Himalayan Cat – A Persian in a siamese drag

Are you a big fan of Himalayan cats, one of the most popular cat breed not only in the US but also around the world? If your answer is a big big big YES, then this post is totally for you. Today, WewPet will give you a comprehensive understanding of the reasons why we call these friends “a Persian in a Siamese drag”.

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How to recognize a Himalayan cat?

Himalayan cats are frequently called Himmie for short. In this part, you are likely to have a full photo of how these popular kitties look like from ears to tails, what makes them so beloved by cats fanciers and their special likes and dislikes.


They are medium-sized and often weigh between 7 to 12 pounds. Like most cat breeds, male cats are generally larger than their female counterparts. The typical Himalayan felines are around 25 – 30 cm tall and 43 – 48 long.

But don’t be misled by their seem-to-be-weak look. The Himmies possess a deceptively robust body, so for many people, they are like bricks putting on long silky clothes.

Inheriting quite a lot from the Persian breed, they maintain sweet expression and many soft round lines including their large, round head, little ears with rounded tips, large, round eyes and lovely cheeks. They look quite slow with their short, thick legs and large, round, firm paws. The most interesting feature of the Himmie friends are their short waggling tail, but with the length of their body, it is proportional.

What is your favorite point to look at a cat? As far as we’re concerned, the most attractive part is their amazing eyes. For this point, they are not similar to the Persian and the Exotic ones who have somewhat various eye colors; the Himmies’ eyes are so “Himalayan cat” with only one unique color: deep, vivid blue.

Moving to their beautiful long-haired coat which makes many people in the world crazy. Their bulk of the fur is often white or cream with colorful points: Black, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red and Cream. The colorpoints can also be Tabby or Tortoiseshell-patterned as a result of crossing with the Siamese.


The Himalayan cat breed is the typical type of indoor cats.

Affectionate but discriminating

Like most of their cousins, they truly seek out human companionship, but they never show it. Sitting in your lap tend to be their favorite place when they would be gently petted and stroked. You can notice the satisfaction on their delightaful face, which can totally make your day.

However, don’t assume that they are friendly with strangers. Though affectionate as the Himmies are, they only give love and play with your family members and some special guests that they feel secure to be close with.

You love cats but so busy with your work that you are afraid that they are troublesome when you are working? That’s true for many cats, but not the Himalayan ones. In this case, they are content to play with her own toys, adorn a chair or do some other stuff until you are free enough to give them the attention that they really love but never demand.


A noisy environment is not suitable for the Himalayan kitties. They prefer staying for long hours in a serene and quiet home where there are hardly changes from day to day. If you are living alone or living in a house with many adults, then the Himalayan cats are truly a perfect choice.


They know exactly what they need and how to express it through their soft, pleasant and musical voice. You can realize their simple needs by noticing some differences in the tone of their voice during they are enjoying their regular meals, playing the chasing game with their beloved owners or waiting for your attention.

Social with kind children

The Himalayan felines can get on well with kids that are able to play with them some chasing game and gently comb their beautiful hair. As a result, you should teach your children how to treat a cat properly, how to express their love for these little friends in the right way to avoid any unexpected accidents.


Chasing games

Yes! They will appreciate it when you spend some time playing with them and letting them chase an interactive toy. Why not go outside with your cute companion and have a great Sunday, right?

Hanging out

As lazy as the Himalayan cats look, they are rather energetic and are considered to be one of the most playful cats. They love playing with a ball or rolling on the floor. In case you are such a busy person, try to spend little time playing with them to strengthen the bond between you and your little Himmie.

Not climbing

Are you worried whether they like to jump up onto your kitchen counters, top of your refrigerator or your curtains and then leave a mess? Luckily, those mentioned places are not their cup of tea, perhaps due to their short legs, which make them difficult to climb up.

How to care for a Himalayan cat?

Many people think that the most difficult part that they have to consider carefully before adopting a cat is to care for her. That’s TRUE!!! Caring for a kitty from kitten to adult is never easy. There are hundreds of knowledge which you must prepare to help maintain the overall healthy development of your small companion.



Due to the beautiful long-haired coat, the Himmies require no professional skill but daily grooming to stay clean and tangle-free. A soft brush is an effective tool to help you learn how to gently but thoroughly comb that shiny coat.


Besides daily grooming, it is essential to give them regular bathing, at least once a month to get rid of dirty stuff sticking to their long fur.

You should remember that cats are hygiene addicts, even their litter box. In case it is not frequently cleaned up, they are likely to stop using the box. One more reason why you should keep the litter box clean is to avoid their urine waste to be lodged in their soft paws or beautiful coat.

