Scottish fold cats and what you should know

Scottish fold cat was born on the basis of gene mutation of natural cat breed which showed up the fold cat years nowadays. That’s the feature distinguishing this cat from other breeds.

You know that cats are familiar with human life but to care for this special Scottish kind is not easy for almost all pet owners due to their different characteristics and habits. Understand this, we are providing a pack of full information about this breed and instructions how to take care of it.

Scottish fold cat origin

Like some other famous breeds, this cat has a special origin that it appeared the first time in 1960, in the farm of a man named William Rose who was a herdsman in the beautiful Scotland. This breed, not a naturally domesticate cat, is the result of the crossbreeding between American and English short – hair cat.


In the 70s of Century 20 (noted the year 1978) fold cats are getting popular and of the best interest in Europe and the North of America. Nowadays, although this breed gains less popularity, they are still listed in the most favorited cat rank board.

Another type of this breed is Scottish fold munchkin that is crossbred between the original fold cat and the munchkin cat. Easy to understand, he has both features of their parents with short hair and short legs. They look very cute and quite expensive.

Appearance of Scottish fold cats

This cat has 4 folding style of ears. The more folding the ears are, the more much you need to pay for the cat. It is regarded as one of the loveliest cats of all thanks to the chubby checks and twinkle round big eyes.

Compared with other cats at the same age, the fold cats seem to be more mature and know to be more obedient. They can understand what the owners say and will not destroy anything that makes you angry with them.

Round small head

When becoming mature, a Scottish fold cat has a chubby body with the body longer than its height. The head is big and round, which makes its face lovelier. The eyes look good with a variety of colors such as grey blue, gray black and natural blue.

A fun fact about this cat is that not all the fold cats have fold ears; some of them have straight ones because this kind has been crossbred with other normal kinds.

Short – colorful hair

The cats can have either short or long hair which is really soft and you will think that is velvet once you have a chance to touch it. The hair of this cat is often gray, gray blue, silver or gold which shows different beauty of the cats. The Scottish fold like to be cuddled and fondled every time they are with human and even like playing with pets.

How to classify and distinguish Scottish fold cat

There are two ways to classify this fold cats. If we base on the hair then we have short hair and long hair fold cat. However, on the basis of cat ear feature, there are Scottish fold and Scottish straight which is cats with straight ears. It is explained above that not all of the are fold. The percentage of fold ears after crossbreeding is 60 – 80, depending on dominant gene of their parents.

For 3 – 6 weeks old cats, their ears stated folding and divided into the following kinds:

  • Singly easy fold: have pricked ears and leaning towards to make a L line at cartilage. These cats are not expensive because this is a kind of wrong – mutating ears.
  • Single fold: have fold ears but not down to the head, making a V line at cartilage and like the first kind, the price for this cat is also reasonable, not too high.
  • Double fold: these cats have ears fold to head and make a W line at the cartilage. Sometimes, you cannot see their ears.
  • Triple fold: the cats with fold ears with 3 folded lines at cartilage which is the most successful crossbred cat so this kind is very expensive and often chosen to take part in Cat Shows.

Take care of Scottish fold cat

In general, a Scottish fold cat has 10 – 15 years of longevity. They have a good digestive system so it is quite simple for you to growing a cat of this kind. You will help your cat stay healthy all the time as long as you set up a good meal which contains enough nutrients for a healthy and fit development.

Here are some instructions for you to build up best diet for a fold cat.


Food for Scottish fold cats

In each growing stage of Scottish fold, the demand for nutrients vary.

  • Under one – month cat: cat mother feeding is enough; you do not need to prepare other food for the little baby cat.
  • 1 – 2 – month cat: at this time, the fold cats are growing their teeth so they always tend to find something to nibble. Therefore, you can add some nutrients from food such as chicken, fish, pate or some dry nuts. It’s better for their digestion to divide food into small meals (4 – 5 meals/ days is suitable).
  • 2 month – 1 year cat: there is a largest demand for nutrients to their development: hair, skin, bones…. Hence, you need to provide special food to ensure enough ingredients.
  • More than 1 year cat: at this time, they Scottish fold cat has been develop stably so they just need products to keep them balanced.

Notes: Scottish fold can be fed with cat grass, originating from cat grass seed – wheat grass) in order to increase nutrients, vitamin and fiber which help your cats relax and remove hair clumps in their stomach.

Regular hygiene for Fold cats

A periodical hygiene check (5 – 7 days) for ears, noses and eyes. You can use eye drops or nasal spray to clean these body parts. Remove cat lice if you catch them living in your cat hair. Remember to do hygiene gently to avoid cat startling and sudden reaction.

