How To Discipline A Cat – And Kitten

We all know that cats are a special animal. They are one of the most popular pets. Nowadays, there are many people in the world who are keeping cats. However, people will find it difficult to raise cats because this job takes a lot of time, effort and especially perseverance. Thus, people often wonder how to discipline a cats and kitten?

After observing and living with cats for a long time, we have found many ways which is not only help us understand them but also help them to behave better. Let’s analyze more clearly about their manifestations and the root of these behaviours, then find out the appropriate methods to answer ‘how to discipline a cat and kitten’. So, If you are owning a cat, don’t worry. Everything will have its solutions.

1. Why do cats misbehave and common bad behaveiours of cats

Why do cats misbehave

First, depending on the type of cat and the personality of each individual, they will have different expressions. This is one of the reasons why cats behave badly and the severity of this is different.

Second, don’t forget to check their health status before giving too much judgment because sometimes they are in a health condition which is too bad to show bad behaveviours.


The last and the most important, the influence from the owner is tremendous. If we are using inappropriate methods, we will not understand and could not be able to train them. The following are some common bad behaviours. It helps you to know clearly ‘how to discipline a cat’

 #7 common bad behaveiours of cats

  • Jumping on the counters: Many cats love heights. They like to jump and play or lie in the places where we don’t want them to be.
  • Chewing: They chew things such as your documents, electrical cords, or furniture in your house.
  • Scratching: They often scratch the household furniture suffers (sofa, mattress…)
  • Playing: Some cats are hyperactive. They play and require us to play with them throughout the day. They run around the house to show us their excess On the contrary, many cats who sleep too much to make them look fat, dull and lifeless. Both are the problem.
  • Attacking your feet or legs: Mischievous cats like to play with their owners. But that is not always fun. They often strike suddenly on our legs or feet which startles and hurts you. If they are do it all times then that is a problem.
  • Aggression: Sometimes cats show aggression without any reason or they show aggression toward a stranger.
  • Litter box: This is one of the very common problems that cat owners often encounter. Cats often don’t do their business in the right place. They don’t use litter boxes or sometimes they forget to use it.

2. How to discipline a cat?

There are some common ways that we can discipline cats to help them get rid of bad habits. However, cat owners must always be very careful and scrutinized before deciding to use any method on their cats. Because there are things that fit and should do with our cats, others don’t. The following are some methods which help you to know ‘how to discipline a cat’ and several things need to avoid while you train them.

#8 some common methods to show you ‘how to discipline a cat’

The signals: You can set up some cues to get your cat noticed and know you don’t want them to do it.  A sound accompanied by a particular tone is not a bad idea. Alternatively, you can clap your hands to signal that ‘hey cat, you don’t allow to do that’.If you want this to work, you need to make sure that you used it a lot of times.

Only then, your cat will understand and remember those signals. You can also use a water sprayer to make the cats feel uncomfortable.  They don’t like being sprayed with water on their bodies, so you can use this tool in cases which your cats do something wrong. However remember to use this wisely. Because cats may think this is a joke  and you want to play with them.

The tools: Besides using signals, you can also use other tools. Naughty cats often climb up places where they are not allowed, or run around the house. You can use the empty cans, connect them together with a wire and shake them to make an unpleasant noise. The cats don’t like this, they leave. And you have succeeded.

But do not rush to sleep in victory. You have to do this at least twice to cats can recognize and remember. If you do this many times but still not effective, then probably this way can not make your cat give up though.

The deterrents: Cats are simiar to human that they might like to eat or smell some things and they aslo hate to eat or smell other things. Understanding this fact will help you a lot during you discipline the cats. According to some studies, cats don’t like citrus oils, most of them also seem to dislike pepper.

You can observe and understand your cat if he doesn’t like to smell or eat anything. Then, you can use similar-flavouring sprays (always use the harmless one) to spray on the areas where you don’t want them to be. If your cat loves to chew or scratch your sofa, this is an extremely helpful way.

The ideal enviroment: If your cat is very naughty (she likes to climb and chew or scratches everything), then it makes perfect sense with their natural instincts. Instead of trying to prohibit those behaviors, we can create them an alternative ideal environment with cat trees, scratching posts.


You can allow them play as much as they want in that area without worrying of damage furniture. But you have to try to make them understand and remember that they should play in their place instead of other places which is not allow in the house.

The ‘jail’: There are some cats that really worry us because we have used many ways to discipline them but still failed. You can put this way to the answer list of this question ‘how to discipline a cat’ but you have to use it with a calm and non-violent attitude. Cats probably fear being punished .

When they do something wrong, or repeat their mistakes over and over. You can place them in a temporary place called the ‘cat’s jail’ (your bathroom is a suggestion) for 20 minutes then let them free. Don’t  forget to tell them ‘hey cat, remember don’t đo it again and I still love you’. Give her a big hug!

