Long haired chihuahua – What you need to do to take better care

Chihuahua is such a famous name that perhaps all pet lovers around the world have heard about it once. You are a big fan of the long haired Chihuahua? Are they different from the short hair counterparts in terms of size, appearance, temperament or health problems?

With this interesting topic, WewPet is prepared to give you lots of useful information that you need to know about this small and mighty furry friend. Are you ready to be immersed in the world of long hair Chihuahua?


Origin of Chihuahua:

The question “Where is the history of the Chihuahua toy breed?” still remains  speculation. There are two main theories on their ancestors:

  • Toltec Civilization: Back to the 5th century BC, Techichi – a wild dog – were brought up in families of the Toltecs, near Mexico City, as pets. They were popularly used in religious ceremonies, due to the fact that they were considered to be the symbol of the forgiveness of sins and be guides for the spirit of the dead. The name Chihuahua was named after the Mexican state Chihuahua.
  • The other explanation is that when adventurers explored the New World after days, they bred Techichi with a small hairless dog that they had brought along. As you may guess, the resulting breed was Chihuahua – whose name was also based on the State of Chihuahua, Mexico in the 1850s.

Are the long haired Chihuahua different from the short haired ones apart from the length of their coat?

Surprisingly, the answer is completely no. Their only difference is long hair and short hair, which means they are similar in all other measures, including the size, weight, temperament, health, interests, etc.

What does a long haired Chihuahua look like?

It is exciting to know that your Chi is recorded to be the smallest dog in the world by Guinness World Records. Her name is Brandy, who measures only 15.2 centimeters and lives in Florida, United States.

The Chi-chi’s weight ranges from 1 to 5 kg, along with between 15 to 22 cm in height. How small they are! Therefore, the long haired Chihuahua puppies also can be held in the hollow of your hand.

There are two types of Hua-Hua: apple-shaped head and the deer head, with adorable large erect ears, which are the unmistakable points of this breed. Besides, as mentioned before, they often come into 2 different types of coat: long hair and short hair. The word “long hair” seems to make them become the fluffy Chihuahua; however, it does not mean that these companions shed much more than their short hair counterparts. Their level of shedding is even less.

How to identify whether your pup is a long hair Chihuahua or not? Simple. Just notice the length of coat around his ears, necks, legs and tails. Besides, his coat usually looks much flatter and wavier.

What about Chihuahua colors? Well, there is a considerable variety in colors, including the solid (black, tan, white), patterned, marbled or tri-colored ones. What is your cup of tea when it comes to your Chi’s coat color?

Chihuahua’s Temperament:

As far as we are concerned, Chihuahua is one of the bravest dogs in the world with the biggest heart. What they lack in size, they make up for in personalities. Intelligent, vivacious, devout, restless, sociable and faithful seem not to be enough to describe these loyal pets.


According to FCI standards, the Chi-chi breeds are completely alert and very brave dogs, who are ready to devote themselves to protect their owners for most of their life. With great love and affection, the bond between you and your puppy will develop strongly because the Chihuahua breeds are those who always, always and always demand your attention.

Not only do these fluffy friends often want to play with humans, but they also seem to be experts in socializing with other dog breeds, especially those of their own breed, or even with cats when they are well-socialized. So don’t be surprised at his friendliness when you take your Hua-Hua to the dog park.

Children that never grow! The long haired Chihuahua is often seen as small kids, due to their tiny size as well as their regular hyper characteristics. They never sit still for a single minute. The more bored they feel, the more energetic they will be.

What is the Chihuahua’s favorite game on earth? The high likelihood is the Tug of War. Why? Because all Chi-chi’s interest is biting, or at least nipping at something. Thus, the Tug of War seems to be a perfect game for both of you to have a go.

Although considered as devout, they are still family pets with expressive personality and little stubbornness. They, the Chihuahua breed, want to be heard. As this happens, they often bark with high volume to express their ideas. There is nothing wrong in case they want to raise their voice, right?

Grooming and caring for the long hair Chihuahua:

❁ Grooming:

You may always wonder “How can an inexperienced owner like me groom my Chi’s coat?” because it is so beautiful and charming. Your Chi friend, luckily, does not require much technique when you help brush his soft long coat. These are some useful information that gives you a comprehensive understanding of the fur coat he is putting on.

  • It is over 2 years that long haired Chihuahua puppies basically need to complete their full length in a coat.
  • Like other fluffy dogs, the Chi-chi requires a moderate quantity of grooming with a good brushing and a combing once a week to reduce the level of shedding.
  • There are often 2 times in a year that these companions slightly shed: When the temperature changes a little bit by the onset of autumn, a thinner summer coat is replaced by the thicker winter one. By contrast, in spring, there is an increase in day time hours and sunlight, which results in the replacement of a thinner summer coat. This process is repeated throughout every single year.
  • Regarding female Chihuahuas, when entering the heat cycle, they seem to shed slightly as a consequence of changes in the hormone. This also appears after they give birth to the cute Chihuahua pups.

