Why do dogs lay on your feet & similar manifestations

Have you ever wonder why do dogs lay on your feet? I swear my dog does this all the time and I have never known why. They do that for warmth? This makes perfect sense, don’t you think? In fact, we have a lots of explanations. Besides, there are many common similar manifestations. Dog’s behaviours are interesting, let’s see what we can understand through them.


Why do dogs lay on your feet?

#1 They want to be warm and comfort

The dogs get close to you to help them stay warm and conserve heat. If you don’t allow them sit on your furniture, the best way is to sit in your comfortable feet. Even they prefer to this than sit on other things. Your legs are very attractive to them.

#2 Laying on your feet is the way to show you their LOVE

When they sitting on your feet, it’s ownership thing also. They are trying to tell you ‘this is mine, don’t go near it’. Thus, they choose to either sit on your feet, or sit right down beside them. They want to keep you themselves. If you are at the park, your dog will definitely perform this behaviour. We think that we own our dog, but in their mind, it’s other way around. You should be grateful they so safe and comfortable in your presence. They treat you like family.

#3 The dogs sit on your feet because they want to support you

Dogs can easily perceive changes in our mood. Even without saying anything, they can realise your emotion easily. So, they may lay on your feet to show their support and fidelity. Dogs are there through good times and bad. Don’t you think dog are more intelligent and emotional than most humans?

#4 Guarding you

By sticking close to you, they believe that they can keep you safe and protect you. They also feel the same by being so close to their owner. Like the baby want to be near their mom all the time. They love you, so they are always guarding you whenever you go is just one of the many ways to show it.

#5 Social Anxiety

Depending on your lifestyle and the time you spend away from your dogs, they could get anxiety. Some dogs are fine to be alone, some are not. It will be very common for your dogs to follow you around and sit on your feet if you comeback form a trip or work. They miss you. They miss your touch, your smell and your warm feet. In another way, sitting on your feet maybe their way of asserting dominance over you. They want to tell you that ‘don’t leave me alone anymore, I need you’

Laying on your feet is a dog’s best way to show you their love. It is not so hard for you to see and feel. So, you must be appreciate it. And don’t forget to watch out their ears when they do that.

Seven common similar manifestations

Depending on the  type and character of your own dog. They will show different behaviours. Observing their daily behaviours can help us to understand and communicate more easily with them.

➱  Why does my dog sleep right next to my me?

As we know, dogs like to be near each other since they were puppies. When they were just born, they were lying on top of each other to sleep. And  they love the warmth of their mother’s tummy. So it’s understandable why they like to sleep next to us. It is both a very natural species attributes and a lovely habit to show their love for their owner..  They treat us as their families.  They want to be close, to share the warmth and comfort.

➱ Why dogs like to sleep at the foot of the bed?

As mentioned above, dogs have a herd attribute.  They don’t like being alone. Normally, they play and protect each other.  When an unfamiliar neighbour dog visits, sometimes they will behave to show ‘this is our own territory and do not get too close to us’.  The fact that they sleep at the end of the bed may also explain this attribute.

They want to protect their owner.  They want to keep an eye on to make sure we have a good sleep.  On the other hand, the end of the bed is also the best position that makes them still comfortable but also close to us.  They don’t want too near to make noise or disturb our sleep. They are really too lovely and sweet.

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➱ Why does my dog lay against me?

Sometimes you will see your dog lay against you and have you ever wonder why? There are many explanations for this action. Maybe your dogs is scared of something and they need to notify you through this way. Alternatively this is just a simply way to help them show their love to you or they snivelling for a walk. Another way to interpret this action, they are feeling nervous or scared of something. Lying against you makes them feel protected and safe.

➱ Why does my dog sleep on my legs?

If you observe a bit, you will realise that the distance between your legs is always slightly concave. Perhaps dogs feel that position looks warm and comfortable to sleep. Friendly dogs always want to be close and cuddled by their owner. Once again confirm their love to you. Wether sleeping on your legs or anywhere near you, they just want to show their love. They can’t use language like we do, but all their actions seem to express very clearly.


➱ Why does my dog straddle my foot?

Mischievous dogs always want to play with you all the time. Sometimes they straddle your foot to show their character, or they are looking for your attention. Maybe they want you to make sure that you value and love them. However, this behaviour repeat too many time to disturb you. In that case you should have small interventions to help them understand the limit. So far, they can do it right time and right place.

➱ Why does my dog sit on me when i’m laying down?

Some dogs like to sit on you when you are laying down because they love you so much and they can not wait to close to you. The table lying down shows that you are free and they can play with you. Image that you have just lay on the sofa in the living room, they immediately rush to you, lie on you, appear adorable and lick you face. Oh, how happy you will be. What a cute dogs!

➱ Why do dogs sit at your feet in the bathroom?

The dogs are also curious. Normally we close the door while using the bathroom and that will make them very curious. They want to see what we do in that secret room. Thus, they will begin the habit of following you to the bathroom, sit right there next to your feet and that’s it. You might find them a little weird, but they just love you so much. They are just adorable curious dogs. How lovely they are!

Dogs are one of the best pets. They are not just an ordinary animal, they seem to have soul and a lot of affection. The fact that they show a lot of different behaviours is the way to communicate and show affection to human. Having a dog in your lovely house is a wonderful thing.

And do not forget to follow their actions because these may be a message that they want to send and want us to understand. All you have today is the explanation of the question: “Why do dogs lay on your feet and seven similar manifestations“.

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