The toys: Creating an ideal environment is not enough for cats. They need to be played with. If it is possible, you should spend more time playing with them. You can spend 20 minutes a day playing with them and use their A fluffy mouse or colorful things will delight them.

The market is supplying a lot of toys for cats. This is also a way to help you connect and develop your relationship with them. Not only that, playing will help them have a good night’s sleep. Thus, they won’t disturb our sleep any more.

The vet: It is very important that sometimes we forget to check the health status of cats. Before you anxious about ‘how to discipline a cat’, you have to check her health for sure. Cats can’t communicate in our own language, but they can show us what they mean by displaying strange behavior.

Therefore, take them to the vet if you suspect they are having health problems. For example, when they are not using the litter box properly, they may be obedient, or they may have a digestive or urinary tract problem. Always be alert and not subjective. Take them to the vet and check to make sure they are not sick.

The rewards: This is an essential method for those who are trying to discipline their cat. When they do something good, reward them with food or whatever they like. This will encourage them to take positive actions and minimize negative ones.

Maybe you don’t know: Scottish fold cats and what you should know

Don’t do these 3 things we disciplining a cat

  • Never get physical: If you use violence against cats. They will scare and even hate you. When they no longer love you, guess what else is worse. Always remain calm. Cats are a very special species who are not easy to get along with. They are full of self-important, so you have to be very careful when dealing with them. Don’t make things any harder.
  • Require quick success: Cats are just like little kids, they require a lot of patience from you. They need to understand and recognize what you teach or discipline them day by day. You can’t expect them to immediately understand what you are saying. Everything needs to go through challenges to be successful. You must keep yourself in a good mood and wait for positive responses from them.
  • Never Ignore cats: If you ignore cats when they are wrong. You will get a very bad result. Maybe they will ignore you back. And that is one of the signals that you are having more difficulty connecting and training them. What can you teach them when they aren’t even paying attention to you? Therefore, you should try to keep a positive attitude and a good correlation with them. Surely, they will cooperate and get better

In summary, If you are a cat owner, don’t worry about their bad behavior.  As long as you answered  ‘how to discipline a cat’, everything will be fine. Cat is a lovely pet.

3. ‘Howto discipline a cat’ and ‘how to discipline a kitten’ Are there any difference?

Discipline a cats is not easy, but discipline a kitten seem a little harder. If you adopt a kitten, you should have early training for them.  In fact, it is easier to teach childrens when they are kids instead of waiting for them to be teenagers or adults. Cats and kittens are the same.  If they get used to the bad habits when they are kittens, it will be difficult for us to discipline them. So let’s learn some useful methods to discipline a kitten.


  • Love: Nothing is really as good as true love. Whether human or animal, we are all inspired by love. It is true for kittens as well. Let’s give them lots of love by spending time cuddling them, playing with them, talking to them. Showing them how much your love then they will show you back. It is not difficult to teach them when they always love and respect us as a family member.
  • Motivator: Let’s learn a lot about your kitten’s personality. This is extremely useful for you in the process of getting acquainted and discipline them. If you know what they like, you can use them as a reward to encourage positive behavior.  Every kitten likes to be rewarded and praised. The  important thing is that  you understand their personality, you will find the motives of negative behaviors. Why does a kitten do that?  Once you understand the root of the problem you will find the way to solve this. See more: Many good stories about pets.

4. How to discipline a kitten?

  • Provide toys: Not only kids like toys, kittens also do. You can try many different toys to see which one they like the best. From that point, you can use that toy to play with them to make them happy, or you can use that toy as a reward when they do things right. Even distracting when they are chewing or scratching something.
  • Manage the claws: We have to check the kittens’ claws sometimes. If it is too sharp to hurt you or damage many furniture because of scratching, then you should consider trimming kitten’s claws, or wearing fake plastic claws. This is not only helps you be comfortable playing with them but also minimizes the worry of furniture damage
  • The clean litter box: Remember to keep the litter box clean. Kittens like a clean place to poop. So you won’t have to worry they’ll hate the litter box if you keep it clean and odourless.
  • Boundaries: Creat boundaries for shelves, cabinets, beds and sofa, then teach them get use to those boundaries. Thus, they will know that those places are not allowed to jump on or trespass.
  • Activity: Let your kittens play a lot so they can sleep well at night. One trick is to feed them before bed, so they won’t wake up and ask for food during the night.

It’s not easy to discipline a cat and a kitten, right? But disciplining them will be a great way to correct your cat’s unwanted behavior. Once again, you must be very persistent and the above tips will help you to answer the question ‘how to discipline a cat and a kitten’ properly. Life must be much better than before for you and your cats.

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