Is yogurt good for dogs and the diet you should know

The question is yogurt good for dogs is still controversial with unclear answer to many of us. It is undoubtedly that feeding pets may challenge a lot of pet owners since not all of us know to give them an exact and healthy feed. In several unfortunate cases, the owners indirectly kill their pets In terms of feeding dogs.


Don’t worry about it. Today, Wewpet is going to clear up these queries and share with you the secrets to set a heathy diet for your own buddies. Also, we are giving super guides to choose kinds of food that help dogs prevent digestive and intestinal diseases. Let’s check the details right now!

Is yogurt good for dogs and what are benefits?

Well, first and foremost we would like to confirm that Yogurt absolutely do goods for dogs. It is a kind of dairy product beneficial for the digest of almost all types of pets and animals. We have surveyed many people, which reports that dog lovers always prepare yogurt for their dogs to eat every day. This part will show you great advantages of yogurt and what type of yogurt you should choose.

1. Advantages of yogurt for dogs

One more time to claim that the answer to the question can dogs eat yogurt is Yes. Every dog owner had better add yogurt to a good diet for dogs. Especially, for dogs easy to get allergic to meat, a diary product like yogurt is the best replacement which helps provide protein. Let’s see many other benefits of yogurt as bellows:

  • Provide a source of calcium, zinc and digestive enzymes

Calcium can improve the strength of dog bones, teeth and claws while absorbing zincs and enzymes enable dogs to escape from severe digestive problems such as diarrhea, infection, enteritis, overgrowth of bacterial and absorption. Furthermore, eating yogurt stimulates the appetite of dogs so as to reduce the risk of their malnutrition.

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  • Provide a huge amount of protein

Protein is indispensable for the life of dogs, decreasing the amount stress – causing hormone, improving the quality of dog sleep and eliminating fat.

2. Choose what type of yogurt?

It is not too difficult to buy yogurt for dogs by what type brings the most benefits. Yogurt includes various types:


  • Set yogurt

  • Stirred yogurt

  • Drinking yogurt

  • Frozen yogurt

  • Unscented and flavored yogurt

  • Sugar, low – sugar and no added sugar yogurt

  • Yogurt with fruits

These types differ from each other in flavor, sugar percentage and solidification. The dogs may prefer yogurt with flavors or sugar type. However, it will be much beneficial for them to eat plain yogurt with less lactose to keep safety for their digestive system. It will be the best if you can train your dogs to taste no added sugar, unscented sugar.

3. Why is yogurt good for dogs and how to feed?

Good way to feed dogs with yogurt

Almost all of us put food in bowls for the dogs so that they can feed themselves. Nonetheless, when it comes to yogurt feeding we ought to train the dogs rather than let them do on their own. Dogs may be bored quickly if they have no interest in this food.

One effective way to make the dogs eat yogurt is to mix it with their favorite fruits or vegetables or other manmade meals. Some strong dogs can try frozen yogurt after being melted as a cool meal if they are not easy to have cough. Also, we have some small notes but important:

  • Yogurt should not be eaten with oily processed meat, smoked meat and sausages.
  • Do you cook yogurt before giving to dogs.
  • Do not let dogs eat overdue – use yogurt.

Enough amount of yogurt

One important question is how much yogurt is enough for dogs? Actually, just a small amount of yogurt is still enough for even a husky. Two or three teaspoons of yogurt are a pretty choice. Do not poor too much yogurt which can reduce their appetite for other food.



There are two ways that you can apply to your dogs:

  • Provide 3 – 4 teaspoons of yogurt, dividing into 2 meals/ day; frequency: 3 – 4 days per week.
  • Provide 2 teaspoon of yogurt and, dividing into 2 meals/ day; frequency: every day.

You should notice that forcing dogs to eat a cup of yogurt at one time for the whole week or month, which can be a harm to their health, especially resulting in digestive disorders.

4. Where you can buy yogurt?

Yogurt is now available on almost all markets, supermarkets, groceries and marts. When you buy yogurt, please take notice of prestigious or your loyal brand and the expiry date to pick the fresh one. Can dogs eat greek yogurt and how much is a cup? The answer is absolutely yes and it has reasonable price. Though the price directly affects the demand of dog owners but with a small amount for a week, a cup of yogurt is still cheap.

Other dairy products for dogs

Apart from yogurt, we can choose other dairy products with the same benefits and diet for dogs, including milk, kefir, cheese and sour cream. Although they bring lots of common advantages, each kind should be used differently in the amount and procedure. Now, take a look at the details bellows.

  • Milk

Milk should be a compulsory part of dogs’ meal, especially puppies because they are in the stage of growing up (body parts needs microe−lements: calcium, iron, magnesium …). Not many products can provide such a lot of elements but milk.

In reality, dairy cows contain sugar milk that its produce process always requires the presence of special enzymes (enzymes in sugar milk). However, not all the dogs should drink milk, particularly old dogs. Milk is good for puppies and small dogs.

  • Kefir

Kefir is actually a kind of fermented milk providing necessary enzymes for dogs’ digestion. Absorbing kefir presents its benefits rather than a part of meal. Compared with milk, kefir is highly recommended.

