#1 Sphynx cat a very rare species of hairless cat!

Canadian cat, as known as Sphynx cat is regarded as the most unique pet of the world. It definitely distinguishes from all other breeds of cat because its body is totally hairless, except for only very little fur and the skin is strangly white. Besides, it has some unwonted features that you will have to look back more times with a fast glance at it.

However, this breed of cat is of favor of the wealth in the world and praised a lot among cat and pet communities. Why is this so incomprehensive? This article is to “unbox” all things about the Sphynx and certainly helps you answer the queries in your mind now.

A brief legend of Sphynx cat

Sphynx is actually a mutant and non – transplanted breed. In the year 1966 when a normal cat living in Toronto, Canada suddenly gave birth to an innormal cat which didn’t look like anyone of all cat breeds and their ancestors. The baby cat was born in white and had no hair, which led to his name Prune. During his mature stage, he mated with his mom and then there were many hairless cats like their dad after that. Since then, Prune has been considered as the ancestor of nowadays Sphynx. This can be a landmark for the orignin of this unique breed.


With the witness of people in Toronto and other places, Sphynx cat became more famous and a number of scientists and zoologists started to do researches on it. Eventually, the hairlessness of Sphynx cat was concluded to be generated by a mutation of the same gene. It also had some realtions to Devon Rex and Selkirk Rex cat’s curly coat. The gene was encoded with a lot of notations then.

It is claimed after such studies and experiment that Sphynx has a lot of things in common with other cat breeds, mainly characteristics and the way they react to human’s behaviors. So what features are these things? Now, continue with us in the following parts for more information.

How to identify a Sphynx cat?

Identification of this cat is is outstanding appearance and unfamiliar features.

Hairless cat appearance

It has a smooth and naked body wihout hair, which is totally on contrary to other kinds. It is easy for you to see wrinkles on Sphynx’s skin, big – donkey ears, big – deer eyes and a genuine face that is serious but very friendly and hyperactive. That’s a small Sphynx.

When it’s growing up, the wrinkles start to stretch out and make the cat look older. It seems that the thin skin cannot protect the inner cells and prevent injuries. Besides, with such skin, the cat can’t suffer from cold weather so it is often kept warm with clothing by the owners.

This kind belongs to muscle cat group and is a professional with big ears eyes which look like lemons. Especially, it is one rare breed throughought the countries. Now, we are showing you how muscular it is.

  • Long body can be flexible or tough anytime it wants
  • Long thin tail but flexible
  • Oval claws help hold tightly on everything
  • Lots of muscles in legs
  • Toe pads are soft
  • Crystal eyes make this hairless cat look like an alien

It looks strange and sometimes scraring to you but you will be very surprised with the undeniable friendliness of this cat breed. Let’s see in our next part.

Unique characteristics of Sphynx

Friendliness over strangeness is the word to describe Sphynx cat. They can make friends with all people, are smart and loves learning from others. If you have a chance to tough this cat, you will feel the wamrness from the bodies and if you have a Sphynx, you will be never worried whether your cat threatends your guests. There will have no problems except for a strange sight for the first.


The Sphynx is also extremely intellligent and curious so they always insist on learning something new if you don’t teach them anything rather than the day before. Unlike other pets that you need to train everyday, it is not wasting time for you to train this cat, really.

Sphynx living habits

It is not regular for you to see a friendly cat which is fond of associating with other pets or animals because their instinct is to live in the darknesss (at night) and finding preys and food by themselves. Nonetheless, you can see the contrast characteristics in this Canadian cat.

In particular, this cat would love to make friends with dogs, cows and even chicken. Its hobby in the daytime is to get close to warm things such as television, heater, windows welcoming sunlight, blanket and pillow, sofa and simply swoop in your arms where gives the warmest. How heart – melting is it!

In addition, there are some hobbies in common with other cats, like:

  • Sphynx is picky; they only choose clean and warm to sleep in or even just take a nap.
  • Sphynx is independently; they work by themselves, like playing alone and hardly go out as they only love being with their owners. They can take cat toys to play without any help while their owners are busy.
  • They seem foolish and joking in some cases.

Life expectancy

The average longevity of a sphynx is 14 – 17 years old but if you give them a good care, their life expectancy can be 20 years. It requires you understand deeply and apply correctly health diet, training exercises and other demands to fullfil. It sounds quite complex but actually, with some minutes continuing the following parts, you can find it out.

TOP #10 Facts about Sphynx cat

Apart from big ears in angular faces and naked bodie, the Sphynx is well – known for a series of fun  about their life. Toay, wewpet wants to pop them out to let you know top 10 fun facts about this most expensive cat breed.

#1 A cat of snowy land

You might think that the cats have thick hair if they come from the North Pole and there might have some identifying features like polar bears. On contrary to that perspective, Sphynx cat from such a snowly land has no hair. Owing to this unique point, the cat is duplicated to remain its race and due to difficulties in duplication process, the price of this cat is nearly highest.


