How to diagnose and take care for cats that are blind

How do you know which cats are blind? How to take care of these cats? How to prevent cats from this disease? Most cat owners are only concerned about feeding cats so they ignore these problems. Eyes plan an important role in navigation, hunting, locating, avoiding unexpected situations and interacting with others … Through the article below, Pet Mart hopes that you will have more useful information to take good care of your cats.


The ability of the cat’s eyes

Cats’ eyesight is great. The cat has particularly evolved into an excellent night hunter. However, to have these strengths, cats cannot see details as well as humans.

Cats have night vision because they have an extra membrane behind their eyes. This membrane is called tapetum. This is a reflective layer located below the retina. The retina contains rod and cone cells. These cells absorb light and then convert it into information before being processed by the brain to create images.

Some ways to transmit light without being absorbed by the retina. And then it will be reflected into rod and cone cells by Tapetum to increase the absorption of light. Another factor that helps cats see in the dark is that they can dilate their pupils to draw maximum amount of light into the eyes when light is dim.

However, like humans, cats’ eyes will weaken over time. Maybe the cats are blind or the ability to see decreases. Therefore, we need to pay attention to taking care of cats’ eyes.

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Causes of the cats are blind

There are several causes of cataract, central nervous system damage, and failure of lens to focus correctly. Other common causes include:

  • Sudden acquired retinal degenerative syndrome (SARDS).
  • Progressive retinal constriction.
  • Separation of the inner lining of the eyes (retinal detachment).
  • Ivermectin toxicity.
  • Lack of Taurine.
  • Toxicity of Enrofloxacin (types of antibiotics).
  • Inflammation.
  • Cancer.
  • Injury.
  • Lead toxicity. adapt

How to recognize that if cats are blind

Determining how well your cat can see is difficult. When cats’ eyes are gradually fading, you need to be very subtle to recognize changes in their behavior. Because they can have disabilities as well as learn how to locate furniture and obstacles in the home by themselves.

That cats suddenly lose vision is easier to notice. Because they often crash into furniture in the home. Blind cats are more hesitant and reluctant to jump from a high position the ground. They will climb down cautiously, bring their feet down first.

They usually keep their heads low, their bodies lower near the ground, and their necks outstretched. At the same time, they use their long whiskers to recognize their way. Cats with poor eyesight often have longer whiskers than normal cats.

You can find out changes when you look into their eyes. The cat’s eyes are dim by cataracts because they get glaucoma or uveitis – inflammation inside the eyes.

Method of testing eyesight for cats

Observe the cats’ eyes: You can look closely into their eyes to see if anything is wrong. Specifically, one of your cats’ pupils may look bigger or smaller than others, which could signal blindness in cats.

Test cats’ reaction when they are threatened: gently wave your hand toward the cats’ eyes or give your cats favorite food in front of them. A normal cat will blink or gaze at them while blind cats do not.

Test your dazzled reflexes: suddenly shine a beam of light that focuses on the cats’ eyes. A cat with normal vision will blink, squint, or turn their heads away. The blind cats are not able to see and will continue to stare ahead.

Test your hunting reflexes: release small cotton balls from a high position near your cat. A normal cat will respond immediately. The cotton ball is very light and makes no noise when it falls. Other objects will make a sound and the cats will hear it more easily.

Diagnose your cat is blind

You need to give information about your cats’ health to the vet. After that, the doctor will conduct a complete physical examination including visual examination as well as biochemical profiles, urine tests, complete blood count (CBC) to eliminate potential causes of the disease.

If a cats’ eyes exam shows that nothing is out of the ordinary, it could suggest sudden acquired retinal degenerative syndrome (SARDS), neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve after it looks toward the brain) or central nervous system (CNS).

If the diagnosis is still in doubt, an electroencephalogram – measurement of the electrical response of the photosensitive cells in the retina is performed. That helps to differentiate the retina from optic neuropathy or CNS disease. Eye and CT scans (computed tomography) and MRI scans (magnetic resonance imaging) are also useful to visualize and diagnose orbital lesions or CNS. 

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Care for blind cats

First of all, you must ask veterinarians for advice. They can help you in the whole process. And remember that a blind cat can still lead a loving and healthy life. Blind cats are still very flexible in their familiar environment. Many cat owners are amazing when they know that cats have a visual problem.

You may be advised to change the indoor environment so that the blind cats can easily move to a favorite chair or sleeping area. These cats must cope with many challenges in order to adapt to their environment. But they do not feel sad when their eyesight decreases.

Instead, they will get used to this gradually. Clutter in the home should be avoided. Keep everything tidy to help them move without tripping over anything. Wear collars for your cat with a name tag and information about their health so that it is easy to find when cats are stray. Buy a cat toy with bells or rattles (make sure the toy cannot be chewed or swallowed.).

Catnip-smelling toys for blind cats are a great way to attract their sense of smell. You can even use catnip by sprinkling it in a path that leads cats to safe areas.

Regularly pet and talk to blind cats. Since your cat can no longer see you when it appears, so call its name. A blind cat will also feel safer and more comfortable if it is chatted with its owner. Do not say loudly. 

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