9 Indestructible dog bed not everyone knows

Everyone needs a bed. It is just a place to sleep. Some might say. I can sleep well on the cold floor. Some others believe. As much as I try, a hard cold floor never induces me to sleep, or if it could, I would be tossing and turning all night long. 


Your canine furry friend may still feel the same about the need for a bed. His so-called thick fur cannot protect him from coldness as several people think and possible joint issues that usually has something to do with hard surfaces. I know it sounds quite uncommon for some dog parents. However, we hope that through this review of the top 9 indestructible dog beds, chances are you’ll change your perspective and buy your ‘best friend’ a cozy place where he can sleep on his own.

The top 9 indestructible dog beds you may not know

1. PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed (Best pick)

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Size: small-large-X large- XXL jumbo

Outstanding features:

  • thick pressure-relieving memory foam
  • chew-proof and waterproof liner
  • breathable cotton made cover
  • soft bolsters & pillows
  • double YKK zippers 
  • non-skipping bottom

The look of this dog bed expresses all its elegant and helpful features, so many good points that we can easily miss when doing an review! Though this product is sold at quite a high price, it is totally worth it. Your dog’s happy reaction and good sleep will confirm our statement!

The design of this PetFusion dog bed satisfies everyone’s eyes, even the most difficult customers. Apart from the appearance, the product has many outstanding features, including the premium foam and cover. Memory foam is not unfamiliar with dog parents; however, the foam used to support this bed is pressure-reducing, relieving your dog of mild or even acute pain caused by joint injuries or arthritis. A dog that usually feels anxious can calm down for this bed improves their health and boosts energy. 

PetFusion chew-proof dog bed also has a water resistant, tear-resistant cover made of polyester and nylon. Your dog may not like it for he can’t even chew or scratch the surface any longer! If your pooch is suffering from bladder leakage, this bed can be the ultimate choice as the washable cover doesn’t absorb or lets in very little water, thereby keeping the interior foam fresh and clean. For people who concern whether this bed skips, it is your lucky purchase since the bottom is specially designed for hardwood or tile floor.  

A high-quality dog bed often features soft bolsters or pillows as they support your pooch in relieving neck pain and induce him to sleep easily. This PetFusion product certainly has those things which are really soft and durable. And about the zipper, YKK makes it, so don’t worry that it will break.

For any manufacturing defect, you get a 36-month warranty. 


  • quite expensive
  • 3 colors available only (but they match furniture well)

2. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed (Best pick)

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Size: small-medium-large-jumbo-jumbo plus-4X large

Outstanding features

  • dual-bolster-L shape design 
  • reasonable price
  • orthopedic support egg-crate foam
  • washable velvet cover
  • a variety of colors and patterns

If you are looking for a dog bed that bears resemblance to home furniture, then Furhaven product is perfect for you! It might not look as elegant as the product no.1, but it has its own unbeatable edges. Try out this indestructible dog bed to check if it meets your demand!

What many dog parents love most about this dog bed is the therapeutic egg-crate foam. As we all know, a premium dog bed can’t fail to feature a orthopedic support foam, but the manufacturing company Furhaven has elevated their product to a much higher level with foam that ‘spine’ to reduce the pressure and joint pain. Don’t worry that the foam may hurt your pooch as the sticking up points act as pain relievers rather than sharp edges. 

Protecting the foam against wear and tear is the cover made of faux fur cushion. It’s warm, nice and breathable, thereby making your dog feel cool even in hot summer. The cover is not waterproof and tear-resistant though, hence the need to place another sheet on top if your furry sidekick has excessive teething habits and tend to scratch a lot. The cover can be taken out and machine-washed, which is good as it needs cleaning. 

The soft and comfortable bolsters make this dog bed look like a lounger, providing enough headrest area for your pooch. The material is dog friendly, very gentle on dog noses and paws. 

The bed comes in with 90-day coverage against manufacturing defects. The company also offers a wide range of colors which definitely satisfy your style.