Kefir is much suitable for puppies. It is, furthermore, regarded as a product to help dogs’ intestines relax and limit diarrhea. For that reason, some kinds of fat – free kefir is used to cure intestinal diseases in pets.

  • Cheese

In people’s daily cook, cheese is used a lot to create better flavor and so is for dogs. Cheese can replace a meal of a puppy. Mature dogs should also enjoy cheese twice – three times per week. This food contributes to the activities of dogs’ digestive system.


  • Sour Cream

Sour cream is not similar to the above products because it contains a large amount of acid. Therefore, it is not good to provide sour cream to dogs on a daily basis. If so, when should dogs eat sour cream? Just when dogs lack sour substances.

Sour cream is not a separate meal. It needs to be processed or mixed with other food and we only take a very small amount of cream. However, for pregnant dogs or dogs in a weight – losing diet, 3 – 4 teaspoons of sour cream per week are enough.

Dairy products mentioned above are helpful for dogs’ body growing and inner systems thanks to their natural quality and safety. Whenever you used these products for dogs, you only need to remember the amount of fat in each product to take the right amount for each pets’ meal.

Suitable diet for dogs

Nutrients play the most important to the development of a dog. Building a suitable diet requires patience and precision and complication. It means you do need to invest time in creating a healthy diet for dogs at their different ages and stages. In this part, is sharing with you basic rules in dogs’ diet.

1. Determine precise substances

For different types of dogs and ages, substances vary. For example, at the ages of growing, dogs should adapt to vegetables, fruits and starch which still supply enough nutrients, especially protein. Those foods help improve muscles, bones and hair as well as ensure good health for dogs.

2. Kinds of foods for dogs’ diet

For the development of a normal dog, nutrition food in a diet has to not only help dogs get used to eating starch and vegetables but also ensures vitamins, dietary fiber and many other nutrients in meat and fish.


You can get these nutrients from beef, chicken, pork and eggs which should be ground. In contrast to yogurt, there is no need to grind it. The topic is yogurt good for dogs has just clarified so apart from food above, remember to choose yogurt as a product for easier digest of dogs.

The amount of food need analyzing before putting it into a menu for your pets. According to surveys on the amount food for puppies:

“Puppies under 8 months old should only absorb 3.4 – 3.5 % compared with their weights to ensure the most energy for muscles and daily activities”. Here is a typical diet that can be applied for your dogs:

  • Dog breakfast: prepare dry food which has been soaked for 20-30 seconds and milk.

  • Dog lunch: rice, vegetables, meat (for mature dogs) and 2 teaspoons of yogurt.

  • Dog afternoon meal: minced chicken/ pork and rice.

  • Dog dinner: soaked dry food and water.

  • Others: some fruits and water.

For mature dogs, the diet includes more meat and a larger amount of other food. After eating, the owners ought to train dogs to digest the food themselves (10 – 15 minutes after meals).

Preparing attractive and healthy meals for dogs is hard but will provide you much knowledge and experience. Nonetheless, several foods are not recommended, even prohibited to avoid digestive diseases in dogs, which are made clear right in the next part.

What food for dogs should be avoided?

As dog’s digestive system is absolutely different from human’s, some of our favorite foods are harmful or even fatal to dogs. These foods can cause poison. What are they? Let’s check them bellows:


  • Onions and Garlics

Always put away onions and garlics in all forms: fresh, processed, dried or ground. Dogs will surely be poisoned with these two substances, including vomiting and short breath. With a large amount of onions and garlics, dogs can be dead if you do not detect the signs in time.

  • Types of bones

The fact is that many people often bring bones (chicken bones and cow bones) for their dogs as they think dogs like bones. However, these bones are so hard that they can choke on the bones and poke dogs’ intestine.

  • Uncooked eggs, meat and fish

Some people like feeding dogs with uncooked foods as they are fresh and keep the most nutrition. However, it is not a good idea, according to Veterinary Association because such food often leads to severe poisons in stomach. Parasites and bacteria: E.coli or Salmonella exist in uncooked food make dogs vomit a lot.

  • Salt and sugar

Foods containing much either salt or sugar make dogs thirsty quickly. Then, they tend to look for water and try to drink as much as possible, especially cold water but it often leads to vomiting and ion poison. The symptoms are: diarrhea, fatigue and nausea. For puppies, they can quickly comatose and die of cerebral edema.

  • Food containing caffeine

Many people think that coffee or some drinks containing caffeine can help dogs less sleepy and keep energetic all the time. It is a wrong idea and do not confuse caffeine’s benefits to human and those to dogs.

It is claimed that caffeine and dairy products, particularly yogurt are contrary foods. Above, we have shown you the answers to the question is yogurt good for dogs and in this part, setting safe diets and notes in feeding dogs are presented with details and proves. Hence, please keep in mind tips to choose and avoid food for your lovey pets.

In Conclusion

Yogurt is healthy food for pets with many proves mentioned above. For the owners, learning about food for dogs is of significance as taking care of dogs as a friend or a member of family should always follow a scientific and reasonable diet. Apart from this, ensuring the nutrition as well as providing yogurt to bring a good meal is extremely important.

Variety in food will never make dogs bored with eating. We hope that the information of Wewpet can help you enhance and enrich the meals of your dogs. Please visit our website to discover a reservoir of knowledge and tips about caring generally for pets and particularly for dogs.

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