Norwegian Forest Cat – Excellent hunters

Welcome all cat fanciers! Our special guest today is a large furry friend, Norwegian Forest Cat, or often referred to as “Wegie” for short. Give her big applause!!!

In this post, you will be given a comprehensive understanding of this Norwegian cat breed. Are you ready??? Let’s go!

Before starting, why not identify several interesting stories about them?


Top 5 fun facts about Norwegian Forest cats

1. Norwegian Forest cat vs Maine Coon

With inexperienced eyes, you may be deceived by the somewhat similar appearance of these two breeds. They look like cousins, right? They have many things in common such as big bodies, bushy tails and luxuriously thick coats.


It’s not a coincidence that two completely different cat breeds can look similar. Based on genetic testing, it is believed that the Maine Coon is a descendent of both the Wegies and an unknown (but now instinct) domestic breed.


How to distinguish them? Let’s look at two main features of their faces. Firstly, in terms of faces, the Norwegian Forest felines have a triangle-shaped face, whereas the Maine Coons’ faces are wedge-shaped with high cheekbones.

Secondly, when it comes to their eyes, there are still some differences that you can notice. The Norwegian Forest breed owns almond-shaped eyes, while the Maine Coons have typically more round eyes.

2. They are one of the most mythical creatures on earth

Let WewPet tell you Norwegian myths. Once upon a time, there appears a skogkatt, which is a large, long-haired mountain-dwelling fairy cat. What makes these felines so special? It is their outstanding climbing ability that no other cats could beat.

Similar to their size, coats and especially, the excellent tree-climbing ability, the Wegies were thought to be the real-life inspiration for the skogkatt.

Another myth is that Freya, the Norse goddess of love and beauty, who was believed to travel in a feline-drawn chariot, extremely loved the skogkatt. Can you imagine how powerful this cat breed is?

However, that is not the end. There is also another Norwegian tale that will make you laugh. Thor is defeated in a contest of strength by the tricky god Jormungand. By which way? Interestingly, he has disguised as a skogkatt. It explains why today many Norwegian Forest cat breeders consider the Wegies as the “Norse skogkatt”.

3. They are recognized as Norway’s National cats

Yeah it’s true! They were designated the country’s national cat by King Olaf V of Norway.

4. They nearly come to extinction

Back to history, this cat breed was well-known for being excellent mousers. But until the 1930s, cat fanciers started to notice their outstanding features.

During the Second World War, our Wegie friends were not given much attention anymore. They even nearly become extinct due to cross-breeding. Fortunately, after a period, an official breeding program decided to preserve this Norwegian cat breed’s lineage for future generations.

Until 1977, the Fédération Internationale Féline officially accepted the Wegies as a recognized breed. Two years later, they took the first breeding pair to the US.

In 1987, they were finally recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

5. They are celebrities in Europe

If you ask an American cat lover about his favorite felines, then our Wegie friends are not likely to be his top of mind. Well, even though they are not in the top 10 of the most popular cat breeds in the US, they are truly A-star celebrities in Europe. As you may guess, they are extremely well-known in Scandinavia as well as in France.

How to recognize a Norwegian Forest cat?

Okay, how do you feel after reading the above fun facts? They are so amazing, right?

And now, don’t let you wait anymore, we are about to give you a thorough picture of what Wegies look like, how they behave and what they love.



As mentioned before, these Norwegian cats look quite similar to the Maine Coons.

Norwegian Forest cat size? Well, they are perfect kittens since they need up to 5 years to fully mature. If you are a big fan of kittens and love this stage, then adopting a Wegie is a good choice. When fully grown up, they frequently weigh between 13 to 20 pounds and their length is around 12 to 18 inches.

Their appearances are specially designed for the typically cold atmosphere in Norway.

Their long, double fur is so warm and water-resistant that it is an efficient overcoat which you will desire. Do you often see the black Norwegian Forest cat? It is not the only color that a Wegie has. There is a large variety of coat colors, ranging from white, black, red, cream, tabby to cinnamon; all of them are decorated with and without white patches.

Are your ears often frozen after walking in the temperature of 2 Celcius degrees? It is not the matter of your Wegie thanks to her long, wispy hairs, helping deflect ice-cold winds.

How about walking on a snowy ground? Their large, heavily tufted paws are perfect.

Especially, the fact that their back legs are longer than the front, along with studier claws than those of other cat breeds, explains why they are such excellent tree-climbers. As a result, don’t be surprised to see a feline run down a tree headfirst and achieve impressive climbing feasts.

Norwegian Forest cat personality

➥ Affectionate but do not demand

If you are worrying that these gentle and friendly friends will interrupt you while you are working, then this is not a matter that you need to take into consideration.