  • not suitable for dogs with excessive teething
  • can absorb water 

3. BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed

Size: medium-large

Outstanding features:

  • orthopedic support foam
  • extra cotton padded rim cushion
  • non-slip backing
  • elegant design 

Just like the dog bed no.1, the third product has a sleek design that can enhance home decor. Thus, for dog owners that are looking for a dog bed that either comforts their dog or beautify their house, this BarksBar product will not fail you. 

As previously said, a high-quality foam cannot be left out for a dog bed to sell, and this product we are reviewing has reached the required standard of a good foam. A grooved therapeutic support foam is provided, helping a dog with joint pain and increasing his mobility, especially old or disabled dogs. The foam is soft and durable for long use, covered by a polyester sheet that is smooth, cozy and protects your pooch from coldness in the winter. In case the bed gets dirty or has dander on it, cleaning is no hard work as the cover is removable and can be machine-washed.  

For dogs that like to lean against something when taking a nap, the cotton-padded rim cushion is of great help. It is thick enough to bear the weight of a dog’s head or his whole body and soft enough to give him comfort when leaning against the cushion. Longevity is significant in the rim, with few possibilities that it’ll flatten after just a few months used. 

One color is offered only, which is a minus point. The bottom is supported with non-slip rubber backing for hardwood or tile floor.


  • not waterproof or tear-resistant
  • not very suitable for dogs that chew things

4. MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Bed

MidWest Homes for Pets Deluxe Super Plush Pet Bed

Size: 18-22-24-30-36-42-48 inch

Outstanding features:

  • affordable price
  • a variety of sizes 
  • soft and fluffy synthetic fur
  • non-skipping bottom

A simple but elegant looking dog bed with enough softness is definitely the MidWest Homes For Pets product. The appearance of the bed may cause some people to think that it is of low quality and cannot bear the weight of big breeds; however, it can offer much more benefits than we think.

As you can see, the bed comes in with a diversity of sizes and three funny-named colors (Grey, Mocha, Coco Chic). The bed can accommodate all kinds of breeds, ranging from small Chihuahua to large German Shepherd. And with a deeply sleeping pooch, stretching out all legs is not limited for the bed has no rims or bolster! 

No foam is added inside the cover, but thickness and softness is guaranteed. Synthetic fur is used to enhance softness, making your dog feel comfortable when his paws are pleased with smooth fur. If you look closely at the plush cover, you’ll notice that the fur swirls naturally into roses. Beautifully done! 

Since this dog bed is flat with no rims or bolsters, it can be fitted well into a crate. In addition, the bottom is also designed to prevent skidding even when the bed is placed on hardwood or tile floors. 

However, the materials used to make the bed is not waterproof or tear-resistant, so it can become old or torn easily if your furry sidekick has excessive teething habits. 


not waterproof and tear-resistant 

may not offer much help to dogs with orthopedic issues

5. BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Cuddler Bed

BarkBox Memory Foam Dog Cuddler Bed

Size: small-medium-large

Outstanding features:

  • separate parts for easy assembling and disassembling
  • pressure-relieving memory foam
  • soft bolsters
  • water repellent and machine washable

I would not recommend this dog bed to dog owners that only ask for a simple mattress for their dogs to sleep as this product has so much more! It will surprise you since not every dog bed is of this much help at such a price.

The most outstanding feature of this dog bed is it enables dog parents to know which part their dogs love to use. It may sound unfamiliar to some of you as beds have integral parts that cannot be divided. However, BarkBox indestructible dog bed includes a portable memory foam and a cover, which means you can take out the foam on a trip. Although it may sound complicated in terms of assembling job, it is very user-friendly. 

The therapeutic memory foam has a special blue gel foam on top of it that relieves arthritic pain, joint pressure, hip dysplasia and other orthopedic problems. It is a little bit thin, but the level of softness is guaranteed. The sheet covering the foam is made of waterproof materials, thereby relieving dog parents from fear that their dog’s bladder leakage issue may destroy the bed. The cover is washable and durable as well.

