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Welcome all cat fanciers! Are you looking for a large companion with “dog-like” personalities? If yes, there is no better choice than our special guests today – Ragdoll cats, or often known as Raggies. What makes them much beloved around the world apart from their stunning appearance?

This article is carefully prepared to give you a comprehensive understanding of these Raggies. Let’s go!


Ragdoll cat’s origin

Dating back to history…

They are among the younger siblings

It is the breeder Ann Baker who lived in Riverside, California that claimed to be the first to develop the Ragdoll breed. She conducted a cross-breeding program between a free-roaming white female cat, who possessed  a longhair coat and a stray black-and-white male with white paws, or known as mittens.

And the resulting kittens, who became the forebears of the Ragdoll, included a longhaired brown male, a solid black male, and a bicolor seal point female. Why were they named Ragdoll? Perhaps because Baker tended to create feline companions who are excited to loll in a lap or be carried around, like their name – Ragdoll.

There were also some unusual claims about the Raggies’ development made by Baker, ranging from alien influence, CIA experiments to infusions of human genes. However, these are just claims without any evidence.

Official registries

After Baker, many people began breeding this breed and formed Ragdoll Fanciers Club International. Their aim was to standardize the breed and reach the recognition of reliable cat registries.

Until 1993, The Cat Fanciers’ Association began registering these felines; and then, in 2000, they gave full recognition. They are also officially recognized by other associations such as the American Cat Fancies Association and The International Cat Association.

Ragdoll cat’s characteristics

So now, why are these felines one of the most desired pets on earth?



In terms of the Ragdoll cat size, they are of large domesticated cat breed, who have a muscular body, large frame, and proportionate legs. Female Raggies frequently weigh between 10 to 15 pounds, while their male counterparts can reach up to 20 pounds.

What is your favorite part when you notice a cat? As far as we are concerned, the Ragdoll cats have the most gorgeous eyes on earth, which are beautifully sparkling and comprise of various shades of blue. With those beautiful eyes, they appear in a definite presence and confidence.

Their semi-longhaired coat is super soft silky, embellished by distinctive markings. It is awesome to hold them in your hands! However, there is not a wide range of colors or patterns that you can choose. Do you love a black Ragdoll cat or a seal point Ragdoll? Frequently, they are available in chocolate, blue, seal, lilac, red and cream. You can also find Ragdoll kittens in mitted, colorpoint or bi-color patterns, with tabby and tortoiseshell options.


In spite of the fact that every single cat is a unique creature, the Raggies, in general, are thought to be the most docile cat breed. What they give you will answer the question “Why are they worth purchasing?”.


They love humans. What they love is to spend time with their owners, socializing with them and they are completely relaxed when flopping into the arms of anyone picking them up. So if you are a big fan of lap cats, then adopting Ragdoll kittens is absolutely a good choice.

No matter where you are in your house, in your bedroom or in the kitchen, they will follow you with their outstanding blue eyes. As mentioned before, they want to build a very strong bond with their masters. However, affectionate as they are, the Raggies are never pushy. They really love to be with you, but they rarely bother you with anything.

Unlike most felines who tend to be a little bit scared of strangers, their curiosity towards people is so great that they are likely to be stolen when going outsides. As a result, it is wise to keep them as indoor pets.

Highly energetic

DOG-LIKE! This is the exact word to describe the Ragdoll breed. Why? Raggies and dogs have many things in common, especially their interest in playing fetch and other outdoor games. Do you believe that cats can live with dogs? It is the case of our Ragdoll friends. Perhaps there are quite many similarities between them, the Raggies can get on very well with dogs.

Extremely relaxed and brilliant

Even though other domestic longhair cat breeds seem to be adventurous and somewhat tumultuous, they are laid-back most of the time, showing their confidence and calmness. This special personality makes them so adorable around the world.

Not big climbers

Are you worried about the fact that cats love climbing, which can damage the stuff in your house? This is definitely not a problem that you need to consider when adopting a Ragdoll. Their favorite place is at the ground level. Instead of the top of your refrigerator or your curtain, they prefer to get to the sofa level. Therefore, there will be no sudden jumps or falls in your house.

Clearing up myths

They are not hypoallergenic

Because they lack undercoat, which is the main reason for allergies, many people believe that the Raggies are not hypoallergenic. It is not true since cat saliva can also lead to allergies. And it is the case of the Raggies.

