. They are really good moms, right?

How to find an Egyptian Mau for sale

You can purchase a two-month-old kitten with the lowest price of around $200. The cost varies considerably due to the quality of the breed, which can reach up to $1800. Choosing a reliable breeder or a pet service is very important.

It’s time to let a little Mau enter into your life and make it more memorable. You need time to understand a new friend, and so does your Mau. Be patient and we are sure that she is exactly who you have been looking for.

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