Four fluffy bolsters are provided with cover. For dogs that love placing their heads on the bolsters, they come in handy and induce your pooch to sleep more easily. What is surprising about the product is that the manufacturing company gives free toys as presents for your furry sidekick to chew.


  • prone to tear 
  • one color only

6. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed 

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

Size: small-medium-large-jumbo-jumbo plus-4X large

Outstanding features:

  • different kinds of foams
  • plush faux fur fabric cover
  • easy to clean
  • large enough for big breeds

This is another dog bed developed by the Furhaven company. Although it is not our top pick as the product no.2 is, it has many unique features. This dog bed defines what high quality is at a very reasonable price. 

What people love the most about this dog bed is it has 3 options for customers to choose from. Very few brands allow dog parents to decide what kind of foam is best for their pooch as there is only one choice, but the manufacturing company Furhaven makes it very simple for consumers with: orthopedic foam, cooling gel foam, and memory foam.

 A medical-grade foam is always available to support your pooch’s health, increase mobility and energy, and alleviate joint pressure. If your 4-legged friend seems to sweat or toss around in bed because he feels hot and uncomfortable in summer times, pick the foam that has an extra cooling gel foam on top of it. The cooling part serves as a no-engine fan that reduces the heat and enables your pooch to have better sleep. And if you choose memory foam, there is an extra foam on top of the medical-grade support foam, relieving joint pain and aching muscles.

Plush thick and soft faux fur cover is also a bright feature of this bed. It is very cozy and smooth, provides excellent cuddling comfort and snuggles. Nevertheless, watch your dog closely and don’t let him chew or scratch the cover so much as it can be torn. If dander sticks on the cover, gently remove it, machine wash, and let it dry off. 


  • not suitable for dogs with excessive teething
  • little water absorbance

7. Big Barker 7″ Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Big Barker 7 Pillow Top Orthopedic Dog Bed

Size: large-extra large-giant

Outstanding features:

  • 3 foam layers
  • very comfortable and highly suitable for big dogs

This is the most expensive product on our list! It may look very simple without nothing special or can even induce some dog parents to think it is of low-quality, but you may be surprised to find out is can last longer than 8 years. American made product like this one should not fail you.

Why does is have to be 3 layers? Is there anything wrong with one foam layer only? You may be wondering. In fact, nothing is wrong with dog beds that have one layer of foam, but imagine that your canine buddy is lying on a 3-layer-foam bed, what would he feel? Do you think he can feel the ground through the bed, the hard floor that gives many dogs orthopedic pain? Of course not! That is the outstanding feature of this Big Barker product.

3 layers of foam include 2 comfort foams and a support one in the middle, not to mention the contour foam that can serve as a bolster for your pooch to lean against. These foams relieve your dog from joint pressure, provides him with a comfort and security. The bed will not flatten overtime as the foams are so durable that they can bear the weight of a large German shepherd. That is also the reason as to why this bed is more suited to larger breeds as they can feel the softness when lying down because of their weight, but small dogs may find this one a little bit firm. 

The cover is not really a bright point since it is not made of plush faux fur. It is thin, cool and easy to clean though. However, it’s best not to let your dog chew, dig or scratch the cover as it may get torn.


  • no chew proof cover
  • quite expensive

8. Milliard Quilted Padded Orthopedic Dog Bed

Milliard Quilted Padded Orthopedic Dog Bed

Size: small-large-X large

Outstanding features:

  • elegant design
  • orthopedic support foam
  • cozy soft fabric cover

Here we want to introduce to you another affordable dog bed that has very elegant design and enhances your home decor very well. Plain as it looks without any bolsters or padded rim cushion, its appearance and function will stun you!

The interior design is simple too. There is only one foam layer provided, but it has egg-crate shapes that can support old dogs with arthritic injuries, joint sores, hip dysplasia and other structural ailments. It is very supportive and durable. Even after years of use, the foam will not flatten, preventing your dog from feeling the floor through the bed and gets hurt. 

