Sad Cat: Things You Must Do Right Now

Have you ever taken a quick checkup on your cat whether it enjoys quality and happy time living in the same house with you? Do you care about what it thinks and feels? What if one day you find out your kitty is excessively depressed and yet has been suffering from internal pain for a long period of time? Or you have just adopted a cat lately and still learned about how to satisfy this little buddy?

If these issues have ever popped up in your mind, then this is the right petting case covering questions about a sad cat that you should consider reading thoroughly and striving to scribble down some notes.


Signs: How can I recognize a sad cat? Are these signs recognizable enough?

Please notice that most of the time, any different or “weird” changes in cat behavior silently warn owners of their pets’ current condition. To be more specific, these following signs are rated as the most common ones that end up leading to cat depression. 

Now, let us check if your little kitty has any clues similar to these factors!!!!


As a living creature similar to humans, cats obviously have emotion and sometimes deal with inner mental problems. Consequently, during these harsh times, depression usually being exposed through their exaggerating reactions.

Excessively angry, sad, annoyed, sensitive, anxious, vulnerable or even fear of plenty of things are the most recognizable signs that are necessary for cat owners to acknowledge.

Hiding and avoiding affection

Being considered as one of the most loving and down to earth animals throughout the world, cats are used to showing passion to their owners by some activities such as:

  • Cheek rubs
  • Fawns
  • Tail fluffs
  • Meows

Unexpectedly, one day getting home after work, you catch no sight of your cat cheering at the door as usual. After finding for minutes, you recognize a sad kitty hiding in a dark corner, trying not to be seen and avoiding your hugging or touching. That specific moment is ringing an alarm and conveying to you a message: Cat might be depressed

Looking exhausted and lack of energy

It is nothing to be considered abnormality when your little friend occasionally feels exhausted, especially after spending over an hour playing balls at the backyard.

However, when applied to happy and dynamic cats that suddenly change into a cat looking down all the time is, without further investigation, an emergency situation.

Suffering from an eating disorder

Please spend a moment recalling the times when you, the readers, trying to overcome sadness or sickness, it is likely that you usually experience a short period of losing your appetite in any different kinds of food, even your favorite dishes.

Compared to you, a depressed cat also similarly endures a fluctuation in eating habits. Sometimes, kitty might act like they are so hungry and have not been fed for years. In stark contrast, there are also probable chances they lose their appetite and unconsciously try to starve themselves. 

Making strange noises

We have been mentioning some signs in expressions and actions, now let us move on to one of the most noticeable causes, which is sounds

Living with cats gives you chances to catch some of their howling moments. However, if they have started to growl, moan, or howl loudly in a high frequency of occurrence, you are now possibly the owner of a sick cat.

Staying active at night

By analyzing most studies, it is completely normal for a cat to stay active at “weird” times in a day if they are recently adopted and making effort to modify their physical clock to fit with a new environment. 

Yet, cats that have already been accustomed to their owners strangely switch into staying awake all night and disturbing others, which is likely because they are dealing with depression on the inside.

Scratching extremely and losing hair

Another hard level of depression is self-harming. For the case of domesticated animals, they not only show sad cat face or eyes but also putting lots of effort into scratching themselves excessively. 

If this action is not prevented at the early stage and happens for a long period of time, then it might leave your kitty blood, scars, pains, or even allergies.

And then, it goes without saying that after scratching regularly on the skin and fur or not receiving enough nutrients by stop eating healthily, a sad cat might begin to lose hair as well.


As Wewpet has mentioned before, after enduring depression for a long time, it is likely that a sick cat might experience some mental and physical illnesses. 

Signs such as vomiting and sleeping too many hours per day expose the fact that your cat is reaching an urgent stage that needs immediate treatments. When there are abrupt changes in their lifestyle and routine, sick cat functions in a different way than usual, which in fact is unable for their body to manage.

Crying  ⇒ Important content alert!!

Crying is the final and also most dangerous level of cat depression.

This, in fact, is vastly assumed by the major amount of people when deriving information from human emotional stages. Yes, human beings do cry when we experience extreme alterations in emotion. 

When mystifying cat cases, however, they do not function in a similar system.

To be honest, cats do not cry, even during the most excessively harsh, happy, or sentimental times from the womb to the tomb. 

Cat owner, consequently, instead of being freaked out when first hand seeing your little buddy’s tears and water because thinking it is feeling emotional, bring your cat to the local vet hospital immediately. There might be dust stuck in their eyes, infections, or internal injuries.

⇒ Therefore, crying is not listed as one of the special cases indicating your cat is so depressed.

Reasons: What did I do that turns my pet into a sad cat? Something must be wrong!!!

There are plenty of reasons for a cat to be depressed according to different breeds, living conditions, routines, surroundings, and owners. However, we can still list out some most common causes which appear in your daily life and potentially lead to cat depression. 

