Pomapoo – Dogs with happy outlook

Welcome all dog lovers! We are sure that many of you have known or heard something about our special friend today. And big applause to Pomapoo – delightful small dogs with a persistent happy outlook on life. Are you a big fan of these little companions? Let’s have a look at what makes them so adorable and well-loved all over the world!


➱ Back to history of the Pomapoo breed

As you may know, Pomapoo dogs are often referred to as Pooranian, Pompoo and Pomeroodle. Why?

Well, they are actually a mixed breed between a Pomeranian and a Poodle. The Pompoos were first developed in the 1980s and 1990s. However, until now, there is no document confirming the exact origins of this dog breed. So now, we will find out more about there parents, the Pomeranian and the Poodle, to understand what genetic features that help create our spunky Pomeroodles.

The Pomeranian

They are the smallest Spizt type dogs who own a much-loved foxy appearance. In the 18th century, the Pomeranian pups originated from a historical place called “Pomerania”, which borders the Baltic Sea.

You must be surprised by their truly noble background. Many pieces of research noted that it was Queen Victoria of England that took a shine to them during her reign. Because she demanded the even smaller Pomeranians, these companions’ size was reduced to about 50% of its original appearance.

Thanks to their intelligence and docile natures, nowadays, people often used them as therapy pets.

The Poodle

How about the Poodle breed? Not too far from where the Pomeranians were developed, they first appeared in Germany.

They were curly-coated dogs with 3 variants, including Miniature, Toy and Standard, which was perfect for breeders and owners to choose what size of the pet they wanted. Whether it was small, medium or large-sized, they ensure their popularity with the hybrid market.

With instinct excellent hunting skills, they were traditionally used to hunt both on land and in water. Nowadays, due to their special fur type, which can be high maintenance when working outdoors, the Poodle canines are not frequently seen as hunting dogs.

They often appear in canine competitions and TV shows. Besides, as a way to contribute to society, they are now used as therapy dogs.

Thus, many people say that our Pomapoo puppies are actually a Pomeranian Poodle mix. In the last two decades, there was a significant increase in the desire for these purebred mixes, leading to a rising number of Pompoo. Despite this fact, until now, there has been no breeder who officially confirms to be the first to intentionally conduct the Pomeranians to Poodles breeding program.

Therefore, it is hard to know when and where this dog breed started to appear.

Unfortunately, like most of the other designer dogs, in spite of their purebred lineage, because they are still considered to be a mixed breed, the Pooranians are now not accepted by the American Kennel Club. As a result, the Pomapoo puppies are not eligible for any kind of registration and official pedigree papers.


Regardless of the unrecognized facts, the Pomapoo is still one of the stunkiest dog breeds that is loved by many pet lovers in the world.

➱ What makes a Pomapoo so special?

So, we are about to give you a comprehensive photo of what a Pomeroodle looks like, how they behave and what they love.



The mix of their parents forms our cute Pompoo’s appearances. Three adjectives to describe the feeling when looking at Pomapoo puppies? As far as we are concerned, they are attractive, soft and fluffy. How lovely they are!

With a well-proportioned body, short elegant legs, small paws, and especially dainty demeanor, they will truly make your heart melted after busy working hours. If you have researched carefully about this breed, you can realize that there are two main types of the head that a Pooranian can have: a wedge-shaped head like the Pom or a long narrow muzzle like their Poodle parents.

What is your favorite part of your pet? Well, for us, we prefer to spend hours looking at their bright alert dark eyes, showing their intellectual agility and outstanding intelligence. Their ears can be upright or floppy soft like the Poodle.

The most wonderful feature of their body that makes them look like teddy bears is absolutely the stunning short to medium-length coat, ranging from wavy, curly to straight. There are six main coat colors: white, black, brown, red, fawn and sable. You can sometimes see a Pompoo in a solid color, but sometimes they can appear in a mix of colors.

You are suffering from asthma? You are worried that their coat can make your problem worse? In case your pet inherits the Poodle coat, then congratulations! He is hypoallergenic, who is perfect for asthma sufferers.

As their coat is short to medium-length, it is not designed for extreme weather. Therefore, it is recommended by many veterinarians that you should give your canine companion a coat in winter, and apply some sunscreen to the ears, nose and several sensitive areas when there is a high amount of sunlight like in summer months.


What our small Pomapoo friends lack in size, they make up for by their spunky personalities.

Extremely affectionate

Yes, it’s true! They are always willing to please and devoted to you and your family. One of the happiest things they want to do is to be with you most of the time. If you leave your bedroom, then he will be following you. If you lie on the sofa to watch TV, then he will sit next to you waiting for your gentle scratching or stroking.