The cover is made of plush furry fabric, creating a cozy atmosphere in cool weather. Your pooch will love not only the soft foam but also the smooth and comfortable cover. You’ll get satisfied too as cover is chew-proof and has slow water absorbency level. If you want to clean it, just unzip the cover, throw it in the washing machine and then you’ll have a brand new cover sheet!

For houses that have hardwood or tile floor, the non slip backing bottom comes in handy. And in case your pooch is kept in a crate, this bed fits well too.


  • no bolsters or cushions
  • one color available only
  • not very suitable for large breed

9. BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed 

BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

Size: small-medium-large-X large

Outstanding features:

  • orthopedic support and  gel cooling foams
  • non-chewable dog bed
  • a diversity of sizes and colors
  • water-resistant cover

The last product we want to review is the BarkBox dog bed. This one is not as versatile the sooner that we review, but it has its own competitive edges. You and your dog  may fall in love with it. so check it out now and see what it offers!

Like some other dog beds that we review, this one comes in with a specially designed foam that supports many dogs with arthritic issues. The memory foam helps reduce joint pressure, orthopedic pain, and other body aches that are usually caused by contacting with hard surface or low-quality dog bed. Apart from this medical-grade foam, BarkBox develops a top layer with gel cooling, providing your furry sidekick with extra cool air and regulating the temperature according to your dog’s and the weather. So now you don’t have to worry about the hot atmosphere outside any longer!

This non-chewable dog bed features a durable cover that doesn’t easily get torn even when your dog has excessive teething behaviour. The plush fabric cover is smooth and soft, but it can resist tear. And dogs with bladder leakage will be supported since the cover is water-resistant too. 

As usual, dog beds made by BarkBox company comes in with free toys for your furry buddy!


  • no bolster for dogs to lean against

Reasons why dogs need their own beds

A place to sleep is usually the only benefit people can think of when talking about beds. But to dogs, those comfy mattresses mean much more and the absence of them can cause several discomforts in a dog’s life and affects his well-being.

 Listed below are the reasons why dogs need their own bed.

# Privacy and Security: A private sleeping area is necessary for all kinds of living things. Having a bed of his own enables your dog to feel free, safe and respected. Some people do not think much of a dog bed, believing that the master’s bed do the same wonders as long as dogs are allowed to lie on it. However, that belief may not be true since dogs can feel uncomfortable having to sleep on others’ beds all the time, which explains their need (like our own need) to have a private space.

Thus, there are days when your dog is left alone at home. For dogs that are afraid of loneliness and emptiness when their master is not around, they need somewhere to stay that can protect them from fears of dangers and a bed provides your dog with that security and safety.

# Alleviate or prevent health problems: Dogs are active animals and they run around and play many hours of a day. Those times exercising are good for their health, but excessive activities may result in some health issues like orthopedic and joint pain, hip dysplasia, arthritis and other illnesses. Therefore, 12-14 hours sleeping should be spent on a comfy and cozy bed that can alleviate your dog’s suffering.

Dog beds are usually made of orthopedic support memory foam that soothes pressure joints and enables your furry friend to have a good rest. Thus, an indestructible dog bed is not just an ‘accommodation’ for sleep hours, but can also be a healing place for painful dogs.

# Hygienic requirements: Admit it or not, dog dander irritates us at times, especially when some family member has allergies. Not having his own bed leads your dog to jump on your sofa, beds or couches, leaving dirty marks or dander where they shouldn’t be, not to mention scratch marks. Apart from frequent cleaning and scolding remarks, the only solution to the aforementioned issue is to provide your canine friend with a bed.

An indestructible dog bed comes in with exterior washable cloth, so it would be easy enough for you to clean it after a weekend or so. Almost every manufacturing company facilitates the tough cleaning job with a bed cover, so you have no reasons to delay in buying a dog bed and let your home furniture be torn and get old and dirty.

# Better master’s sleep: Sleeping next to a dog in your bed is not a bad thing because they are our most reliable friends. Having said that, research has shown some negative effects of sleeping next to a dog. Dogs don’t feel the utmost comfort when lying on our beds, not having one of their own, and tend to toss and make movements that can be distracting to us, resulting in our frequently sudden waking. Sleep that is interrupted is definitely not as good as a 7-hour rest straight.

