How to discipline a puppy with 100% of success?

Puppy can be the best heart – melting pets of all but still stubborn as its undeniable instinct so how to discipline a puppy has been an attractive topic for dog lover community to discuss about. You already now that we cannot teach an old dog new tricks; thus, training your dogs to obey the rules since they were born may achieve surprising results.

To correctly training puppies, you are required to have a good command of puppies’ natural instincts, habits and training skills which are not easy to sum up and put into practice. In this article, wewpet is providing necessary tips to give a comprehensive solution for disciplining puppies. Look at the bellow parts to gather tips of your own.

Why and How to discipline a puppy?

We cannot make a thing without knowing how important it is. It’s like when you can do nothing to stop your pet running too much if you don’t know why. Figuring out why we should set rules of puppies with us now.

1. Build up good habits & skills for puppies

A puppy always lives with their instincts and never knows what is good both for him and for his owner. He sleeps and is breastfed to grow up. Therefore, you will need to set up some initial rules for him. For example:


  • Teach your puppy to sit and stand
  • Tell him to come to you
  • Prevent him from touch fragile things
  • Make wearing leash a habit

And some other simple doings to help them get acquainted to a new life and learn to obey the owners.

2. Forget about bad instincts

Applying strict rules from the start helps your puppy forget bad instincts such as pee or potty anywhere, barking anytime he sees people that are not his owners, eating all this world as he doesn’t know what food is harmful to his health or causes allergies.

It will be awesome if you train your puppy eliminate such bad habits. It’s a simple rule that accompanying your pet all the time and in all their daily routine for at least 2 months to orientate him to what you want him to follow. Every new idea will be set in the subconscious mind of your pet.

3. Meet demands of puppy breeds

One thing you have to remember is that pets are born by crossbred parent and their ancestors are wildlife. Thus, they still have their own needs which should be fulfilled anywhere they live as these needs are in their blood. Here, wewpet wants to emphasize the two most popular needs of a puppy:

  • The need of exercising: walking, running and making moves to stimulate his energy.
  • The need of socializing: making friends and finding fellows to play and share with even when you can do that.

4. Train puppies to be obedient

What do you think if your puppy – your will-be-most- faithful friend does not obey you, not mention to often goes against your orders? It might be a wreck in your training journey. What you should do now?


How to discipline a puppy with 100% of success?( source: )

Simply, placing your puppy in a frame of disciplines from the start. He’ll surely understands what they are permitted to do and what are prohibited.

5. How to discipline a puppy in different environment

One of the very first lesson of a puppy training course is to teach him how to adapt to the environment to keep him alive. Actually, this lesson is taught everyday such as: eating, drinking, sleeping and so on. Nevertheless, you need to standardize these skills to be a rule. Look down to see the explanations:

  • Set eating and sleeping time (always put a bowl of water near the eating bowl to produce a habit that they have to drink during or after eating.
  • Do not let your puppy sleep too much in daytime, just limit the time they sleep/ day (it’s subject to each period of puppy development).
  • Teach them to sleep in the kennel all the time to avoid cold and toxic wind in the winter and under hard weather.

These rules are of the most importance to lead a life of every kind of pet.

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6. Save time in training

As said in the beginning “we can’t teach an old dog new tricks”. What we indicate is the older the dog is, the more difficult for him to be trained as all his bad instincts has no probability to be erased out of their blood. That’s the problem.

By contrast, if you start training your puppy, it will be much easier for you to teach advanced tricks because growing up, your dog becomes intelligent with training and can understand your commands or imitate your signals easily. This can be a trick for a puppy training schedule.

For all those reasons, disciplining puppies is undeniably essential to enhance their health, provoke their brain development and make their friend network.

For the sake of puppy disciplining, why don’t we embark on this work right away with a list of what to prepare for professional and effective training.

Methods to discipline a puppy

There are a lot of methods to make a puppy obey you but it is quite complicated if you read too much without summing up. We understand this as we have had long discussions and researches together with pet trainers. You’ll need to comply with the rules of training before your start. Let’s see:

  • Love your puppy

Once you love your pet, you only think good for him otherwise every training is just reluctant. During training, you should call his name, fondle him and create happy and comfortable training atmosphere.

  • Keep patient

Being patient is compulsory to let you know you do really expect a successful training. Don’t get bad temper or beat him as he is vulnerable and stop thinking that your pet can become a genuine after one night of training. Some breeds of dogs have the ability to follow owners’ actions very quickly but some are undisciplined and difficult to teach, stubborn. In this case, stop to get to know about their characteristics to adjust the schedule to be suitable.


how to discipline a puppy

If you try to teach the puppy one thing that he doesn’t even understand or follow, please stop that lesson. It’s better to play some the games and wait until the following day to go back to this lesson until the puppy can try. Do not oblige the dog to understand your orders right away due to their weak awareness.

