Morkie Dog – The American Cutest Fluffy Ball

According to statistics provided by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), there are 360 different dog breeds that have been officially recognized and accepted worldwide until now. This fact not only emphasizes the vast majority of the puppy population but also makes it hard for adopters and dog lovers to select a suitable breed for their specific living conditions.

Each person’s tastes, preferences, and lifestyle are factors that play key roles in influencing which type of dog size, color, temperament, and life expectancy is finally brought home.

Therefore, in order to understand the special features of every puppy breeds, WewPet is more than honored to be the guide for pet parents to build a general overview of your target pet. 

The topic here today focuses on the universally adorable puppy type with short legs, well-rounded eyes, and soft hair coat: Morkie Dog – an irresistible fluffy ball!


When did Morkie dog first appear?

Look at Morkie’s lovable appearance, we all can conclude that their features must be inherited from their ancestors. 

And absolutely correct, according to official information, Morkie dog was originally created by the combination of Yorkie Maltese (Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese dog breeds) during the 1990s in somewhere of North America.

Information derived from the very first breeders of these two breeds, their goal back then was to bring to life a beautifully small puppy type with a high level of friendliness and affection for pet lovers, someone who is a classic lap dog and does not usually shed. Carefully taking care of Morkie puppies now makes us more and more grateful for the original effort in successfully forming this perfect dog. 

They came out with all the physical qualities and personalities that breeders expected!

In spite of the fact of being one of the latest breeds to be discovered, Morkie dog has been rapidly accepted and welcomed by thousands of houses out there since its first introduction, especially in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

There are several other intimate names that Morkies are frequently called such as Morkshire Terrier (combining the letter “M” of Maltese and “orkshire” of Yorkshire Terrier), Malkis, Maltyork, and Yorkiemalt. Even their nicknames are able to present themselves and their greatest characteristics – cute, friendly, loyal, and family oriented.

What does Morkie dog look like? 

Inheriting various different physical features from their forefathers, Morkie puppies sometimes are likely to be mistaken for a small Yorkshire Terrier. 

Therefore, how to tell if this is Morkies or not? Are there any signs and traits of them that might help distinguish them from other dog breeds? 

These frequently asked questions are going to be clarified immediately with the following necessary information about the American fluffy balls.


1. Overall look

Usually described as teddy bear-like, Morkie puppies are comparatively smaller than other dogs, which results in its being easily injured. 

The reason why Wewpet calls them balls is because every aspect of their appearance is to any extent well rounded. From their twinkling pair of eyes, a small black nose, a tiny chubby face to the not easily recognizable mouth almost covered by their long fur, it is just like each visual feature is carved in the round shape.

One of the best elements contributing to making them widely admired is the two ears. Unlike other energetic puppies, Morkies’ long ears are normally caught dropped down, hidden by a large amount of hair. This sometimes leads people to not recognize any sight of the dog’s ears.

Their legs are thin, straight, and firm in order to keep them standing and supporting their round body.

There are not many pet adopters noticing this but in some cases, Morkie puppies’ tail is short, with the length of only 2 to 4 inches just like your little finger. However, it is still normal for them to have a longer tail protected by long and soft hair.

2. Size and standards

General factors Detail information
Breed Mixed, designer, and toy dogs
Height 4 to 10 inches (7 to 10 inches for males, 6 to 8 for females)
Weight 4 to 13 lbs
Life expectancy 10 to 16 years

3. Coat

The color ranges of a Morkie dog are profound with black, solid white, or brown, which are the most common shades that we usually see in them. 

However, there are still plenty of other colors such as tan or even a mix of all these mentioned shades since no publications or information defines which one is the official for this specific crossbreed.

Note: Similar to other breeds, Morkie dog’s colors keep on changing from time to time during its journey to reach adulthood. It is consequently normal to witness the evolution in coat shades between a puppy and an adult.

The long, soft, drifting, and bobbing coat must be the key element making them the American fluffy balls. As their fast and easy hair growth in length, the major portions of their body are almost covered with thin and several inches long hairs, which needs to be cleaned and cut in a weekly routine.

However, do not misunderstand that a Morkie dog is one of those high shedding crossbreeds. In fact, Morkie is hypoallergic and not easy to shed during enjoying their life at home with you. Therefore, if you are looking for a breed that will not cause any troubles for people with sensitive skin and not require daily cleaning, then this Yorkie Maltese mix is 100% sure the most suitable choice for you to consider.

What are several temperaments and behaviors of Morkie?

In stark contrast to the comparatively small size with short legs and light weight, Morkie traits are considered as wise, dynamic, and out of your imagination. Their easily injured appearance does not restrain them from being confident and taking part in different adventurous activities.


For further information about Morkie temperament, let us go through the list below consisting of 9 most noticeable ones:

1. Super confident

For years, Yorkshire Terrier has been well known for its confidence and independence while Maltese is also not a wallflower at all. 

As a successful mix between these two purebred breeds, Yorkie Maltese mix to any extent shines in their own ways without any trace of shyness or self suspicion. 

