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 A Journey Of Sharing In Pet Blog

To our beloved pet lovers…

For years of bring up pets, have you got stuck in a tight corner with no solution to pet problems? Have you felt stressed as you had no one listening to your pet stories or encouraged you to overcome the loss of pets? There might have nobody that comprehended such sadness but Pet Blog did.

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We’ve listened to so many piteous stories about ill and passing pets that we started our encouragement to the tellers so that their pain can be relieved a little. However, more than words, it has become a dream of sharing all what we’ve experienced in pet caring with, being where pet lovers can come to share and leave with happiness. That’s the reason why our blog is born. So what can you get from here? It will be a satisfactory journey of yours.


Daily reading about pets is a trend of almost all people to update pet news. Do you every day open your social network and scroll the screen to see what pet is made funny today, what is the lucky dog with his photo used to create joking gifts, photos and icons on Facebook, Instagram and …? As a habit, WewPet updates the latest information from the most prestigious and real source to show to you.

Apart from practical news, our blog is revealing top funny facts about pets which you may have thought about it but at present can’t figure it out. That’s one of our purpose to bring more laughter with relaxing time reading jocose stories here.


This blog has collected various tips and tricks to deal with an unusual dog or cat for all aspects around pet such as training, bathing, combing, brushing teeth, cutting toenails for pets and so on. We care for not only pet appearance but also their health and life quality. “Reasons why everyone should have a pet“.

Also, we are showing many surprising results of researching on special pet breeds, together with typical videos or updated images. A day with us will not be meaningless as you will absolutely find interesting points from our both common and extra content that you have never heard of.


Each of our journey has its challenges but all remaining forever is values for pets. Behind every post here, it’s actually a tip or a trick or a piece of knowledge that can help you find your own ways of taking care of, training or feeding pets. Your visit is also one kind of value that we have received.

The journey of Pet Blog is hard but deserving that we have created a sharing community for both happy and sad pet owners to harmonize and reach a better life for our pets. Come to us anytime and we are committed to giving at least one thing helpful before you get out of