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  • Give commands for puppy

Giving command is a skill of puppy trainer. The commands should be short (1-2 words), concise, clear and powerful in order for your dogs to follow. Do not ignore commands and keep up the training. If you want to give many commands in one lesson, remember to spare at least 30 second – break.

  • Training schedule

Have you got any puppy training schedule of your own? Have you determined how long the training is and what you have to do in turn? If yes, congratulation for the first success of pet trainer. However, if now, that will be the biggest hole in a perfect plan.

Don’t think too much if you have got no schedule. What you ought to do now is take a pen and write down a possible plan or whatever plan you like as long as it ensures to:

  • Figure out the total time and time for each module of puppy training.
  • Make a list of commands and arrange what should be the first, the next and the last.
  • What you have to buy for training: a whistle for yourself, a stick, a small leash, a ball, a bone – shaped toy…
  • Advices from the vet and ask for advices if necessary.
  • Remember to be stick to the schedule and check the progress every day.
  • Train regularly

Training is a journey. You should spend 20 – 30 minutes/ day to play with your puppy as well as educate him. Reviewing is always good before starting a new command. Reviewing will soon become a habit if you keep doing that anytime you train.

If you have an intermittent training and have seldom reviews, the puppy cannot remember the previous lessons as well as cannot build good habits. In addition to main training time, you can help your dog repeat some basic commands anytime: while doing housework, before and after eating….

  • Principles of rewarding

You know how to principle a puppy with rewarding? It is vital in training. Award means motivation in puppy training. You should give them awards whenever they practice the orders correctly or help you do something The awards can be food, toys or simply your hugs and your praise. However, you’d better note that rewarding needs to be sophisticated. Do not abuse food as an award during training because puppies can follow the food, not  your orders.

  • Punishment for puppy

You need to apply right away punishment when you catch your puppy break the rules you set, for instance: potty in wrong areas or splashing food residue on the floor. Remember that either scolding or beating puppy is meaningless.


  • Home training or course training

Both home training and training course have advantages and disadvantages. While home puppy training creates a chance for you and your pet to be with each other all the time, it often lacks patience and disciplines for a long time. By contrast, attending puppy classes of training can cover all the shortcomings of the former solution.

For any method you choose, just go for it and be patient. That is the question many don’t understand? “how to discipline a puppy the shortest time“.

Top #3 lessons for puppy training

Lastly, we want to share some easy tips to teach puppy basic commands and we ensure that you can yourself put them into practice.

  • Train puppy to come

To train puppy to come when you call him, at first he needs a name. Let’s pick an easy name to call and to remember. Besides, the pet should also remember the owners’ name. How can he remember? Every day, please speak out lout his names and look straight at him. This is a basic command that almost all trainers succeed in.

  • Potty train for puppy

How to potty train a puppy is one of the most difficult parts of all in terms of disciplining. For dogs in general, floors, gardens and beds can be potty

areas f they are not trained, especially when they’ve just taken home to bring up. What you should do? Let’s see the list here:

  • Buy potty pads for your puppies and teach them what the pads are used for.
  • Determine potty areas.
  • Train them suitable potty timetable (One tip to know when your puppies want potty: smelling the floor, crawling, running around or squatting).

Potty training usually occupies 20-30% in a schedule so do not take it for granted. Note to prepare supporting items for puppy porty.

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  • Remove bad behaviors

If you can help your puppy give up or never start bad behaviors, they will become nicer and healthier. Here are some general tips that can work on your plan:

  • Use stop – hand signals combining with your serious eyes to tell your puppies stop doing something.
  • Get away of trash they bring outside into the house to make a mess.
  • Decorate a warm kennel to attract them to sleep in, avoiding puppies’ laying on the sofa, on the floor or any places.
  • Threatening should be used sometimes to stop puppy biting.
  • Stop their begging for food while you are eating.
  • Others


Together with removing bad behaviors, let’s build up good manners for your puppies.

In Conclusion

Setting up disciplines for puppies is a solution for a professional training. If you haven’t got anything from your self – training, the instructions of this post may bring you surprise then you’ll be 100 % successful in results. Knowing how to discipline a puppy means you possess a comprehensive pack of theory, skills as well as experience in dog training.

Our team hope that you can find at least one thing helping you changing a negative step in your current training plan. Feel free to visit for relevant information about dog training.

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