Like most cats, they love to seek out human companionship and play with their owners. Nevertheless, in case you are so busy that you can not give your Wegie the attention that she wants, then she will be satisfied to be in the same room and play with her own toys. Staying home alone is not a big deal to this furry friend because she knows how to entertain herself.

What they are always welcome is a nice scritch between the ears or beneath the chin. After that, look at their delightful reactions. They can reciprocate with a nice head butt or cheek rub.

Affectionate as they are, they tend to be reserved with strangers. Therefore, it takes time for them to get familiar.

➥ Smart and independent

We are sure that these feline companions are so smart that they can knock your socks off. They love learning new things and have an alert nature. As a result, they are easily trained to perform several tricks that you can show them with your friends.

Also, you can challenge your pet with puzzle toys which will certainly make the game more difficult. And don’t forget to give her some kibble or her favorite treats when she can manage your tricks or puzzle names.

They will try to communicate with you to show their happiness by purring and chirping. That’s cute, right?

➥ Friendly with kids and other animals

Actually, the Wegies seem not to get on well with all kids; they can play with children who know how to treat them properly. So it is essential to teach your small children the right way to scratch, stroke or touch your pet as soon as possible. Besides, you should let them play with each other under your supervision to avoid any unexpected accidents.

When it comes to other animals, they are calm and willing to socialize with them. Therefore, they can live with another cat or a puppy under a roof.


What are their likes and dislikes? Are you curious?

If your house has a fish tank or a pond in the garden, then BE CAREFUL! Why? Because they are interested in dipping their paws in the water to search for food, such as fish.

Unlike most cats who love to go outside, the Wegies are typically indoor cats. They enjoy spending quiet time in your quiet home and that’s it. You can sometimes notice their meditating gestures looking at the outside world through a big window.

They are not much of super-active, but not a couch potato, either. Inheriting the excellent climbing ability, these Norwegian felines are fond of reaching to higher points. They will appreciate as long as you can design or purchase a tall cat tree that they can show their amazing skills.

How to care for Norwegian Forest cats?

Caring for a cat requires lots of your time, effort and patience. It is much more complicated than you can expect. Thus, WewPet is here to give you some helpful information so that you can apply to your caring process.



Are you afraid that their beautiful long, double coat will demand a special grooming skill?

Fortunately, it not too hard. It is highly recommended to give your pet an overall brushing twice a week with a stainless steel comb or slicker brush. Do it gently to tease out any tangles so that it won’t hurt her.

Their common shedding periods are during spring and winter. As this happens, many veterinarians suggest that you should increase the grooming frequency to three or four times per week so as to avoid any knots or matting.


Bathing seems to be a more difficult step due to their waterproof coat. Choosing the right shampoo is very important because every feline is unique and their coat develops a natural oil which can be washed away with the most suitable shampoo.

Rinsing their coat after washing and drying the fur are essential steps. The best solution is to let your cat’s coat dry naturally in a warm environment. Your pet may love to be in front of a fire or a heater in your living room.

You should also brush their teeth regularly, at least once a week to prevent potential dental issues. Frequently check the ears to ensure that any dirty stuff in their ears is cleaned with a soft cloth or cotton wool ball.

Cats are born to be hygiene addicts. They won’t use their litter box again unless you always keep it clean.

Diet and nutrition

As wonderful mousers like their ancestors, the Wegies prefer a rich-protein and high-meat diet. Because of their larger size, they will eat more than a normal cat. As a result, you should try to give your companion her favorite food products that encourage her to enjoy the serving.

If you are confused about how to feed your pet properly, then asking for your veterinarian is always necessary. They will suggest the ideal meals that suit her current stage.

Health problems

Fortunately, being a natural breed, the Norwegian Forest felines do not have higher chances to suffer from several problems that may occur to most mixed breeds. No matter how healthy they are, there are still three main issues that the Wegies are prone to, which are heart, kidney problems and hip dysplasia.

Make sure that you give them regular check-ups, healthy diets and an appropriate quantity of exercises and the most essential, your big love, then your Wegie can live happily with your family up to between 14 to 16 years.


How to find a Norwegian Forest cat for sale? Well, about the Norwegian Forest cat price, there is a little difference in the US and the UK. In the US, it can cost you between $600 to $1,200 to purchase a Wegie kitten, while in the UK, this price ranges from $500 to $650.

Also, you can adopt a kitten from a reliable Norwegian Forest cat rescue, but it may not give you the pet quality as good as the kittens from cat breeders.


Are you ready to let a Wegie become one of your family members? We believe that it is the greatest thing ever that you have in your life!

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