Bathe and take care of Scottish fold cat hair

Like other cat breeds, the Scottish fold likes being clean to keep their loveliness and cuteness every day. Hence, you ought to comb their hair, cut and trim hair if necessary then bathe them with cat shampoo so that dirt and lice can be eliminated quickly.

Cat potty training and nail clipping

When your cats grow up, you should clip their nails once a month. Do you let the nails grow too long as they can scratch all things in your house to fulfill their scratching demands.

One important thing is potting training for your fold cats. Like other breeds, buy them a sand house which contains potty sand for your cats. Note to choose the right sand for your cat breed.

Easy diseases in Scottish fold cat

The Scottish fold are easy to catch cartilage diseases. This is the main cause to polyarthritis phenomenon which has some symptoms like: swollen foot ankles, limp, foot malformity. These symptoms should be detected early to have a timely treatment for them.

In addition, due to the fold ears and short noses, the Scottish fold often catch ear related and respiratory disease. So how to prevent?

Regular feed with food containing a large amount of calcium, mineral and vitamin. Periodical hygiene to ears and noses is important, too.

How to buy a Scottish fold cat?

As a precious breed, the price of a Scottish fold cat depends on the age, genre, hair color, shape, origins and how folded the ears are. The fold ears of this cat look lovely so that’s why it is an important factor to determine the cat price.

The price fluctuates from $100 to $500. However, for full-blooded Scottish fold cat, the price might be $500 – $750. The cats imported from Europe are at least $1500/ cat, including delivery charges as they are thoroughly inspected in the above factors.

Some notes why buying a Scottish fold

  • You should come to prestigious cat farm and have one – one – one talk to the seller. Do not buy cats online as you don’t have any opportunity to check the cats prior to payment.
  • Check the cats by identifying Scottish fold features as described above. The fold cat can only identified the most clearly when they are from 2 months old.
  • Consult in prices in some cat farms before targeting the final one.
  • If you only buy the fold cats for fun, not for the purpose of professional training or raising then you can buy an imported cat from Thailand.
  • For expensive fold cats, try to hunt for Scottish fold kittens for sale to receive some discounts, which helps you save a considerable amount so that you can spend that money buying some accessories for your cat.

Top #9 fun facts about Scottish fold cats


To summarize all features, we are putting them into a brief – top fact as bellow.

#1 A product of genetic mutation

The Scottish fold cat is regarded as the product (folded ears) of generic mutation so there is still probability for Scottish straight ears. In a flock of cat, the fold ones have a small cartilage in their ears that make the ears grow straight in the first 21 days after being born. After that, they raise horizontally and toward to head and finally, they are folded.

#2 A very lazy cat

It’s fun but reasonable to say that the Scottish fold cat is lazy. However, in fact, the cats have some limitation in moving. Why? The genetic mutation has an undesirable impact on their moving nerves and bones. You can see that they will get tired quickly after a short time of running or playing.

#3 A friendly cat

This cat breed is of the most friendliness in the cat world. They always want to show their love to their owners by standing up right with two legs or laying up as cute coddles. These cats also love kids; one proof is that they are never bored with playing with their kid owners all day.

#4 The first Scottish fold is named Susie

The first cat of crossbreeding as in the Original part is Susie (F1 generation). One year after Susie was born, there were 30 more fold cats as mutation products.

#5 Always keep quite

The Scottish cat always keeps quiet. Sometimes, they meow but their meow sounds very interesting and small. Their voice seems to be soft has nearly no strength. That’s a reason why people fall for them and want to protect them all the time.

#6 Has capability of shock resistance

It sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This cat breed doesn’t startle because all the resistant or protective actions overwhelm their health. Whenever things are noisy, they only look around then come to other places to rest.

#7 Snore when sleeping

It’s true that this cat often snores when they sleep. Actually, they have a fold nose (a gene from English short hair during crossbreeding) which makes it more difficult for them to breathe normally so they create snore sounds.

#8 Forbid crossbreeding 2 Scottish fold cats

Crossbreeding 2 Scottish fold cats with each other is never encouraged because this breed itself is mutation so crossbreeding on their bodies is a way to weaken their health and becomes a danger to their living.

#9 A million dollar pet of Taylor Swift

Have you heard about the richest pet in the world? It’s Scottish fold cat of Taylor Swift – a country pop star. Her fold cat is equipped with pricey jewelry and has been participated in her music videos and celebrated shows.

In conclusion

Here is some general knowledge about Scottish fold cat, with which you can build a base to take care of him successfully from 1 – 2 years old. Besides, you can consult in some posts in about cats to see how to give them a basic or an advance training.

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