#2 Sphynx is not totally naked

At the first sight and touch, you can’t feel any hair of the cat and be sure that you are touching their skin. It’s not true. The fact is you are touching such velvety fuzz which is coating all over the body of Sphynx that you misunderstand it to be skin. It is outstanding, isn’t it?

#3 Diversity in body colors and patterns

Usually, people see white or nearly pink Sphynx with no patterns or some big black spots. Though they are hairless, the pigmentation of their skin is different in each body to generate diverse unique colors and patterns. Some other cats are coated with a tortoise sheel skin or eye – catching vivid spots. The best amazing color you might have seen is a black sphynx cat which is nearly never caught in real life but only in photos via some means of communication.

#4 The risk of allergy to this hairless cat

If you are a cat loveholic but you are sensitive and allergic, you should not invest your money in it. Why is it so serious? In reality, the kind of protein Fel d1 is still generated by Sphynx. This is a kind of compound secreted from the skin and saliva to gives 100% risk of allergies such as rash and itch.

#5 About 4o Celsius – higher body temperature

Sphynx cats have 4o Celsius – higher body temperature than other breeds of cats. That’s why you will feel much warmer when embracing a Sphynx rather than a normal cat. And that makes them usualy find warm places to settle down so that they can use their own temperature to heat themselves.

#6 Sphynx must bathe at least once a week

Some people think that sphynx cat is super clean due to no hair but the fact is a counterblast. Being a hairless cat breed,  sphynx can avoid lots of pollen and dust or some other impurities but their skin doesn’t stop secreting sweat and slime (oil). For all other cat breeds, this kind of oil helps keeping the tails smooth all the time. However, this oil becomes a slime layer covering all Sphynx body. Therefore, it is necessary to help them bath once a week. Besides, the tails and ears without hair to prevent dust and dirt, need cleaning with towel regularly.

#7 Sphynx has sensitive skin

Sphynx has sensitive skin to almost all kinds of cream. There’s no nee to put sunscreen on their skin whenever they sunbathe because it is like a thick layer which is against their instinct skin. Sunscreen or other kinds of cream will cause iches for cats so just let them naked.

#8 Sphynx is quite popular

Precious pets are not often seen and nowadays, Sphynx cats are still rare in the world. However, in America, this kind of cat gains popularity as they are really suitable for a kind of strong and strange in personalities like the American, especially the celebrities. However, this cat is expensive for a normal pet owners so they often hunt of hairless cat for sale to get one this breed.

#9 Sphynx eats a lot

Thanks to quick digestion, Sphynx are quick to by hungry so they request a larger amount of food, compared with other cats. A note for the owners that got sphyn cat adoption is that letting the cats smell the food before eating, trying to attract them with the food to test whether they want the food or not and if there is any allergy for the.

#10 Emotional life of Sphynx cat

Sphynx has an emotional life which is proved that they like to be around owners or someone making friends with them. They seem to have very little interest in other cats or dogs … If the owner is busy or pay no attention to a sphynx, it will do crazy to attract his concentration or challenge the owner with some physical exercises such as distangling a rolled wire, re – hanging the chandleliers caused by the cat.


All what they do is to get some care from their owners. One another reason is that due to the high body temperature, Sphynx needs to keep warm all the time so they always swoop in people’s arms to get the most heat. If you has brought it up since it was a hairless kitten, you will comprehend what this warmness means to the cat.

How to take care of Sphynx cat promply

Dispite the hairless instict, you have to help your sphynx bathe. However, they are easy to get allergic to shapoo, bathing gel, water temperature and many chemical substances. Therefore, in this last part, we are about to give you basic instruction to keep clean and take care of this cat.

Skincare for Sphynx

This cat breed has a naked body, you know so it requires carefulness to take care of the skin. Skinfood like speaical cream and lotion should be applied to provide and maintain moisture. Bathe them once or twice a week to make sure that their skin will not absorb dirt from clothes, floors and other objects in the house.

Do hygiene for sphynx

Interestingly, you can use bathing gel for baby to apply for this cat, wash wrinkles on their bodies and faces. Don’t worry as they will be docile for you to keep washing. Remember to use warm water for cat bathing and finally take a dry tower to absorb the last drops.

For Sphynx teeth, canthus, ears and claws, you need to clean 2 – 3 times per week. Cotton swab can help you a lot. Note that never use washing gel of adults to put on this cat.

You will need: American hairless terrier – a reliable companion for farmers

Create a suitable diet

The diet for a sphynx is totally different from that for other cats. They have to eat much more food to generate more energy keeping bodies warm. A bowl having more food with starch is great for them.

Put on coat for sphynx

Preparing a small sweater for sphynx in the winter and some thin shirts to prevent harsh sunlight in the summer is significant. You can also buy them some willowy clothes and accessories to make them less serious and strange.

In conclusion

Sphynx cat is strange at first but then beloved and sweeter. This post has brought some knowledge about this breed and we hope that it can contribute a little for your decision to buy a sphynx or caring it. Other tips and tricks in training and taking care of these cats will be discussed next. All what you expect in our following content, do not hesitate to let us know in WewPet as you will get it soon.

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