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Have you ever watched a movie called “The adventures of Milo and Otis”? We bet it is going to be a laugh a minute when you keep following the amazing home-return travel of two best friends, Milo – an orange tabby cat, and Otis – a white pug.

Needless to say, you cannot resist the funny cute piggy appearance of Otis for sure. WewPet won’t let you wait for any second, and this topic is, as you may guess, to get the inside scoop on your loving friend, pug puppies.

Let’s have a tour coming back to the pug dog’s history!


❖ Origin of pugs:

More than 2000 years ago, pugs and other flat-faced dogs were bred in China as companions for the Empress. The reason why the pug dogs were coveted so much seemed to be their lion-like appearance and their forehead wrinkles that look like the Chinese signs’ footprints.

In 1572, the pug breed became the official dog of the House of Orange after a pug dog saved the life of the Prince by alerting him to the approach of assassins.

In the 1600s, thanks to the Dutch traders, pugs spread swiftly throughout Europe. They were sought after and given as a royal gift, which was considered to be very precious at that time.

Wow, our fairly fat, yet cute friend used to have a magnificent background, didn’t he? Next, WewPet will give you a detailed description of his appearance explaining why so many spotlights fall on this breed all over the world.

❖ What do pug puppies look like?

Well, pugs are a squarely built, deep-chested and compact creature. Nonetheless, they have been recognized as the largest of the toy breeds by the AKC since 1885. The most unmistakable part of their body seems to be the flat squishy wrinkled face, similarly to a sadly mediating old man, with large round dark protruding eyes.

Pug dogs look lovely due to their stout body and short but strong legs, which can help them run quickly in a short period. Not to mention, their cutely curly tail is not actually formed when pug puppies were born. Naturally, it will develop from the straight to the curly shape somewhere between their first few weeks and months.

Their coat usually comes into 5 different colors: thorn, apricot-fawn, silver, black pug or white pug. Even though there is a variety in color, only one face mask is popular, which is black.

❖ The pug dog’s temperament and interests:

Before adopting a baby pug, you have to know that he wants to be with you almost every single second. Why? Because pugs love to be with their owners. It is not surprising that whatever you do, wherever you are, they will be watching you. They are interested in playing with you all the time, even using you like a pillow to lean on or a ladder to stand up. They are amazingly similar to our small kids, right?


Pugs are an extremely curious creature on earth. They cannot sit quietly for a minute and discovering new things is totally his source of inspiration. Thus, you should remember to make your house or apartment regularly bug-proof as they always rummage around for food and sometimes can be quite mischievous.

Regardless of pug puppies or matured ones, they eat like there is no tomorrow. Food is what they love more than anything else in the world. However, you should not be trapped by his try-to-be-poor face begging for food since they are prone to obesity. So remember not to overfeed them.

Pugs are friendly and sociable dogs. They are fond of meeting other ones, especially the pug group. They often have grumbles, which are simply understood as pug meetings. That sounds interesting, huh?

❖ What is the height and weight of pugs?

Pug dogs are a compact breed. When being fully grown after 1 year, they can be 10 – 13 inches tall; males are usually taller than female counterparts. With regard to weight, the ideal number is 14 – 18 pounds, which is suitable for either gender.

❖ Grooming and health care:

  • Grooming: Surprisingly, pug dogs are shedding machines, which means your house will be full of their hair everywhere. Because of their short coat, bugs do not require professional grooming at all. You can do it at home weekly with the help of a rubber grooming mitt or a medium bristle brush.
  • Nails: It is their nails that also need trimming. This seems to be the worst thing ever on the grounds that your cute pugs won’t let anyone use the horrible nail clipper to approach their precious little paws. Thus, they will be annoyed and squirm in different ways to stop the terrible action from happening. Good luck with that!
  • Cleaning: Besides, it is necessary to bath pug dogs every 2 – 4 weeks. However, bathing too often can lead to skin problems; otherwise, not bathing will make your pet dirty and smelly. You also have to wipe their ears, brush their teeth and wipe their eyes.
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❖ Food diets and exercises:

Healthy pugs can live up to 15 years old. A healthy lifestyle is the combination of appropriate nutrition and exercise activities, which ensures the best development for a single dog.

  • Food diets:

Pug dogs are at high risk of obesity; therefore, it is essential to give them appropriate diets every meal. Both wet and dry food is suitable. You need to give them nutrient food, including sufficient vitamin, protein and other nutrients to fulfill their development.