2. Attention seeking

In Morkie dog’s cases, they are famous for their intense loyalty to the master or pet owner. 

There are many puppies out there who would love to stay by the adopter’s side for hours, wandering from here to there, and try to draw attention by barking or playing enthusiastically.

Therefore, it is concluded that you might be “stalked” by your own fur friend.

3. Lap loving

As mentioned before, their attention-seeking effort is expressed through playing and staying with dog owners, sometimes even spending hours sitting or taking a nap on your lap. 

Morkie is a classic lap dog with a small size enabling them to fit absolutely in your embrace. And with that being said, if you are so busy with jobs or school projects and do not have much time to play with pets, Morkie dog will definitely the one who takes initiative and makes it happen. 

While keeping on finishing your tasks, try touching their skin, or brushing their fur with your fingers to encourage and prevent them from feeling sad or isolated.

4. Sometimes silly

Despite being confident in front of humans or other dog breeds, there are times in which Morkie puppies act like silly fluffy balls, for example, accidentally bumping their head into a table foot, eating weird grass, or even rolling here and there on the sofa.

This side of Morkie encourages lots of pet lovers out there to adopt one since it brings happiness and laughter to the family, especially if you are living alone and seeking for a partner in your apartment.

5. Not able to tolerate cold weather

Even though a Morkie dog is covered 90% of fur, their skin and coat are not thick, which leads to their low cold weather endurance. 

⇒ As a result, during autumn and winter, dog adopters need to make sure that your fur babies are staying inside, by the fire and not shaking. Preparing a blanket for them during these cold days would be a nice thing each person can do to take good care of their dogs.

6. Super friendly

If you are building a welcoming environment in your house and craving for a friendly domesticated friend as well, then Morkie dog is a perfect choice for these standards. 

With its hairy tail wagging from left to right, black eyes moving enthusiastically, Morkie is widely rated at high rank with its goodwill and kind attitudes towards visitors or neighbors.

Their ability to get along well with strangers is extraordinary since they are ardently confident in themselves and always in a state of seeking for attention.

However, do not feel like your dog leaves you in a cold during the time when guests visiting your place. Their loyalty is always focusing on the one and only you – their master.

7. Suitable for houses with small children and pets

With a teddy bear like outlook, children are so attracted to Morkie with no doubt. According to dog owners’ sharing information, it is also possible to put a cat, a dog, and a tiny Morkie under the same roof since they have the ability to get along well with not only kids but also pets.

⇒ Still, since Morkie dog’s body is thin and fragile, it is much better if you adopt a small breed pet as well to accompany them.

Moreover, pay attention to how your children are playing with this little Yorkie Maltese mix because kids might end up injuring them with hard toys or violent actions.

8. Usually barking

As Morkie temperament is dynamic, do they bark a lot?

The answer is a big YES! Barking is a way of searching for attention from their masters, expressing positive energies, or conveying a message which is: “I am hungry. Feed me, master”.

However, this aspect might cause problems for neighbors if you are living in a quiet surrounding. It is possible that barking too many times can be a sign of internal chaos in dogs that needs immediate care.

Therefore, pay close attention to your fur babies and make sure that there is nothing wrong going on with them. If noticing any strange signs, vets and pet hospitals are always there for you any time you search for help from professionals.

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What to know about health conditions of Morkie Dog?

Although the majority of Morkie puppies maintain a healthy life with good exercises and workouts, there are several serious physical issues that some of them might, unfortunately, endure such as:

  • Being attacked by bigger creatures
  • Dental disease
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Reverse sneezing
  • Glaucoma
  • Portosystemic shunt
  • Hernias
  • Patellar luxation
  • Collapsed trachea

How much does a Morkie cost?

In spite of their small size and short breed history, Morkie puppies are widely desired and searched for by lots of pet lovers since their characteristics and appearance are huge advantages when compared to other dogs.

The popularity of them is insane, which contributes to their high price between $1,000 to $3,500 for a small Morkie dog. 

This is the average price for a healthy puppy from recognized and trusted breeders and rescues, so be careful with those sources selling underpriced ones.

How to take good care of a Morkie?

1. Checkup 

There are no methods that are more effective than doing frequent checkups. 

Bring your Morkie dog to meet a local veterinarian or to pet hospitals monthly to make sure that no internal or external illnesses are being suffered silently. 

Moreover, since Morkie’s coat is long, you should ask your personal vet for help in how to clean, wash, and brush it properly.

2. Outdoor activities

According to a trusted survey, an estimated 56% of dogs in the United States is enduring obesity

To prevent this tragedy, dog adopters should spend at least half an hour a day taking your dog out, being exposed to the sun, and enjoying some outdoor activities.

However, please stay by their side while you two are not at home since Yorkie Maltese mix is easily injured if encountering violently with bigger sized pets or humans.

3. Trimming nails, cleaning ears, and be cautious with any strange signs in your dog

In conclusion, Wewpet honestly wishes you a happy and full of laughter journey with a cute Morkie. This American fluffy ball deserves nothing but the bests!

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