❁ How to take care of Chihuahua dogs?

Needless to say, there is no exception among dog breeds when it comes to your love and attention. What they want is to feel you are caring for them. How to show it? Every person has his own way to express the love for his small companion by petting, scratching, smiling at his face or giving rewards. There are thousands of ways to connect the two hearts of you.


Hyper as they may seem, the Chihuahuas are indoor dogs. Apart from several daily walks or exercise or playing games under supervision, they must be kept indoors.

The outside long hair does not mean that they can suffer in low-temperature weather. It hardly helps them to keep warm, so in any case, you should not take them outside when winter is coming.

These tiny creatures are interested in warm places. It is such a funny scene when you lie on the sofa and watch your pet bask in the sunlight going through the window, isn’t it?

In hot and humid days, in order to avoid extreme heat, you can have a walk with your Chi in the early mornings or evenings. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of water and a travel bowl to have a break in case of a long journey. Your Chihuahua will need a short time to rest up to continue.

Food diet and Exercise:

To maintain a healthy lifestyle and lengthen their lifespan, the long hair Chihuahua requires a proper amount of physical exercise and diets.

❁ Exercise:

Try your best to do lots of research or ask your vet for advice in order to arrange an effective schedule of regular exercises for your pet. They need at least 1 walk or outdoor activity every single day, with the minimum time of between 20 to 30 minutes.

❁ Feeding and Diet:

Having an appropriate quantity of proteins, calcium, and other nutrients play an important role in the healthy bowel movement. Thus, avoid overfeeding your pet. You should not be careless to think that this small breed can not be prone to obesity. When it happens, the consequences are terrible: joint problems, difficulty breathing, arthritis, especially a shortened life expectancy.

Health problems that the Chihuahuas can suffer:

No matter how mighty these tiny dogs are, there are several health issues that you should notice when adopting a Chi-chi pup.

❁ Hydrocephalus:

Naturally, every Chihuahua puppy is born with a small soft spot on the head, known as a molera, like human beings. After one year, this seems to close up. Unfortunately, in case the molera is too large to disappear itself, their skulls will be full of spinal fluids, then surrounding the whole brain. This problem is called hydrocephalus.

It results in some serious effects such as seizures, bad coordination, a swollen head, etc, putting great pressure to understand what is happening onto your small pet. Should you notice something wrong at the first sign, don’t hesitate to take him to veterinarians immediately so that they can diagnose the problem.

Unluckily, it can not be cured. But don’t worry, you can do other things to help him enjoy his life, as there are many that lead long and happy lives with this condition.

❁ Scleritis:

The parasite can cause the inflammation of their sclera – the white part of a dog’s eyeball, which is known as scleritis. When your Chihuahua repeatedly tries to lick or scratch their eye, they are likely experiencing scleritis. In this case, ask your vet for the necessary interruption.

If it is left untreated, the worst consequence is that your tiny pet will lose that eye. Therefore, give him regular check-ups and cleaning is a good way to prevent this eye issue.

❁ Hypoglycemia:

This is a problem of low blood sugar, which makes a Hua-Hua dizzy, disorientated, weak, or even unconscious. When this appears, take him to the veterinarians as soon as possible so that they can suggest new diet or other measures which can help improve the problem.

Hypoglycemia can also be a symptom of a larger disease such as diabetes or liver issues. How to prevent this problem? Make sure that your small pet eats enough food every day. Missing only one or two meals can lead to a drop in blood sugar levels, leading to severe effects like seizures.

How can I train a long haired Chihuahua?

Training is never an easy step for almost dog breeds, right? These are some suggestions that can help this process be more effective.

As this breed is stubborn, you should have started the training since they are still puppies. This process requires your most time, patience and love. Try to begin with some basic commands such as sit or stay, and then notice how they react to understand their unique characteristics.

Born with territorial instincts, your dominance must be established. When you want to teach them where they can or can not enter in your home, you can take them around in a leash and show some signals repeatedly.

Like other dogs, Chihuahuas are absolutely food motivated. In case your companion does not cooperate with you, a treat is a good choice. However, do not overuse these food treats. The best reward for them is your positive reinforcement. They are smart enough to know what you are saying means “Good boy!”, then they will be so glad of that. Not to mention, love and affection are the strongest bond to connect two of you.

ლ How long do Chihuahuas live?

Well, these small dogs can live up to over 20 years if you offer a good diet, regular veterinarian visits every 6 – 12 months, thorough care and lots of affection.

 In conclusion:

The long haired Chihuahua or the Chihuahua breed is totally tiny with big hearts. These well-known dogs are much more energetic, gentle and devoted than their size, right? WewPet hopes that Chihuahua is the exact small cute family pet that you have been looking for.

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