WewPet will suggest a schedule for feeding pug dogs:

  • Pug puppies, from 8 weeks old to 6 months old: 3 times per day (morning, midday and evening) with several healthy snacks.
  • Pugs at 6 months and older: 2-3 meals per day, with dry snacks.

If their bowel movement does not work properly, you can adjust the meal times earlier or later, with a suitable quantity of consumption.

  • Exercises:

In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, piggy pug dogs also need regular exercise. They are not natural athletes, but with the strong little legs and endless enthusiasm, pug dogs are interested in bursts, races or what they call zoomies.

Chasing a ball or a disk seems not to be their cup of tea. What they like is having an audience when they go finding a football or an empty plastic bottle, or playing games with you. Lazy as they may appear, they like mini agility, which shows their speed and fearlessness.

Another exercise you can give them is jumping. Pugs are excited to reach many things beyond their reach. That’s why you cannot get angry when they climb on the table or pull bags off the counters.

❖ Are pugs able to have health problems frequently?

Luckily, the pug dog is a pretty healthy breed apart from occasional breathing issues. Due to their short and compressed snout, they sometimes have trouble with breathing. Their eyes are also vulnerable to injury and prone to some health risks including corneal ulcers and dry eyes.

In terms of the living environment, you should be aware of the climate you live in as the pug breed cannot experience extreme temperatures, especially heat and humidity. Other pug health problems they may suffer are skin issues and dog encephalitis. In all cases, you should ask veterinarians or professionals for essential advice.


❖ Is it easy to train pug puppies?

The answer is probably yes if they are given your training as soon as possible, particularly when they are less than six months old. As people-pleasers, pugs feel sad in case they do something that annoys you. Thus, this is a good point for an inexperienced owner with the proper training process.

Nonetheless, there are still several difficulties in training a pug dog:

  • Stubborn: Even though they tend to love doing many things to please you, there is still a little bit of stubborn instinct in their mind.
  • Easily distracted: It takes your time and patience because they notice other things when you are teaching them. Perhaps it is a bell or crumbs.

But don’t worry. WewPet is here to give you a unique tip. That is a powerful reward – food. As you may know, pugs are big fans of food. Thus, you can use food as treats when they do a great job. Step by step, after two or three years, your pet can know how to pee or poop in the toilet and more than thirty tricks that just two of you know.

❖ Are pug puppies a good fit for you?

You may be afraid of your small apartment not having enough space for them to play. Fortunately, pugs are adaptable in either rural areas or urban ones. They are the low-energy breed; as a result, what they want is to spend most of the time with you in your house or to lie on the sofa watching TV.

However, in case you are a perfectionist and not prepared to put up with some occasional accident or pug crime, it seems that a pug is not a perfect selection. Besides, when adopting a pug, you should also take your time and patience into account. If you have to be always far from home, leaving your pug alone or taking them to your neighbors will definitely make him depressed. Who he loves is only you. That’s melting your heart, right?

❖ Fun facts of the pug breed:

➥ Pugs do not like rain:

It’s true. In general, they do not like ponds, puddles or water. You can notice when your pet insists on not putting his dainty feet on frosty grass; he will walk on other wet surfaces instead.

➥ Snoring:

Due to their short and compressed snout, pugs are noisy breathers. They always snore. Loudly. It is such a wonderful serenade in an afternoon, while they are searching for crumbs on the floor.

➥ Not respond to their name:

There are hundreds of different pug names all over the world such as Bella, Lucy, Charlie, etc. But interestingly, they sometimes seem to not respond as you are calling their name even though you have practiced many times.

➥ Not understand the concept of personal space: 

It is not surprising when you are sleeping and your pug climbs onto your bed to wake you up. However, this can be added to the training lists to teach him when he should not interrupt his owner.

➥ How many pug puppies that they can have?

When fully matured, the pregnant period of a pug dog is about 65 days. She can give birth to between 4 to 6 pups in each litter. This number, however, can be as low as 1 or as high as 9.

❖ Review of pug puppies:

To sum up, pugs are one of the most fun-loving and robust creatures in the world with their big heart and personality. When properly trained and socialized, they are exactly a gentle companion that you have been looking for. Why not have such a cute friend in your house?

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