Things you need to consider when buying an indestructible dog bed

If you still feel not so confident about choosing the right dog bed, in this section, we will give you some advice that we consider helpful in your purchasing journey. Check out these tips and decide what dog bed suits your canine friend most!

#1/ Sleeping habits: Like humans, each dog has his own sleeping position and habits which we should be aware of as their friends. Does my dog sprawl out or curl up when he sleeps? Is leaning against something a favorite of my dog? Those are a couple of questions you should ask and find out yourself before deciding which type of dog bed you should buy. Plus, some dogs like to chew and scratch when they’re on bed, which is not a good thing, so it’s important you choose the bed with durable cover.

#2/ Size: We have dogs with different sizes, so we have beds coming in with respective sizes too! The bigger the dog bed is the better; your pooch will have plenty of space. That doesn’t mean every dog owner purchases very large dog beds as they cost more money than they can afford, and a lack of space also deters them from doing so. Just make sure your furry friend has enough space to stretch out all legs, especially when he likes to sprawl out. 

#3/ Foam: The most important material of an indestructible dog bed is the foam inside. No wonder why an expensive bed has better foam. Durability, firmness and duration are a few aspects that you should consider when choosing the foam. For dog parents who want to buy something cool for their dog to lie on, choose the foam with adequate ventilation, which means air is let through and cools your pooch’s body. However, be careful with foam that is too thin and lets too much air through for it flattens very quickly, then all you have for your dog’s sleep is nothing but an old mat.

#4/ Materials: Apart from the foam, exterior materials matter too. Imagine how it would be like to sleep on a bed with an uncomfortable and hot sheet! Orthopedic support mattress is required for a dog bed, but without a high-quality cover, your dog can still feel the discomfort that negatively affects his sleep. In addition, opt for the sheet that has high level of water resistance if your dog has bladder leakage. 

Some reliable and helpful materials for a dog bed are fleece, liner, heavy nylon and canvas (heavy nylon and canvas really help if your pooch chews or scratches a lot)

#5/ Mobility:  People don’t usually consider this factor when purchasing a dog bed as it concerns the dog owner’s need more than the dog himself. Taking your furry sidekick on a night trip requires much preparation, such as a dog water bottle, a dog carrier backpack, and even a dog bed. Normal indestructible dog bed is often immobile for it is too big and heavy to carry along, so some manufacturing companies have developed cot-style raised dog beds that is foldable and can be taken with you. 

High mobility is the prime and most attractive feature of a cot-style bed, but it often has no or very thin foam and sheet, thereby causing discomfort to your pooch when he has to sleep on that bed every single day.

#6/ External look: This, again, is not one of the most important aspects one should think much about when buying a dog bed. A dog bed has a similar role with other pieces of furniture (it looks like furniture!) in your house, so its color and pattern should match your home style. Don’t pick the color that clashes with other pieces of furniture like your sofa or bed otherwise it could look funny. 

The images offered on selling pages show many colors, hence the easiness for customers to choose the pattern and colors. In case a dog bed doesn’t come in with the color you want, purchase other sheets and replace the original one.

How to familiarize your dog with a new indestructible dog bed

There are two situations. The first one is that your dog usually sleeps on a different bed and he hasn’t had any idea of the new one. The other one is your dog has never had a dog bed, so he gets confused!

Luckily, the same solutions can be applied to both cases. Put an old piece of cloth on the old bed or the place your dog usually takes a nap, and then after a few days, take the cloth to the ned bed, and don’t forget to place the new bed adhere to the old one. In case your furry sidekick normally sleeps on your bed, put the new dog bed next to yours so he can familiarize himself.


Nothing pleases us more than to see you and your dog smile in happiness when purchasing a good product, so we try our best in bringing you the best pet dog beds that satisfy every dog home. We hope that through this review, you’ll get your dog a perfect dog bed that he loves resting on and that doesn’t fail you too. 

Check it out for more helpful reviews at Wewpet!

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