Why does my dog stare at me? You should find out now

The eyes are like the window of each person’s soul, the source of many romantic poems. Just by looking into the eyes, we can understand each other, guess the emotions and absorb the spirit of each other. So eyes are extremely important to humans. And with dogs too, they use their eyes to show a lot of things. If you own a dog, you would wonder why does my dog stare at me There are many ways to explain this phenomenon. The article below will give us more information so you can understand your dog better.


Why does my dog stare at me?

One day you realize that your dog opens his eyes wide and stares at you. This happens very often and in many different cases. Are they trying to say something to us? Let’s find out.


  1. They want you to pay attention to them

  • Sometimes you’re too busy with your laptop because you have to catch the deadline. Then, you forget your dog. Or you spent the whole day at work but after coming home, you are still busy with the TV. So it’s understandable that your dog stares at you. They look at you with sparkling eyes like ‘hey, I’m here’
  • At that point you will wonder why does my dog ​​stare at me. And it’s time for you to realize that you are not spending enough time with your dog. They want you to give them attention at least, then they will feel you still love and care about them.
  1. They want to communicate with you

  • Dogs cannot speak like us but they will also have their own language. It is difficult to make people understand what they say if they do not use some special gestures or actions.
  • Using your eyes is smart and effective because eyes are always something that expresses emotions strongly.

Show the love

  • Couples who love each other sometimes also use their eyes to show love. They stood opposite to each other and exchanged sincere eyes. So we can feel the love.
  • And dogs too, they want to show you affection through the eyes. Japanese researchers have found that if dogs are staring into your eyes, this is a way of showing strong affection. A hormone called oxytocin (a hormone of love) increases rapidly when dogs look at their owners.
  • A glittering gaze and a petite face is definitely an expression of their love for you. Often when you interact with their eyes, they will come close, lean on your body and lick your face. You do not have to worry why does my dog stare at me anymore because they just love you so much!


Express their feeling

Dogs are really smart at using their own eyes to express their emotions. Depending on the accompanying action gestures when they stare at you, you can predict their emotions

  • If they are staring at you and are accompanied by a positive attitude such as waving their tails, breathing while sticking their tongue out and having a joyful face, you can be assured that they are happy. They want to stare at you then you will pay attention to them and you know they’re happy. You will want to call their name and hug them at this moment.
  • If they are staring at you and accompanied by a negative attitude such as standing motionless, face showing tension, you will feel worried why does my dog ​​stare at me. Your worry is right. Perhaps your dog is unhappy or he’s worried or angry about something. Please observe and find out the cause. Make gestures to approach them slowly and gently. Talk to them and show that you care about them. And you should not just stand still and stare at them.
  • If they stare at you with a tired and lifeless body. Maybe they are calling for your help. You will have to think about their health status. They may be sick or in some pain. They look at you because they need you. Or simply they are showing that they are very sad because they have lost a friend. Now you need to calm down and comfort them. If you discover an abnormality in their health, see your veterinarian right away to find out the cause and treat it promptly.

Express the desire

  • You are busy in the kitchen because you have to prepare dinner for the whole family and you realize that your dog is staring at you. You wonder why does my dog stare at me. How cute their faces are! They stand very close to you and look at the fresh food you are preparing to cook. Then they stare at you. This is a sign of their hunger and want to be fed. Of course, your dog will have a separate feeding schedule and that schedule will be repeated daily for them to have good eating habits. But recognizing that they are staring at you because they want to eat which will help you understand ‘they are just hungry’, everything is fine. You can rub their heads and say ‘you’ll be fed in time baby!’
  • After a long day of hard work, you lie down on the sofa to rest. Your dog rushes to you, staring at you. You will wonder what they are wanting. It is possible that they are missing you and lying down on the sofa indicating that you have free time. They stare at you so you can hug them and cuddle them.
  • You are sitting in the living room and your dog runs to your feet and then stares at your face. Their attitude seems a bit impulsive and impatient. At this point, you might have to think about peeing or defecating. If you have a habit of taking them to a spot in the yard where you have toilets for them to urinate or defecate, this action may occur regularly.

Showing the curiosity

  • Sometimes you will do something different than usual and realize that your dog is staring at you. Your dog is being curious about what you are doing.
  • The fact that you wear a prom dress to the wedding party can also make them very curious. They will stare at you and shake their heads slightly. At first, you are in a divided mind as why does my dog stare at me. But your dog at that time was too cute to worry you.

