Master French bulldog puppies in 4 effective ways

French bulldog puppies were discovered in the middle of 19th century in France but originated from England. This kind if brought up to make a friend of human, then they have become friendly buddies in American families. They are highly appreciated and well – known for their comfortable, mercurial and affectionate characteristics. In addition, they can be very skillful hunters.

This article is going into details about origins, feature and instructions for training a good bulldog to be good one. Now, let’s discover with WewPet.


Origins and history of French bulldog puppies

French bulldog puppies origin

The French bulldog puppies were  crossbred in the year 1860 by immigrants from English to France. They were who crossbred the same kind from England and terrier dog in order to generate a different breed with dominant genes of the two kinds and with smaller size and less fierce.

Different from the fierce history of bulldog ancestors, the French breed had a serene annals since their born in 1860. At that time, some sports such as bull baiting was forbidden in Europe, which was partially due to the small size and gentle characteristics of the bulldogs which thwarted them from fighting. Instead, they were fed and made to some easy housework together with human such as catching mice and keeping house.

History of French bulldog puppies

At first, the French bulldog was called bulldog (as same as their English ancestor’s name). However, when this dog was taken to the dog gallery in English late in century 19, the origin of this dog became a controversial name because the English people thought that bulldog was a native featuring breed and a cultural symbol of England. The French dog should add “French” and remove “England” so that everyone would not mislead the two breeds with each other.


French bulldogs for sale

The glamor beauty, lovely petite body and hyperactive characteristics made French and European go mad. Since then, this dog has been duplicated to be adopted by the wealth and noble classes there.

Nonetheless, due to natural reproduction problem, there was a small number of successfully duplicated bulldogs. Therefore, this kind of dog has been rare and pricey and it’s not always easy to hunt cheap French bulldog puppies under $500.

Features of  French bulldog puppies

1. Unique thoroughbred appearance

  • Bulldog sizes of French bulldog puppies

This bulldog has small body with the weight from 15 to 28 pounds and the height (from shoulder to feet) not over 11 inches, most of them are about 9.8 inches while an English bulldog is about nearly twice taller. For the French breed, they meet the requirements of standard beauty.

  • Body balance

You can see the body of a bulldog like this small but very muscular, especially when he walks or runs. The shoulders are large and larger than hips. It is because the bulldog owners often put them in a physical training when they are still French bulldog puppies. Some exercises suitable for them are running, high jumping and weights pulling.

  • Bulldog hair and head

Bulldogs have short, thin and velvety hair, big and thin ears which always erect. The black hair is popular but sometimes, you can see strange color in a blue French bulldog.

The head is round and the forehead is olimpie brow. Their eyes are dark and far to each other. Besides, they have flat noses that are usually upturned; the muzzle is short and the jaw and teeth are strong. Bulldogs’ skin is soft but their face skin is thick and waved into layers.

2. Characteristics of French bulldog puppies

Unlike the bulldogs from England which are lazy to exercise, French bulldog puppies are fun and naughty. They like running, exercising and playing with people, especially children. They like being with people all the time so they are affectionate and emotional. They also have common habits as other dog breeds that they want to be cuddled, head – rubbed and massaged. They will feel unhappy if they are alone and the owners do not care for them.


The bulldogs are friendly and hardly bite people except for someone that keeps teasing them and making them angry. This breed has a good capability of keeping house. Even though they are gentle but always watch out for everything. They will not stop barking if they see strangers coming into the house.

It is not easy to train a bulldog since they are quite stubborn. Therefore, if you possess a bulldog, you need to teach them small skills with cordial attitude to keep them obedient. At relaxing time, bulldogs like laying on soft stuff such as sofa, foam cushion and blankets in which they can spend all day sleeping if no one takes them out or walks them.

One good thing is that if you do not pay attention to training your little bull, he will not need to exercise too much; just 15 – 20 minutes walking in the park or backyard is enough. That’s why a lot of people living in the apartment complex like brining bulldogs up.

Notes to take care of French bulldog puppies

1. Food for French bulldog

Feeding a bulldog, you had better use available processed food for dog. These food has full of nutrients and special flavor for dog breeds, which helps them digest well and stay healthy. Avoid feeding fresh food like kinds of meat causing malnutrition and weak resistance.

Although it is a special breed of dog, the food for them is simple and not choosy. You only have to set a nutrient diet, avoiding fat food.


2. Exercises for French bulldogs

This kind of bulldogs like eating and they can eat everything. By contrast, they are super lazy in doing exercises so obesity often occurs and has an undesirable impact on their health and even shorten life expectancy.

To limit such risks, we suggest you walk them out and stimulate them to run in spacy areas for half an hour a day. It will be better if there are some dogs to play with them to improve their physical and communicative ability.

