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Pet Behavior – Is it hard to understand?

Welcome all pet lovers! This is WewPet’s Behavior Section – where all of your curiosities relating to your pet’s behaviors will be cleared up. 

It is often said that “Women are the most complicated creature in the world”. However, for most pet lovers like us, the one that is too difficult to understand is our lovely pet. On the grounds that we are humans and we are not able to communicate with a dog or a cat in their languages, there seem to be lots of misunderstandings.

It’s time for questions. How many times have you been stuck in such situations? We guess the answer turns out to be more than ten. You must be baffled as your pug keeps staring at you continuously, right? Or that is when your kitten starts to jump so high? These actions completely drive you crazy because there may be some hidden meanings behind and you can not understand.

Don’t worry. That’s why this section appears, in order to help you penetrate what your companion is trying to express. Let’s have a look at two particular meanings of your pet’s behaviors!

What do their actions enclose?

  • Innocuous behaviors:

Many reactions that look fairly awkward for human beings, yet are common in the pet world. Take the dog sneezing as an example. Puppies often sneeze when they are happy and having fun when playing with you. Hence, this is a sign of good health and excitement.

  • Dangerous behaviors:

Nevertheless, in many times, the unfamiliar actions of your dog or cat are warnings of their health problems. For instance, chewing toys is an interest of cats, but not the plastic ones. As they start to chew and swallow these items which can be stuck in their throat, it is likely that they are suffering stress and boredom.

Needless to say, it must be risky if pet owners like us cannot realize their expressions in the right way, mustn’t it? Fortunately, WewPet is going to suggest THREE simple steps to deal with this situation.

What can you do to help your pet?

  1. Prevent boredom:

A dog or a cat is significantly the same as a kid. What he loves more than anything else in the world is playing. So try to give your pet a regular daily exercise and recreation, which decreases the chance of depression.

  1. Correct behavior:

Perhaps the strange behaviors of your pet are the results of your reward process. In case your puppy is digging, then you give him a piece of meat, he will understand that whenever he wants meat, he has to dig. Therefore, not rewarding for the next time can make your pup give up that strange action.

  1. Explore medical problems:

If it is not the case of your reward process, then there is a likelihood that your pet is having some potential health problems. What you need to do is to carefully watch your pet to read his unfamiliar expressions. You can search on the Internet or ask your vet for the necessary advice.

To sum up, we – WewPet – are trying to make the communication between you and your cute companion much easier. Every single post on our site is as detailed as possible to answer your questions. Each pet, however, is a unique creature. Hence, our advice cannot work well on all pets and advice from veterinarians or professionals is still essential in some cases.