Himalayan kitties are prone to suffer from excessive tearing, which can lead to the forming of under-eye stains. To prevent it, you should use a soft towel to wipe the corners of their eyes every day.

Regular dental hygiene is another essential caring that you should know to prevent periodontal disease from attack. Of course, if you can give your feline’s teeth daily brushing, then it is the best thing ever. Nevertheless, weekly hygiene is better than nothing.

Food diet and exercise

The Himmies do not require any special diet. You should keep an eye on their weight to make sure that they are not overweighted because their deceptive long furs hardly show their real weight. If it is hard for you to design a healthy diet for your kitty, advice from a veterinarian is really helpful.

With a proper quantity of food and water intake, regular exercises, frequent checkups and lots of your love, a Himalayan kitten can live happily up to 15 years.

Health problems

Unfortunately, the Himalayan breed is prone to suffer from many genetic issues.

Breathing difficulty or noisy breathing

This is considered to be the result of their compacted snout and airway.

Cherry eye

Like what the name says, it is an eye condition when there is a red mass on the corner of your feline friend’s eye, causing the third eyelid to well and then irritation. In order to treat this problem, you should take her to your veterinarian and frequently, he can help your cat with the interruption of surgery.

Primary seborrhea

It happens as skin cells are overproduced, resulting in greasy, scaly and smelly skin. However, it is not so serious because it can be treated with medication and special shampoos.

Polycystic kidney disease

It is an inherited problem. Himalayan kittens start to show the symptoms when they lose their appetite for meals, vomit, drink excessively, frequently urine or even when they are depressed. This issue is dangerous since it prevents the kidneys from working properly by the formation of cysts of fluid.

The best way to diagnose the disease is to take your cat to a veterinarian or professional. Then he will tell you what you need to do for your cat such as special diets, medication and hormone therapy.

Top 6 fun facts of the Himalayan cat breed

Are you interested in exploring several funniest stories of these little friends? Let’s have a look!

➱ They are man-made cat breed

Yes, they are not natural. It is believed that the stunning Himalayan cat breed was the result of the crossing process between a Siamese and a Persian to take the outstanding features, especially blue eyes of the Siamese cats.

In 1931, this idea was conducted with the first aim was to determine how the caller point gene was passed on. After several years, under the supervision of the cat breeder Virginia Cobb and the Harvard Medical School researcher named Clyde Keeler, another research was taken to develop long-haired cats with the distinctive color points of a Siamese feline.

➱ They are one of the most controversial breeds

Why controversial? Now we will be back to history…

The Himalayan cat breed was recognized as a distinct breed by the CFA in 1957. But after nearly 15 years, the CFA Board of Directors withdrawn this recognition, reclassify it as a color variety of the Persian.

By contrast, cat groups that were against the fact that the Himmies are classified separately fromm the Persian group were the American Association of Cat Enthusiasts, the American Cat Fanciers Association, and the Traditional Cat Association.

Therefore, the answer to the question “Are they a variety of the Persian or a distinct cat breed?” depends on which cat association you believe in. However, no matter who they originated from, the Himalayan felines are still one of the most preferential cats all over the world.

➱ Cats that hold the Guinness World Record

That’s so interesting, right?

Colonel Meow, a Himalayan Persian kitty held the Guinness World Record in 2012 for the longest fur of a cat.

Do you know who is the smallest cat on earth? That is Tinker Toy, another Himmie.

The heaviest cat? This record was for Lux with a weight of 22 lbs.

➱ Celebrities in the cat world

It’s Luna, the Fashion Kitty. She is a well-known fashionista on the internet world to share her amazing outfits online. She is truly a celebrity when having over a million likes on Facebook. Wowwww, do you know her? We guess that you are going to search for her name right away, right?

➱ Cats with a pug face

YES! You are not cheated. It is such an interesting feature that distinguishes them from other pets. Their face looks similar to Pug’s, with the large rounded head and face pushed in. This type of face is often referred to as “Peke Face”.

Another type is called “Doll Face”, which is a longer, more out and about nose, only positioned a little lower.

➱ It is quite easy to find a Himalayan cat for sale

Since they are one of the most desired cats in the world, you can purchase a Himalayan kitten from a breeder or a pet store. However, it is difficult to find a highly reliable breeder because the Himmie is cross-breed, it requires a high level of expertise when it comes to breeding. Buying a Himalayan from a breeder is much more expensive but more reliable than from a pet shop.

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