There are some common and effective exercises for bulldogs are: ball catching, sticks, jogging or ball throwing. Rubber sticks are highly recommended; do not use wooden sticks because they are hard and easy to wound your pet. Also, for some first time walking the dogs, you ought to equip him with a leash or a collar to prevent his running far away.

3. Notes for French bulldog caring

Bulldogs have a lot of health problems, especially they are living in hot areas. The fact is that the French bulldogs come from Europe where the weather is cold so if you are in hot or tropical countries, it’s extremely to care about the temperature inside and outside its house. The body of bulldog is sensitive to temperature and there are many cases of bulldog thermal shock happening while they are playing outside.

Besides, you need to keep warm for them in the winter and when the temperature is over 32 Celsius. Changing places with different temperatures can lead to thermal shock, for example: getting out of the cooled room (using an air conditioner) to a sunny playground.

Another notice for those who do not know much about this breed: a bulldog from France usually have respiratory problem. That’s common. Hence, do not worry if your bulldog wheezes.

The bulldogs do not know to swim so do not let them swim in deep water areas.

A noticeable issue is about bulldogs’ reproduction. In many cases, female bulldogs need surgeries to get the French bulldog puppies out, after which some bulldog moms cannot overcome the surgeries and pass away. That’s one reason why the number of successful breeding cases is just small.

Training a French bulldog

Training a French bulldog is significantly important for all bulldog owners because it directly influences its development. Training is also a good way to help your dog protect his health and build up a good body shape.

So why you need to train the bulldogs? What to train and how to train them? In this part, we are helping you find the answers.

You will need: Quickest search for Dog Obedience Training Near Me

Why training French bulldog puppies is necessary?

This is the very first question which determines more than 50 percent of your success in training. And the answer is that when you find enough reasons for your training bulldog then you will have got enough motivation and actions to make training effective.


For bulldog in particular and other dog breeds in general, training has a desirable impact on their comprehensive development. If you apply wrong ways, training dogs to be obedient seems to be beyond your reach.

Training dogs makes them more intelligent and flexible otherwise they will lose their inherent nature and can’t ensure the standard of a French bulldog.

How to train a bulldog puppy

To have right methods, you need to spend time searching and collecting tips from different sources or follow prestigious sites. Mostly, there are two periods of bulldog training as below.

#1 Training bulldog puppies

Actually, it is correct to say taking care of French bulldog puppies. They are too small to understand all things they are taught. For Frenchie puppies, the most important point is teaching them time to eat, sleep, do exercises and potty areas. There are some basic commands you can teach them such as:

  • Stand / sit
  • French bulldog puppies’ Jump
  • Run around
  • Come when you call their names

After this stage, they should get used to potty training and have good daily routine with timetable set up before.

#2 Training mature bulldogs

During the mature period, bulldogs should be trained to strengthen their muscles. The effective and easy training lesson is to walking dogs and playing with them. You can by some wires, balls or Frisbees to diversify the activities and make your lessons more interesting.

Summary of caring and training

From our experience, we can claim that bringing up a French bull dog is not simple as he has his own features and requests a special diet and exercising intense, which requires you to prepare a good command of these contents. In this part, we will summarize some most vital tips to support you in terms of caring and training bulldogs.

#1 Create large, clean and comfortable living space

Not only for bulldogs but also for all kinds of pets, a large are with good conditions will bring a lot of comfort. Bulldogs are passionate for running and hunting so if their space is limited, their energies will not be released and will decrease soon. Destroying stuff in the house is one consequence of living in narrow place. It is, additionally, convenient as you can put equipment for your dogs in such a space.

#2 Be patient in following a suitable diet

Breaking the diet or following no diet are the causes to health problems and digestive diseases in your dogs. Once you set up a diet from the start, please follow it strictly so that the digest of the dog does not have to adapt to new change so regularly.

However, there are different diets in each stages as mentioned above. Keeping only one diet since they are born till they are mature can make your dogs bored with the food repeating every meal.

#3 Keep good attitude in training

We already know that bulldog is a kind that often requires care and love from owners. They will become fiercer and easily angrier if the owners are too strict and usually scold at them. Thus, you should keep friendly and orienting attitude in daily care and train to your little buddy.

#4 Update new activities for bulldogs

Bulldogs are smart and eager to experience new games and activities. Therefore, it is of necessity to search in the internet for updated exercises and games to teach and entertain your dogs, which will arouse more interest and inspiration of your dogs in learning.

In Conclusion

Above, we’ve provided the most general introduction about French bulldog puppies and we hope that you’ve had good time of reading and these details will bring you something new in raising this special bulldog breed. The most important note that WewPet wants you to remember is to find love in every step you take for caring a bulldog.

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