Showing the wait

  • If you often take your dog for a walk on mornings and your dog loves it. You will see images of your dog staring at you as you pick up their leash. Their cute faces seem to say ‘yeah, it’s time to go for a walk’.
  • Or when you plan on making their favorite chicken dishes. Suddenly you realize your dog is standing right next to you when you take the chicken out of the fridge. They sit down, staring at you to wait for delicious food. If they can talk, they will probably say ‘I can’t wait to eat this wonderful food’.
  • It is possible that the dog stare at you waiting for an instruction. For example, if you are walking and approaching a crosswalk, your dog may stare at you to determine whether he should cross the street or wait for your instructions. This is a good behavior for your dog as they seem to take your instructions very seriously.

Read your facel expression

  • Dogs are great at reading and explaining human facial expressions. Your dog may be staring at you to read your facial expression and determine what it should do next.
  • In case that they recognize you have a worried expression on your face, they can approach you, rub their faces against you and show comfort. They are too sweet, aren’t they?

Territory protection

  • Your dog also uses eye contact to show both positive and negative emotions. The ancestor of your adorable dogs is the Wolf. The stare is considered threatening and rude. Although dogs have lived long enough with humans to make changes to adapt, some dogs maintain that attitude.
  • That’s why you should never stare at strange dogs or keep the dogs still staring into their eyes. If a dog stares at you with unblinking eyes and stiff posture, they are showing a negative attitude. Step back and don’t look in their eye.
  • Or if your dog wants to tell you ‘don’t touch their bones or toys’ they will also stare at you with a very aggressive face. At this point you will have to worry about why does my dog stare at me like this way. This action seems to be bad for you. Please consult your doctor or training center for possible solutions for your dog’s actions.


The attachment

If your dog is quietly watching you while you’re out, this is a good sign. They don’t want to be away from you and that action shows that they love you very much. They want you to come home to them quickly.

  • Some breeds of dogs often show their sincerity through staring at their owners. It is a habit of their species.
  • Old Yeller, White Fang and Lassie are some examples.

Is your dog staring at you a good sign?

Except when they stare at us with intent to intimidate or appear disobedient and aggressive, this action seems to benefit both us and them.

Expressing the good relationship between you and your dog

  • In fact, they often stare at you which show their respect your decisions very much. Thus, they are very obedient dogs.
  • They often observe your face and your attitude to see if they can help you. They really love you though.

Positive expression for training

A focused dog is easier to train. If your dog stares at you, distractions around you will not distract them. In addition, you can say’ hey, look at me’ to get your dog’s attention.

This behavier is benefit for dog’s sports

  • Concentrated and obedient dogs will be well trained for participating in dog sports events such as AKC Rally or Agility or Obedience and AKC Trick Dog.
  • Because they look at us, they are more focused when we say and teach them something. They will be able to grasp our instructions more easily while they are in the competition

Why does my dog staring at me when he poops?

This question is a common concern among dog owners. Why do dogs stare at us while they poop? They must have some reason to do this.

  • A US veterinarian has indicated that dogs do that because they want to make sure you own them and treat you like their family.
  • Dogs are pack breeds and they watch out for each other. They treat you as a member of their pack and they feel safe if you watch out for them when they poop.
  • Defecation is one of the sensitive things to us and dogs. They are taught to defecate in an appropriate place. The fact that they stare at you shows respect and wait for your agreement that they are doing it right.

This is a completely harmless act, so you don’t have to worry if they stare at you while they are pooping!


Dogs are the most adorable animals so they have been our friends for a long time. In order to understand them we need to observe them.

People sometimes misunderstand each other even though we have the language to speak. So it is much harder to understand a dog through their actions. And dogs must also have a lot of obstacles when they want to tell us something

Dogs use many ways to communicate and show affection to humans, eye contact is just one of them. If you are someone who is wondering why does my dog stare at me, the post above will be useful. A dog’s expression when staring is considered a good signal. In fact, most trainers encourage dogs to stare at their owners until receiving orders from the owner.

If you have just adopted a dog that shows such behavior, you will be happy for sure. Congratulations, you have raised an intelligent and obedient dog. Don’t forget to consult a veterinarian if your dog stares at you with an angry and threatening attitude.

Spend plenty of time getting to know your dog and having fun together!

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