Now, join us to find out what the reasons are about!


1. Not receiving enough love

Working hard after a long day, feeling exhausted in body and soul, and not even obtaining time to cherish your kitty are such understandable reasons owners usually ignore strange adjustments in cat’s behaviors. These expressions including cold, distancing, and … make your cat assume that you are not showing them love.

It is not about the problem of blaming anyone for their lack of opportunities to take good care of their pet. But this might be one of the most likely reasons your cat started to feel isolated, lonely, and get depressed gradually. 

2. Experiencing jealousy

The situation in which domesticated animals staying with their owner for a long time obviously create a strong bond and chemistry between both of them. Love is infinite and striving for love is not just a human thing but also other creatures’.

Therefore, if suddenly being forced to share their owner’s love and care, or watching you being fond of any other pets might hurt your cat feeling and bring out their jealousy. 

Those signs Wewpet has mentioned above could be used by your cats to draw your attention (not very likely reason but possible) or they are actually so sad that step by step leads them to depression and sickness.

3. A major change in routine

Moving into a new house or area, welcoming new family members, switching to different eating routines, changing sleeping hours, etc. are possibly abrupt alterations that contribute to your cat depression. 

As we all know, it takes days, weeks, or even months to get familiar with an unusual lifestyle or surroundings. Cat, therefore, might experience a harsh time to adapt and fit with new factors. 

4. Mistreatment or disappearance of someone cats love

Dark memories including being attacked or bullied by other animals, witnessing their owner’s traumatic actions, and being starved repeatedly are usual cases that trigger a cat into sickness.

Especially when stopping seeing someone they have a strong connection with, even observing that person’s death, cats’ minds might go through some shocks the same as humans, which adversely influences their behavior and mental system process.

5. Illness, injury, allergy or infection

“Mental illness, also called mental health disorders, refers to a wide range of mental health conditions — disorders that affect your mood, thinking, and behavior. Examples of mental illness comprise depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, eating disorders, and addictive behaviors.” – Mayo Clinic

As being able to feel and react, cats sometimes do encounter some mental illnesses or injuries. Because internal issues are in some such way unrecognizable, it takes time and effort to find out whether your cat is undergoing any sorts of pain.

Here is the list of some illnesses and infections:

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Toxoplasmosis
  • Litter box issue
  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP)
  • Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS)

Ways to treat a sad cat: How can I fix this current negative situation?

Finding advice from experts

There are no ways better than finding a veterinarian who can offer you a hand in dealing with a sad kitty. 

Although signs listed above might be found on your kitty’s behavior, nothing is able to mystify definitely that it is depressed. There are possible chances that cats are enduring from other issues as well. 

Accordingly, advice from experts must be considered as a top priority to explore exactly what is going on in your little friend’s mind.


Scribbling down these signs, reasons, and ways to deal

Even if you are currently an industrious cat learner or owner for a long time, signs, reasons, and these effective treatments are still beneficial one way or the other. 

Hence, take out some notes, try to write them down carefully, or save this post on your bookmark bar to make sure that it is rapidly found when necessary.

Showing love

Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties.” – W.L. George

After experiencing a highly productive day at work with thousands of problems to deal with, it is obvious that our humans are completely weakened and need to be relaxed. 

Then, cuddling with your cat for at least 30 minutes a day could be the best choice. Kissing, brushing, grooming, washing and embracing, etc. are easy ways to show your love to a cat without making lots of effort.

Not only it gives your mind sometimes to take a breath, helps create a strong bond with your pet, but also contributes to being hurt by looking at sad cat eyes. 

Spending quality time with nature and being exposed to the sun

According to the recent study from National Academies of Sciences, staying inside for too long could lead a human to a 59% functional decline and other high percentage illnesses such as stroke, cancer, and heart disease. Meanwhile, when applied to animals, being called “domesticated pets” does not demonstrate that it is normal to maintain them exclusively indoors.

Sending cats outside, being exposed to the sun, and enjoying a loving environment in the backyard during weekends play a key role in keeping both owner and cat in shape, avoiding illnesses boost enough energies for a new week coming.

Checking up regularly

Like humankind, cats do need regular examinations, even monthly or annually, to make sure their body and mind work in an effective way. 

Results from examinations make it easier for the owner to understand thoroughly about their cat’s mental and physical condition, also help them create, adjust cat’s living lifestyle or eating routine to improve their health in a long run.


In summary, there are uncountable factors, which come from cats itself, owners, or surroundings, play key roles in gradually generating cat depression. However, we can still be noticed about this negative behavior with some clearest and most common signs, reasons, and methods to treat a sad cat.

Last but not least, Wewpet hopes that cat owners are able to spend quality time and take good care of their little kitty because every creature is naturally craving for love and be loved, so does a cat.

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