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Dogs are often very curious so they will sometimes be curious about foods we don’t feed them or things we always keep away from them. Plus, they can’t read the product packaging and know these things are not good for them. Thus, sometimes they will be poisoned by eating or swallowing things they shouldn’t have.


If your dogs have problems, taking them to the vet is always the safest option. But in emergency cases, you need to know how to solve it promptly to save your dog. If they are poisoned or choking on something in the throat or stomach, it is necessary to consider the conditions and then make them vomit. You probably won’t have enough time to take them to the vet in time so you need to do something right for your dog.

To get the best out of the emergency, the following article will give you more information on how to make a dog throw up.

Some popular causes when dogs need to the emergency by throwing up

  • Corrosive materials: Corrosive materials include oven cleaners, drain cleaners, batteries, lime removal products. Hydrocarbons and petroleum distillates include kerosene, gasoline and engine oil.
  • Antifreeze
  • Chocolate
  • Grapes or raisins
  • Plants which are poisonous to dogs (rhododendron, narcissus)
  • Things containing Tylenol and Aspirin

How to make a dog throw up?

It is very important to call your veterinarian to inform your dog’s situation and ask for a resolution. Give your vet as much accurate information as possible about what they may have eaten, the predicted dosage and the symptoms of your dog.

Before deciding to make your dog vomit you must always carefully consider whether your dog’s condition is suitable and safe for vomiting.

And if your dog has not eaten anything within 2 hours of feeding, give him a snack before giving him a vomit.

Here are two ways you can use it if you’re wondering how to make a dog throw up.

Using Hydrogen Peroxide

  • Measure out 1ml of 3% hydrogen peroxide for every pound of your dog’s body weight (1 teaspoon is about 5ml).
  • Be careful and do not give your dog more than 45ml (although your dog has a big size and weight – you absolutely must not use more than 45ml). If you give them an excessive dose, the problem will be even more serious.
  • Use a syringe to inject hydrogen peroxide into the dog’s throat. This action makes your dog very uncomfortable but you need to keep calm. You can ask someone to help you to prevent your dog from struggling too much to make it difficult for you.
  • When your dog is relaxed, gently pull his lips out of his mouth and gush between his teeth. Do not try to shoot the syringe straight into the back of your throat, as your dog may accidentally inhale some peroxide.
  • Watch your dog closely, if within 15 minutes your dog is still not vomiting, give the second dose. Now you have to be very careful to measure the right dose. Just a small mistake will make your dog life-threatening.
  • If your dog keeps not vomiting after the second injection, your dog has a very serious problem. Call the hotline right away for instructions and solutions.
  • If your dog has vomited, put some of his or her vomit in a leak-proof box or bag so you can ask your veterinarian to examine it. Thus, you can make sure what your dog eats. This is not an easy task to do but it is necessary to know the exact cause.
  • Stay with your dog to make sure that he is not eating the vomit and to monitor for any possible side effects. This may include constant vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy or flatulence. Also, keep a sample of vomit for your vet to analyze.
  • Use a rubber glove to clean up the rest of the vomit. You have to make sure everything is completely clean.
  • After addressing your dog’s emergency, take them to the vet immediately. Because your dog is vomiting doesn’t mean your dog will be healthy. You need to check more at the vet’s clinic to find out the cause and continue to have the appropriate treatment.

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This is one of the recommended methods that are safest when you are wondering how to make a dog throw up. Do not forget to consult a veterinarian before doing it.

Your veterinarian is the best guy who can determine what you should do. Thus, please always ask the vet for the treatment. A serious problem needs to be taken seriously. Your actions may decide your dog’s life, so take the time and effort to do it accordingly. Don’t waste your time and go to the specialist right away.

Using Washing Soda Crystals

In case you cannot use Hydrogen Peroxide, you can use a washing soda crystal (sodium carbonate – not caustic soda) to make your dog vomit.

Washing soda was less effective in inducing vomiting that apomorphine.

This is not a common and recommended way, so before deciding to use this for your dog, make sure you consulted with your vet already.

When do you should make a dog throw up

  • When they eat antifreeze

If your dog ingests antifreeze, this is an extreme emergency. Anticoagulants are absorbed very quickly through the stomach in just 30 minutes or maybe less. So with that urgency, you will need to consider giving your dog vomiting. If you can take them to the vet immediately and make sure the time – this is still the safest method.

  • When they ingest your medicine or medicine of another dog

If they ingest a certain medicine of yours and those medications are not right for them, then it is necessary to make them throw up.

  • Objects

Depending on the size and the sharpness of the object that your dog swallows, you should consider giving them vomiting. If it is a small, round, non-sharp object that is harmful to their throat, you can consult with your doctor about giving them vomiting. If the object requires intervention by the method of endoscopy, giving the dog vomiting is a very bad idea.

  • They do not swallow corrosive material

If your dog does not swallow corrosive materials such as acids, batteries or detergents, it is relatively safe to induce vomiting.

  • No precedent for seizures and your dog is in a state of alertness and mental state
  • Your dog does not have any symptoms related to his throat and breathing

When do you should not make a dog throw up

  • If they swallow one of the corrosive substances, giving them vomiting is an extremely wrong decision. The substance will burn your dog’s throat.
  • If they swallow something big or sharp, you must not allow them to vomit. Your dog’s throat will be cut and injured or interfere with your dog’s breathing.
  • If your dog has a history of seizures or shortness of breath, throwing them up is a complete no-no.
  • If your dog is showing signs of coma or nervous impairment, do not induce vomiting. This will be able to kill them.

In short, in emergencies but you cannot give your dog vomiting, try to reach out to people who can help. Call the nearest veterinarian or emergency clinic right away in this case. Depending on the severity of the problem, you can also contact the Pet Helpline 24/7.

Things to avoid when making a dog throw up

  • Avoid letting your dog smell the vomit because there may be some substance that is harmful to the dog’s lungs
  • Avoid using salt, ipecac syrup, dishwashing liquid or mustard powder. These remedies are ineffective or can cause serious side effects.

The contacts if your dog eats something toxic

  • Your initial consultation should be your local vet or the animal poison control hotline. If your dog has eaten things like dark chocolate, raisins or chewing gum containing xylitol or other potentially hazardous food products, then you can do an emergency at home. Call your veterinarian or local veterinarian right away to get timely instructions.
  • If your dog ate something else such as a bit of your toilet cleaner or sedative (or you don’t even know exactly what poisoning them), it’s better to call the animal poison control hotline so they have specific analysis and guidance.
  • If you have enough time and conditions to go immediately to the nearest veterinary clinic, that’s great. But if you need to drive a long way, call the veterinarian first or the hotline related to animal poisoning to talk. Give them information about your dog’s weight and age as well as what your dog ate so they can predict the cause of your dog’s poisoning.

Depending on the country you live in, the telephone numbers and contact of these centers are different. You should have their contact information before you adopt a dog. This will help you a lot in the process of raising them. And do not forget to prepare the necessary knowledge about how to make a dog throw up.


We cannot avoid all the disasters that plague our dogs, so study the necessary knowledge to handle them in emergencies is something every dog ​​owner needs to do. The above information will help you know how to make a dog throw up in case your dog swallows something toxic and vomiting is necessary.

Always remember to consult your veterinarian before you decide to do anything for your dog. It is very important to ensure that you are helping your dog instead of harming it.

Wishing you always have a good time with your dog!

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