Most of Pomeroodles are outgoing and social; some of them, however, are a bit standoffish around strangers and quite reserved, which seems to be a trait coming from the Poodle. As a result, early socialization is very important to help your pet confident and relaxed when meeting some strange visitors.


Needless to say, they are one of the most intelligent creatures on earth! They love learning new things, so they respond well to training and new tricks such as some physical signs or fetches. Therefore, you can proudly show what they have learned to your friends. We are sure that our Pompoos will love it and will appreciate it when you give them some positive reinforcement or their favorite treats.

Friendly with kids

If you are worried that these dogs can hurt your kids, then luckily, this is not a matter that you have to take into consideration. Why? Because it is your Pomapoo that is able to get on very well with your children, even those who don’t know how to treat them properly. Perhaps it is thanks to their laid-back natures.

However, friendly as they are, teaching your small kids how to touch, stroke and play with a dog as soon as possible is very necessary so as to avoid any unexpected accidents.


So, what do they love?

As you may know, the Pooranian breed is typically house dogs. Therefore, it is not a good idea to leave them outside, which can lead to some behavioral problems such as barking or digging. They love to spend quiet time with you and your family members inside your warm home.

WATER IS EVERYTHING! Yes, they are big fans of water. It is great to watch your companion happily jump in and out of a pool or a pond for long hours.

They know how to make their life meaningful and we are sure that the Pomeroodle friends are huge positive energy that shines your whole day. The cuteness and a bunch of fun that they give us are the best suit for families and singles alike.

➱ How to care for a Pomapoo dog?

Well, it is absolutely wrong to confirm that caring for a pet is a piece of cake, right? Finding Pomapoo puppies for sale is not difficult; however, there are thousands of things that you need to prepare before adopting a dog to your home. That’s why WewPet is here to give you lots of useful information when it comes to caring.



Since every Pomapoo is different in size and coat type, their grooming depends on which type of coat that they inherit. Daily grooming with good brushing is the best to prevent tangles and remove the shedding hair. This will help to promote their healthy skin and beautiful fur.

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Their long hair can affect and hurt their eyes, so to prevent it, you should give your pet a professional trimming every three months. You can learn how to cut their hair properly on Youtube or ask your vet for help. Remember to do it gently so that it won’t hurt their eye areas.


You do not need to give them daily bathing. But in case their fur is full of dirt like after playing in muds, it is necessary to wash their body with suitable shampoo to help maintain the natural oils in their skin.

In terms of eyes and ears, they should be checked regularly and the dirty stuff should be gently cleaned with a soft towel. Dental hygiene is also very important. You should brush their teeth frequently with the recommended toothpaste to prevent some dental problems.

Food diets

Dogs are omnivores, which means they need high-protein and nutritional meals to support their overall development.


Pompoo friends are a small dog breed, so they are prone to be overweighted and plaque buildup. As a result, wet food seems to be not a good choice. Why? It is not only about obesity potential, but it also can result in some oral issues and early tooth loss. Small as they are, they eat a lot.

If you are still wondering how to feed your small pet properly, then advice from your vet is very helpful. They can suggest to you what kind of food is the best for your pet’s life stage since every dog is unique and guidelines from the manufactures or pet websites are general.


Due to the fact that they can easily get overweighted, designing an exercise schedule is very necessary. Pomeroodles do not require a high quantity of exercises, but a daily walk can help. They are born to happily please their owners, so you can design some games to play with them such as fetches, jumping, etc. Not only will it bond the connection between both of you, but your pets can also burn out their energy during those activities.

Health problems

Unfortunately, similar to other mixed dog breeds, the Pompoo canines can have some genetic health issues that you should frequently look after.

Patellar Luxation

This is a condition affecting their knee, resulting in an abnormal gait and some discomfort. It can be treated with the interruption of surgery after your vet has diagnosed the problem by taking X-rays.

Addison’s Disease

Luckily, a few dogs can suffer from this disease. It is a hormonal disorder causing an inadequate level of cortisol and aldosterone. Your vet would notice the symptoms such as stomach upset, lethargy and shaking and then have a blood test to diagnose the disease. Lifelong medication is often the solution to help your pet enjoy their life.

Collapsing Trachea

This is a common problem of small dog breeds. When a trachea (windpipe) collapses, it causes a dry cough and reduces the overall development of your companion. In some cases, medications can control the signs. However, in more serious situations, your vet needs to have surgery to widen the trachea with stents or meshes.

As long as your little Pomapoo is given healthy diets and exercises, frequent check-ups and thousands of your love, patience and effort, he would live happily with you up to 16 years. Therefore, if you feel that they are the perfect suit for your life, then why not adopt a Pompoo to be one of your family members, right?

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