They are not deaf

Interestingly, this myth comes from their beautiful blue eyes. It is believed that cats with blue eyes are prone to suffer deafness. Nevertheless, it is true mostly for pure white cats. There are a variety of colors that the Ragdolls can appear and they do not have the same mutation as the pure white cats. As a result, claiming that they are naturally deaf is absolutely wrong.

They are not all cuddly, floppy, and snugglers

This is so important that you need to take into consideration. As mentioned before, every cat is a unique creature on earth. Most Raggies are cuddlers and love to be held, but this is not true for all of them. How they are treated and trained plays an important role in their personalities. As a result, whether or not they will be cuddly or floppy, it depends.

They do feel pain

The Ragdoll felines are born to be calm and quiet, but it does not mean that they don’t feel pain when there is something wrong with their body. It is just because they are better at dealing with it and hiding it not to worry you. As a result, it is somewhat hard for you to know when they suffer from pain. However, nothing is impossible in case you pay more careful attention to their expression.

How to care for a Ragdoll cat?

So, when it comes to caring, what you should do? Caring for a pet is never a piece of cake, right? Believe us, it requires thousands of stuff, which is much more than your expectations. Don’t worry! WewPet is here to give you lots of useful information that you can apply to your little Raggie.



Do they shed? Despite their lack of an undercoat, it does not mean that they do not shed. They do still shed, but at less amount than other cat breeds.

Thanks to their medium-length silky coat with a soft texture, it is easy for you to have them groomed. Giving them weekly brushing with a stainless steel comb is necessary to prevent and remove any tangles or mats. Needless to say, grooming is an ideal way to strengthen the human-cat relationship. Therefore, you should do it gently and notice their reactions, whether your movements in their fur is correct or not.


Besides grooming, it is essential to give them regular nail trimming and ear cleaning. Usually, 10-14 days should you trim their nails. In order to prevent periodontal disease, their teeth should be brushed frequently with vet-approved toothpaste. If possible, you can sometimes take them to your vet for a dental check.

Like most cats, the Raggies are hygiene addicts. Therefore, try to keep their litter box clean frequently, which helps them easily get familiar with their “toilet”. In terms of litter boxes, they need a super-sized box to ensure that they can comfortably turn around and squat.

Food diets

The Ragdoll felines do not require any special diet, but of course, food products with high-quality proteins are the best choice for them. Needless to say, you have to remember that at different stages does your Raggie need a different food diet. If you are in two minds about the amount of food that you should serve your feline companion, then advice from your vet is absolutely an ideal option. He will give you the details that your cat needs at that stage based on her current weight, height, and health status.


With their laid-back and affectionate nature, it is not so difficult to be trained. There are just a few people that they feel secured, not all of the humans that they come across, so it is essential for you to earn the trust of your Ragdoll. They will need a lot of exercise and training to keep them active, which helps them to maintain their sturdy body.

Like most pets, you should give them your training as soon as possible, when they are still Ragdoll kittens. So what you should have in your training?

Nowadays, there is a wide variety of training equipment and accessories that you can find in the market. It is wise to figure out what your feline loves most and then purchase the training equipment that suits her interest.

Dos and don’ts when training a Raggie


  • Your cat needs a long time to trust you and your family members. So be patient! Don’t try to force them to do anything in a short period! It can result in some negative effects.
  • They are highly affectionate cats. Therefore, spending quality time with them every day is very necessary.
  • Due to the fact that they follow you every time you are at home, it is not good to leave them home alone even for a few hours. If this happens regularly, it can cause depression and other emotional problems.


  • Let it be! Do not put too much pressure on your kitty to perform well.
  • You train them, but not be harsh with them. It won’t help your training process. By contrast, it will scare your cat, and she will feel insecure to be with you.
  • You should give them enough caring, but not over pamper them. It can cause some serious issues in the future.


Are you ready to adopt a Ragdoll? How can you find a good Ragdoll cat for sale? Actually, there is a wide variety of Ragdoll cat prices, ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It highly depends on the style and location of your breeder.

However, cats with a high price do not always mean that they are high-quality ones. Before purchasing a feline companion, you should research the breeders carefully and figure out whether the high price worth it or not. Sometimes, some breeders may offer a better deal because their cats may come with potential health problems.

As a result, adopting a cat is not easy, right? However, after a period of living with them, you will find that owning a feline friend is the best thing you have done ever. If a Ragdoll cat is given healthy diets, suitable training, regular check-ups, and especially, her owner’s endless love, she can live happily with you up to 20 years.

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